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Riven Mods are one of the most confusing systems in Warframe. Players receive one after completing the War Within quest with no context of what they are, how they work, or why you'd ever want to use them.

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While tied to layers of RNG, these Mods can provide an immense damage increase to your favorite weapons. If you love a weapon that can't quite hang in level 100+ content, a good Riven Mod can fix most of your damage-scaling issues. This guide will go over what Riven Mods are, how they work, how to reroll them, and covers a few basic strategies for obtaining Kuva—the currency needed to reroll these strange Mods.


Updated August 13th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Warframe is no stranger to complicated mechanics, Riven Mods being one of the most notorious examples. These incredibly powerful Mods can be cumbersome to understand. Once you receive one at the end of The War Within, you're left with no tutorial on how these strange purple Mods work. Thankfully, that's what this guide is for. We've updated this article to include more in-depth information on how Rivens work, which aspects are randomized, and we've included a breakdown of every rollable stat and Veiled Challenge tied to this system.

What Is A Riven Mod?

Warframe Akmagnus Riven

Riven Mods are randomly generated Mods tied to a certain weapon family—family referring to weapons that share the same base name (Boltor, Braton, Cernos, et cetera). All Riven Mods can roll with stats found on standalone Mods, including base damage, multishot, elemental damage, combo multiplier duration, and critical damage. The strength of a Riven Mod is determined by its Riven Disposition (explained later).

You can only have one Riven Mod equipped on a weapon at a time. Riven Mods exist for every weapon type—Primaries, Secondaries, Melee, Zaws, Kitguns, Companion Weapons, and Archguns.

Why Use Riven Mods?

Warframe Mag Deluxe Skin

While Riven Mods are reliant on RNG and rebalanced every three months, these Mods provide a degree of power that is simply unrivaled. For Rivens with high Dispositions, you can replace staple Mods on your build with an objectively stronger Riven, featuring higher percentage stats and additional stat lines. For Rivens with lower Dispositions, you can obtain a Riven that combines the effects of multiple Mods into one—for example, using a Riven that has two elemental damage types. This allows you to save on Mod space for your build.

Needless to say, Riven Mods can turn a great weapon into a meta contender. However, this power is kept in check by two things: the sheer RNG of the system and Riven Disposition.

How Riven Mods Work

Warframe Riven Mod Example

Before you can use a Riven, you must unveil it by completing a challenge listed on the Mod card. This can range from killing enemies to catching multiple fish in a row without missing. Once a card is unveiled, you'll be given a Riven Mod with a whole host of randomly rolled stats.

All Riven Mods randomly roll the following:

Weapon Family
  • Which weapons the Riven can be applied to
    • More powerful weapon variants have weaker Riven stats
Positive Attributes
  • Minimum: 2 positives
  • Maximum: 3 positives
Negative Attributes
  • Minimum: 0 negatives
  • Maximum: 1 negative
    • A negative attribute increases the values of positive attributes
  • Mod card symbol
    • Vazarin (D)
    • Madurai (V)
    • Naramon (—)
Mastery Rank Requirement
  • MR8-MR16
    • MR requirement has no impact on a Riven's strength

If that seems like a lot of RNG, that's because it is. The probability of rolling a perfect Riven Mod for your favorite weapon is hard to even imagine. Should you get a Riven Mod for a weapon family you enjoy using, you can invest a resource named Kuva into your Riven Mods for a chance of rolling a stat you desire. We'll go over rerolling Rivens later in the guide. For now, keep in mind that you can change the positive and negative traits on your Riven Mod through the process of rerolling it.

Riven Disposition

Warframe Sybaris Prime Riven Disposition

Every weapon in Warframe has a hidden Riven Disposition stat that determines the strength of Riven Mods on that weapon. You can only see a weapon's Riven Disposition if you have a Riven Mod that can be equipped on that weapon, Veiled or otherwise.

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Riven Dispositions have a scale of 0.5 to 1.55, denoted by circles in-game. The stats on your Riven Mod are multiplied by this Riven Disposition constant. Values under 1 causing the mod to lose its strength. Conversely, values above 1 cause the Riven to gain strength.

