Terraria is now in its final iteration — the 1.4 Journey's End update — and we can create the ultimate tier list of the best weapons available in Pre-Hardmode. Forget your wobbly copper shortsword or wooden yoyo; Terraria is packed full of awesome gear that will help you defeat bosses and reach Hardmode.

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Cover everything you need to know about the best weapons to pick up during your Pre-Hardmode adventures. We'll include some tips and tricks on how to take down the various bosses, and what you should prepare yourself with as you defeat the Wall of Flesh.

Updated July 13th by Harry Alston: With the 1.4 console release date just around the corner, we're returning to this list to add in a bit more information for brand new players, and for those who might be returning to the game after a big break. Terraria's selection of pre-Hardmode weapons gets even bigger in 1.4. Here's everything you need to know about the best weapons for each class.

11 The Night's Edge

Nights Edge Sword Terraria

The Night's Edge is what you get when you slam all the other awesome swords together. It requires all four of the iconic Pre-Hardmode swords (the Muramasa, Fiery Great Sword, Blade of Grass, and either the Light's Bane or Blood Butcherer) to craft. Head to a Demon or Crimson Altar and you'll have the only sword worth having immediately after the Wall of Flesh.

How to craft the Night's Edge:

  • Muramasa - Found in the locked Golden Chests in the Dungeon. Its best modifier is Legendary, though you may only have one or two in your world.
  • Fiery Great Sword - This sword is crafted from 20 Hellstone bars. It's a slow sword but has a long reach and plenty of damage out of the pre-Hardmode swords.
  • Blade of Grass - Crafted with Jungle Spores and Stingers, the Blade of Grass has a chance to inflict the Poisoned debuff on enemies.
  • Light's Bane / Blood Butcherer - Crafted from either Demonite or Crimtane, depending on which evil biome you have on your world.

10 The Enchanted Sword

Terraria Enchanted Sword

This sword is rare, but not as rare you as think. The Enchanted Sword is found in underground chambers. A pool of water, falling vines, and a sword stuck in a stone. It's a magical scene, but not every chamber has a real sword in it.

Yes. Some of the swords are fake. If you're lucky enough to get the Enchanted Sword it's a top-tier weapon (with fancy projectiles) that can carry you through Pre-Hardmode Terraria.

Always look out for tunnels that lead from the surface into a chamber. Throwing grenades or using a weapon that can fire light projectiles through blocks is a good way of finding the Enchanted Sword.

9 The Bee Keeper

Terraria Queen Bee Boss

Bees! Bees! The Bee Keeper is a sword dropped by the Queen Bee somewhere deep in the Jungle. Find her hive and then defeat her and you've got a fairly high chance of getting the Bee Keeper.

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This is a unique sword and holds its own against the Wall of Flesh. Anything you hit with the Bee Keeper is attacked by a swarm of bees. Terrifying, but effective. We should also mention Beenades as one of the most effective methods to defeat the Wall of Flesh.

8 The Cascade

Terraria Cascade Yoyo

The Cascade is the most powerful pre-Hardmode yoyo with a damage stat of 27 for its base variation. You're looking for the Godly or Demonic modifier for the ultimate yoyo stats.

This yoyo is dropped in the Dungeon once Skeletron has been defeated. Grab it before Hardmode, because it's later replaced by the Hel-fire yoyo. Cascade can be used into Hardmode, especially if you've got a decent yoyo build set-up.

7 Malaise And Artery

Malaise Artery Yoyo Terraria

These two yoyos are best for the early game before you've even thought about tackling the Dungeon to try and find a Cascade. These two yoyos are crafted by Demonite or Crimtane bars, depending on which corrupted area you have on your Terraria world.

The Malaise and Artery are fun to use until you find a better yoyo later in the game. We wouldn't recommend these items beyond the Wall of Flesh, as they simply don't do enough damage to sustain a player into Hardmode.

6 The Dark Lance Spear

Dark Lance Spear Terraria

Moving away from swords and yoyos, this is the Dark Lance. Found in Shadow chests in the Underworld, the Dark Lance is the strongest Pre-Hardmode spear. Spears aren't particularly powerful, or very popular, but the Dark Lance has one or two uses at least.

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This weapon is very useful for farming a boss like the Eater of Worlds because it deals piercing damage to every wormy segment of its body. The Dark Lance is also good at clearing out large hordes of enemies while keeping the player a safe distance away.

5 The Flamarang

Terraria Flamarang

Boomerangs are often overlooked by Terraria players. Poor Boomerangs. Flamarang is a powerful weapon that can be useful in the transition to Hardmode. It's the perfect addition to a strong very early-game ranged build.

It's the upgraded version of the Enchanted Boomerang, so it deals more damage and will also cause the On Fire! debuff in hit enemies. You only need 10 Hellstone Bars to upgrade the regular Boomerang, so worth checking out.

4 The Sunfury

Terraria Sunfury Mace

Heavy, chunky, and powerful, the Sunfury is part of the mace weapon class that received a buff in 1.4. Now a player can constantly swing the mace around rather than waiting for it to come back to them. It just makes the Sunfury a more versatile weapon.

In the old days, it was an often-overlooked weapon, but now it's a top-tier choice to make the transition to Hardmode. The Sunfury is a fairly common drop in Shadow Chests down in the Underworld.

3 The Space Gun

Terraria Space Gun Weapon

Despite the damage nerfs in Terraria 1.4, a Space Gun and full set of Meteor Armor is still one of the most satisfying combos in the game. Meteor Armor speeds up your mana regen, a Space Gun eats the mana. Put them together and you have a gun that you can shoot constantly, and completely shred enemies. The Space Gun is a crucial component in a powerful magic build.

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On the other hand, you could go for the Star Cannon, considered the very strongest ranged weapon in Terraria Pre-Hardmode. The only problem is that it eats through fallen stars, so unless you have hundreds stored up it's just not a viable option.

2 Water Bolt

Terraria Water Bolt Skeletron

Ah, the Water Bolt. Before the 1.4 update, it was possible to cheese your way into an early Water Bolt spell tome by checking out a few of the bookshelves in the surface dungeon. This pretty much made all the pre-Hardmode bosses killable in a few minutes, with the right arena set-up.

Since Journey's End rolled around, the developers decided an early Water Bolt was just completely broken, so they made them spawn deeper underground in the Dungeon. Despite this, the Water Bolt is still a powerful pre-Hardmode weapon, and perfect for farming bosses for materials.

1 The Best Weapons To Defeat The Wall Of Flesh

Wall of Flesh in Terraria

Hardmode is activated by defeating the Wall of Flesh, but you need to defeat this fleshy monstrosity first. The recommended loadout to defeat the Wall of Flesh is a pile of Beenades, a ranged weapon (like the Space Gun), or the Bee Gun. You will need to build a long platform to run across and hope that you don't run out of room before the Wall gets you.

Best Pre-Hardmode Gear

So you want to defeat the Wall of Flesh? You should have some Beenades, Molten Armor (arguably the best all-around armor in Pre-Hardmode), and a stack of health potions. The transition into Hardmode is a tricky one. Many of the enemies have increased damage and health. A Night's Edge sword is a good bet for total damage, although a mage build can also work.

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