Despite its age, The Witcher 3 still remains one of the best RPGs in recent memory with its large world and memorable characters. Now is a good time to hop back in but some players might feel that certain areas are just too easy for them. Thankfully The Witcher 3 has enemy upscaling to make things a bit more challenging.

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There is more to enemy upscaling than meets the eye since there is more involved with it than you might think. Here is everything that is important to know when it comes to enemy upscaling in the third installment of the Witcher game series.


Updated August 10, 2021: With the game about to get a remaster for the next generation of consoles, The Witcher 3 is receiving some renewed interest from both newcomers and returning players alike. One of the things to know about the game is enemy upscaling.

There are some things that need to be known about enemy upscaling in the Witcher 3 before it can be turned on since there is more to it than meets the eyes. We've included some additional information in the guide below.

What Is Enemy Upscaling In The Witcher 3?

Enemy upscaling in the Witcher 3 is an option that will automatically adjust the level of enemies to be around that of the player. This ensures that you receive more experience for defeating those enemies than with enemy upscaling turned off.

Keep in mind that this only works for enemies whose levels are lower than yours, so an enemy that has a higher level than yours will not be downscaled to yours.

It also upscales the items they drop to your level to ensure you get a fulfilling reward from an enemy that you worked so hard to defeat. The items dropped will only apply to enemies whose levels are lower than yours, just like with the enemies themselves, so don't expect a higher leveled enemy to drop an item closer to your level, otherwise, you will be very disappointed when you have to do some more grinding.

Enemy Upscaling in the Witcher 3 can be turned on by going into the gameplay section of the options menu accessed through the pause menu. Scroll down to where it says Enemy Upscaling and select the "on" option.

How Enemy Upscaling Helps

The Witcher 3's enemy upscaling helps you get the most experience points possible as well as adding a new level of challenge when going back to a lower level area. For instance, if you go back to Velen to do any of the area's witcher contracts there, this will not only add a bit of challenge to an otherwise lower-level area that is loaded with similarly low-level enemies, but will also ensure more experience is gained and that better items are dropped from defeating them.

Turning upscaling on will ensure the amount of exp you get and items you receive is proportionate to what you would normally get at that level originally. Enabling The Witcher 3's enemy upscaling will also increase the level of any bosses, such as those of the Witcher Contracts in Novigrad.

Plus there is so much to do before reaching Skellige, a higher-level region, that you might find yourself a more seasoned Witcher by the time you finally do get there. Turning enemy upscaling on will bring everyone in the starting regions in Skellige to your level to make sure you get the most exp possible.

The Best Time To Use Enemy Upscaling

Geralt fights bandits at a ruined village in Velen

There are a lot of tough side quests in the game. Some of which are at much higher levels than the level you might find yourself at. Turning enemy upscaling on will help the grinding experience be a bit shorter, since having it off will actually make you lose out on any potential exp gains you might have gotten with it on, as well as lower the level of the potential weapons and armor that slain enemies will drop.

It will not only help you reach a higher level quicker, which is needed to get some truly rare items such as certain silver swords, but also ensure you have more time on your hands to do what you were trying to do originally. So in order to get the most out of your The Witcher 3 playthrough, it is recommended to turn enemy upscaling on when you feel you are ready for it.

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