If you're familiar with the Fate series, then you may have already enjoyed the visual novel Tsukihime. For those who have indulged in the early-2000 era series, you'll be happy to hear Tsukihime will receive the remake treatment this summer on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Tsukihime is almost 21-years-old now, but will find new life in Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. The original plot follows Shiki Tohno, a young man that almost died, but gained an incredible power after his experience. Shiki has the unique ability to see Death Lines, leading him down multiple paths to shocking endings crafted by developer Type-Moon. It's unclear how much of the original adventure will remain intact or if there are even any new twists, but given Type-Moons launch into success with its Fate series it's fantastic to see other beloved IPs benefit from a revisit.


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The Tsukihime remake announcement was coupled with a brand-new trailer from Aniplex and Type-Moon. You can go ahead and check it out, there's plenty of familiar elements to the story teased in the video.

Director Kinoko Nasu will return to helm the project, along with other names that may be familiar like character designer Takahashi Takeuchi and art director Hirokazu Koyama. The game was already announced to excited fans years ago, but the studio had since gone dark and let very little in the way of new details trickle in for eager fans. Right now, the announcement was only for Japan, there's been no further news on any plans for western releases.

For Type-Moon and its fans, this is a great way to start the year. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the company hard with delays, just like it did many other studios within the industry. Regardless, the Fate series has carried on, delighting fans with new games, movies,  and even crossovers with popular mobile titles in recent months. Of course, it's hard to say just yet, but here's to hoping Tsukihime is a hit with fans and this launch propels it into additional media set in the universe.

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