Here's the value range tied to each in-game Disposition circle:

  • One Circle: 0.5-0.69 Riven Disposition
    • Fairly weak attribute values
  • Two Circles: 0.7-0.89 Riven Disposition
    • Below-average attribute values
  • Three Circles: 0.9-1.1 Riven Disposition
    • Average attribute values
  • Four Circles: 1.11-1.3 Riven Disposition
    • Above-average attribute values
  • Five Circles: 1.31-1.55 Riven Disposition
    • Strong attribute values

Riven Dispositions are meant to keep meta weapons from having overpowered Riven Mods. Digital Extremes have stated that Riven Dispositions are only tied to usage rates of that weapon type, not their inherent power. Riven Dispositions are updated every three months, typically around a new Prime Access release.

Note: Riven Dispositions are per weapon, not family! A Boltor and Boltor Prime can use the same Riven, but the Riven Disposition between the two weapons will vary. In general, variants of a weapon family have lower Dispositions than their default counterpart.

How To Obtain Riven Mods

Warframe Sortie Rewards

You can obtain Riven Mods from the following sources:

Source Notes
"The War Within" Quest One time only
Sortie Reward 27.9% drop chance; once per day
Teshin's rotating stock Once per week
Gift of the Lotus Alerts Happens after a Devstream
Tactical Alerts Seldom occur
Evergreen login Rewards Every 200 days past day 1,000
Arbitration Honors Only sells Archgun Rivens
Cephalon Simaris Only sells Companion Weapon Rivens
Riven Slivers Give 10 to Paladino at Iron Wake; can only be done once a week
Nightwave Given at a certain rank once per Nightwave

Excluding Alerts, the best means of earning Riven Mods is by completing the daily Sortie. The last Sortie mission has a small chance of granting a Riven Mod upon completion. Beyond that, check Teshin's stock at any Relay to see if he's selling any Rivens for Steel Essence, a currency tied to the Steel Path.

It's also worth noting that you can purchase Rivens from other players through Warframe's trading system. Finding a specific Riven through trade chat can be a nightmare, so most players use third-party websites such as warframe.market to find Rivens with stats they're interested in. Due to the sheer RNG of this system, don't be surprised if some players are asking for thousands of Platinum for their Rivens.

Unveiling Rivens

Warframe Veiled Riven Example

Before you can use a Riven, you must unveil it by completing a challenge listed on the Mod card. This can range from killing enemies to catching multiple fish in a row without missing. You only need to unveil a Riven once before it's usable; subsequent rerolls don't re-veil the Mod. Should you find a particular challenge difficult, you can automatically complete a veiled challenge by using a Veiled Riven Cipher. You can purchase one from Teshin each week for 20 Steel Essence.

Click here for a list of every Veiled Riven challenge.

Rerolling Rivens

Warframe Riven Reroll Menu

While it's referenced as "cycling" in-game, nearly every player refers to this system as Riven rerolling. By spending a rare resource named Kuva, you can reroll the positive and negative traits tied to your Riven Mod, keeping the weapon family, polarity, and Mastery Rank requirement the same.

Warframe Riven Reroll Result

When you reroll a Riven, you'll be given the choice of either taking the new roll or keeping your old one. This is as far as the system extends for progression. There are no ways to lock in traits, maximize stat percentages, or use Kuva to target farm a certain stat. It's complete RNG.

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The first ten rerolls on a Riven Mod will increase the Kuva cost on subsequent rolls. The cost for each roll is as follows:

Roll Kuva Cost
Roll 1 900
Roll 2 1,000
Roll 3 1,200
Roll 4 1,400
Roll 5 1,700
Roll 6 2,000
Roll 7 2,350
Roll 8 2,750
Roll 9 3,150
Roll 10+ 3,500

All rolls following the tenth reroll will cost 3,500 Kuva.

Farming Kuva

Warframe Kuva Fortress

Digital Extremes have added quite a few ways of earning Kuva throughout the years, although most players stick to one or two farms to get as much Kuva as possible. The best sources of Kuva are Kuva Floods and Requiem Kuva Survival missions on the Kuva Fortress.

Every hour, one node on a planet near the Kuva Fortress will become a Kuva Flood, granting around 1,200 Kuva upon completion. These missions take a few minutes at most to complete. Complete the Flood, then see if the Kuva Fortress has a Kuva Survival Fissure mission. If so, hop in and crack as many Requiem Relics as possible to earn large bundles of Kuva every few minutes. You can farm Requiem Relics from Kuva Siphons and Kuva Liches if you don't have any.

