Wings are a total gamechanger in Terraria. These useful accessories transform the gameplay, allowing the player to hover, fly indefinitely, and tackle monsters from advantageous new angles.

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There are dozens of different wings in Terraria, all accessible once the player defeats the Wall of Flesh and enters Hardmode. Getting wings is an essential part of progressing through the game, and a pair should be picked up as quickly as possible once Hardmode is activated. Here are our picks for the best wings in Terraria.

10 Leaf Wings

Leaf Wings Terraria

Leaf Wings are not the best Wings (and not the worst) but they are the easiest flying accessory to acquire at the beginning of Hardmode. All the player needs to do is build a home for their Witch Doctor, an NPC that spawns in Jungle houses.

The Witch Doctor will only spawn after the player has defeated the Queen Bee, which is something usually done before Hardmode anyway. Leaf Wings cost 1 Platinum coin, that's 100 gold coins, and can only be purchased at Night in the Jungle biome.

They are the easiest wings to get right at the start of Hardmode, and thus the best wings to get after you defeat the Wall of Flesh.

  • Leaf Wings let you fly for 1.67 seconds as of Terraria 1.4.
  • They have a max height of 53 blocks.
  • A max speed of 32 (mph).

9 Frozen Wings

Frozen Wings Icon

The Frozen Wings are basically the go-to next set of Wings for any player in Hardmode. They're almost the same as Leaf Wings, although they have a slightly increased acceleration speed, ideal for boss fights.

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To get your hands on Frozen Wings you need to collect an Ice Feather. This is dropped by the Ice Golem, that scary Hardmode enemy that spawns in a stormy ice biome. You could also go for the Angel Wings (these can be crafted with Souls of Flight and 100 Pixie Dust) if you can't take down the Ice Golem yet.

  • Crafted with an Ice Feather and 20 Soul of Flights.
  • Max flying time of 2.17 seconds.
  • Max height of 67 blocks.
  • A total max speed of 34 mph.

8 Harpy Wings

Harpy Wings Terraria

The Harpy Wings are pretty much exactly the same as the Frozen Wings, but they are also harder to acquire. Venturing into the sky biome in Hardmode is a surefire way to get roasted by some swirling Wyverns, so make sure you are prepared before you start farming Harpies.

You need to collect one Giant Harpy Feather, which has a 1-in-200 chance of dropping from a Harpy. Combine your feather with some Souls of Flight and you have a pair of wings that can carry you into the mid-game of Terraria's Hardmode.

  • Crafted with Soul of Flight and one Giant Harpy Feather.
  • Max flight time of 2.17 seconds.
  • Max block height of 67 blocks.
  • Max speed of 34 mph.

Basically the same as the Frozen Wings, but the Frozen Wings glow at least!

7 The Hoverboard

Hoverboard Terraria Icon

Although not technically wings, The Hoverboard should still appear on this list because it allows a very unique form of flight. A player can actually hover with the Hoverboard - go figure - which can be very useful for boss fights and building alike.

This item is by no means easy to acquire. It requires a whopping 18 Shroomite bars, considered by some players to be the rarest bar in Terraria. You have to cut down hundreds of glowing mushrooms. No exaggeration. If you want a Hoverboard you better start grinding. Right now.

  • Requires 20 Soul of Flight and 18 Shroomite Bars.
  • Flying time of 2.83 seconds, although it can hover in place.
  • Max height of 94 tiles, one of the highest of any flying apparatus in Terraria.
  • A horizontal max speed of 33 mph. Not super fast.

6 Steampunk Wings

Steampunk Wings Terraria

The Steampunk Wings are another tier up from Frozen and Leaf Wings, with increased acceleration speed and height. Just like the Leaf Wings, these wings are easy to acquire just by purchasing them from an NPC, this time the Steampunker.

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The Steampunker NPC spawns after the player takes down any of the mechanical bosses, like the Twins. However, she won't sell the Steampunk Wings until the Golem inside the Jungle Temple is destroyed. The Wings cost 3 Platinum, the price increased from 1 Platinum to 3 with the 1.4 update. This tier of wings can be crucial in taking down a boss, like the Empress of Light.

  • Sold by the Steampunker NPC.
  • Max flying time of three seconds.
  • 107 max block height.
  • 38 mph top speed.

5 Vortex Booster

Terraria Vortex Booster

This end-game item is the ultimate version of the Hoverboard we mentioned above. It has the fastest hover speed of any Wings in the game. You can hover horizontally up or down, the Booster gets a massive boost with horizontal speed (300 percent!), and it emits some lovely lights when you fy.

It requires 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Vortex Fragments to craft, which means this is very much an end-game item. You'll need to have defeated the Moon Lord to craft this set of Wings.

  • Crafted with 14 Vortex Fragments and 10 Luminite Bars.
  • Max flight time of 3 seconds as of Terraria 1.4.
  • 143 max tile height as of 1.4.
  • 33 maximum speed.

4 Fishron Wings

Fishron Wings Terraria

These are another pair of end-game Wings that are pretty rare, only dropped by the Duke Fishron boss in Hardmode. It's worth the wait. Fishron Wings are the second-fastest Wings in the game and the speed is increased even further if the player is in water or another liquid.

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Duke Fishron is a real pain of a boss, though. His Sharknado attack deals serious damage if you get caught inside of one. Fishron is fast, hard to kill, and a true end-game Terraria challenge. Worth it for the Wings, though. Your pets look hilarious when they fly next to you.

  • Dropped by Duke Fishron.
  • Max flight time of three seconds.
  • Max block height of 143 blocks.
  • Max speed of 41 mph.

3 Nebula Mantle

Nebula Pillar Terraria

The Nebula Mantle is an endgame set of Wings from the Hardmode pillar events. These wings are crafted with 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Nebula Fragments, gathered by smashing the Nebula Pillar to pieces.

These Wings fit in nicely between Fishron and the very top-tier wings. Its ascension speed is increased by 50% and has a high flight limit. This means the Nebula Mantle isn't as fast as the Vortex Booster, but a player can go higher with the Nebula.

  • Crafted with 14 Nebula Fragments and 10 Luminite Bars.
  • Max flying time of three seconds.
  • 143 max tile height.
  • 33 mph max speed, but with a significant boost on its horizontal speed modifier.

2 Stardust Wings

Terraria Stardust Wings Pillar

The Stardust Wings have the highest flight height of all Wings in the game, with Solar Wings coming in a very close second. Stardust Wings can reach over 400 feet, whereas Solar Wings offer just a little less at over 300 feet.

Stardust Wings and Solar Wings are widely acknowledged to be the second-best Wings in the entire game, only beaten to the finishing line by the all-powerful Celestial Starboard.

  • Stardust Wings are crafted with 14 Stardust Fragments and 10 Luminite bars.
  • They have a max flight time of three seconds.
  • A max block height of 167 blocks.
  • A max speed of 46 mph.

These wings also receive a 50 percent boost to their ascension speed and glow in the dark. Awesome!

1 Celestial Starboard

Terraria Moon Lord

The Celestial Starboard is the best Wing accessory in the game. It is only dropped by the Moon Lord in Expert Mode, which also makes it one of the hardest accessories to acquire in Terraria 1.4.

It can hover, it has the fastest movement speed and the highest flight height. There are no other Wings that come close to the Celestial Starboard. If you get your hands on this you know you've basically completed Terraria, which is no easy feat.

  • Only dropped by the Moon Lord in Expert mode.
  • Max flight time of 3 seconds.
  • Max block height of 201 blocks.
  • Max speed of 41 mph with a massive 450 percent vertical modifier to its speed.

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