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If you can handle the Steel Path, consider completing Teshin's daily Steel Path missions. Each mission grants three Steel Essence, giving you 15 in total. You can then exchange that 15 Steel Essence for 10,000 Kuva by speaking to Teshin at any Relay. You can also farm Requiem Kuva Survival missions while in Steel Path, granting Steel Essence atop Kuva. If your squad can handle the difficulty, this is easily the best Kuva farm in the game.

Use Boosters

Finally, if you decide to farm Kuva, be sure to purchase a Resource Booster. They don't cost much Platinum and double the amount of Kuva you receive from Floods, Siphons, and Survival missions. Pair a booster with a Smeeta Kavat for a chance at earning four times as much Kuva as normal.

Every Riven Mod Attribute

Warframe Damage Types Featured

Most Riven attributes are shared amongst all Riven Mod types, although there are some exclusive properties found on weapons and melees.

Shared Riven Attributes

Gun Attributes Melee Attributes
Base Damage Melee Damage
Cold Damage Cold Damage
Critical Chance Critical Chance
Critical Damage Critical Damage
Damage vs. Grineer Damage vs. Grineer
Damage vs. Corpus Damage vs. Corpus
Damage vs. Infested Damage vs. Infested
Electricity Damage Electricity Damage
Fire Rate Attack Speed
Heat Damage Heat Damage
Impact Damage Impact Damage
Puncture Damage Puncture Damage
Slash Damage Slash Damage
Status Chance Status Chance
Status Duration Status Duration
Toxin Damage Toxin Damage

Weapon-Specific Attributes

Weapons have eight unique attributes, while melee weapons have seven unique attributes.

Gun Attributes Melee Attributes
Ammo Maximum Additional Combo Count Chance
Magazine Capacity Combo Duration
Multishot Critical Chance on Slide Attack
Projectile Speed Finisher Damage
Punch Thorugh Heavy Attack Efficiency
Recoil Initial Combo
Reload Speed Range

Every Veiled Riven Challenge

Warframe Plains Mesa

There are 20 Veiled Riven Challenges as of writing, most of which can roll with one potential modifier.

Challenge Potential Modifiers
Catch Fish without missing a throw.
  • While alone
  • While remaining undetected
Catch one Fish, Mine one gem or metal, and kill one enemy in 30 seconds.
  • While alone
  • While remaining undetected
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
Complete a Defense mission with level 30+ enemies without the defense objective taking any damage.
  • While alone
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • Without using consumables
Complete an Extermination mission with level 30+ enemies without being detected.
  • While alone
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • Without taking damage
Complete an Interception mission solo with level 30+ enemies with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped.
  • Without becoming downed
Complete a Survival mission with level 30+ enemies without killing anyone.
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • Without using consumables
Destroy Dargyns with a bow.
  • None
Destroy Vruush Turrets while in Archwing.
  • While alone
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • Without becoming downed
  • Without getting a status ailment
Find Caches.
  • While alone
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • With an active pet
  • Without becoming downed
  • Without taking damage
  • Without using Ciphers
  • Without using consumables
Find Syndicate Medallions.
  • With an active pet
  • Without an ally becoming downed
  • Without failing the mission
  • Without taking damage
  • Without triggering an alarm
Get headshot kills with a single aim glide.
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
Get consecutive kills while wall dashing/clinging without touching the floor.
  • While invisible
  • Without taking damage
  • Without triggering an alarm
Kill Sentients.
  • In one day
  • While alone
  • While invisible
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • While sliding
  • Without an ally becoming downed
  • Without becoming downed
  • Without getting a status ailment
  • Without taking damage
  • Without using consumables
Kill airborne Condrocs within 5 seconds.
  • With an active pet
  • Without becoming downed
Kill Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground.
  • While aim gliding
  • While alone
  • While sliding
Kill enemies.
  • Specified targets
    • That are on a dropship
  • While
    • aim gliding
    • alone
    • in one day
    • invisible
    • sliding
    • having a Dragon Key equipped
    • unalerted
  • With an active pet
  • With only headshots
    • 100m away
  • Without
    • becoming downed
    • being detected
    • failing the mission
    • getting a status ailment
    • taking damage
    • triggering an alarm
Kill wild animals with a fishing spear.
  • None
Land consecutive shots while in Archwing on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • None
Sustain a 6x melee combo multiplier for 30 seconds.
  • While alone
  • While having a Dragon Key equipped
  • With an active pet
Synthesize a Simaris target without using traps or abilities while having a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped
  • While alone
  • Without taking damage
  • Without using abilities

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