Dragon Pokémon are incredibly popular. They were the strongest Pokémon type until Fairy-Type arrived. The Dragon-Type trainers from the games are some of the strongest such as Lance, Iris, Zinnia, Drayden, Clair, Drake, and Raihan. The type also makes up a lot of legendary Pokémon.

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On this list, we will count down to the strongest Dragon-Type there is. After all, with new Dragon-Type Pokémon introduced from Sword and Shield, the list had to be updated. Also, we will not be including legendary Pokémon or include any Pokémon who are only dragon type due to a Mega-Evolution.

Updated May 22nd, 2020 by Hayley Mullen: Because Dragons are competitive and independent by nature, there will always be new competitors for the crown of "Strongest Dragon Pokémon." Within the months since Pokémon Sword and Shield's release date, many players of the games have invested more time in competitive play, leading to new discoveries and shifts in public opinion. With some trainers raising the latest Generation VIII Dragons and others returning to beloved, older entries in the series, it's never an inopportune time to pay tribute to the strength of Dragon Pokémon.

15 Duraludon

Introduced in Generation VIII's Sword and Shield, Duraludon is a Dinosaur-like dragon whose strength is often overlooked in favor of other Dragon-types in its generation. Found in the Wild Area of Galar, Duraludon's strengths lie not only in its unique Dragon and Steel typing but its ability to Gigantamax, making it a considerable opponent on the battlefield.

Duraludon is, of course, able to learn hard-hitting moves such as Draco Meteor and Flash Cannon, but also has access to moves such as Thunderbolt and Stealth Rock, which can take care of any Water or Flying-type Pokémon that it may come up against.


14 Altaria

Tragically left out of Generation VIII's Pokédex, Altaria's power should not be taken as lightly as its wings are. Introduced alongside famed Dragons such as Flygon and Salamence, Altaria was gifted a Mega Evolution in Generation VI that made it that much stronger (and fluffier).

With access to the powerful Dragon Dance and Roost to gain health, this bird becomes quite difficult to take down, especially with Electric-type Kryptonite move, Earthquake. If that wasn't enough, Mega Altaria's Pixelate ability allows it to use Normal-type moves like Return to deal heavy Fairy-type damage.

13 Appletun

With a moveset as sweet as apple pie and a Gigantamax form to shake things up, Appletun sure has a lot going for itself. The evolutionary line's signature move, Apple Acid, does 80 base damage and is guaranteed to lower the opponent's Special Defense by one stage. Having Recover in its arsenal makes it able to act as a wall against many other Pokémon in its league.

If that wasn't enough to impress, its Thick Fat ability halves the damage from both Fire and Ice-type moves, a true asset to a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon.

12 Noivern

Noivern is the second bat evolutionary line in Pokémon history, with the first being the ever-memorable Zubat family. This meant Noivern had a lot to live up to, but few can say it didn't deliver. Noivern wins points for its amazing design and color combination, but its 535 base stats and 123 Speed are undeniably the main events. Able to Roost for health and strike hard with Flamethrower and Draco Meteor, Noivern can fit several roles on a team, its versatility making it that much more appealing as a Dragon Pokémon.

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The ability Infiltrator allows it to not only ignore Substitute, damaging the opponent regardless of any Substitute Doll, but also bypass moves such as Reflect, Safeguard, and Light Screen. This Bat really is all that.

11 Dracozolt

What do you get when you cross a Drake Fossil with a Bird? Dracozolt, that's what, and any player will be glad they did. Dracozolt is a fighter by nature, with access to moves such as Fire Fang and Dragon and a respectable Base Attack of 100.

Dracozolt has the signature move Bolt Beak that Arctozolt can also utilize, which doubles the Electric-type move's power if the Pokémon attacks first. This would mean a base power of 170, which can wipe out many Pokémon on the battlefield. Coupled with the Attack power boost that Dracozolt's Hustle ability provides, this ancient fusion of a Pokémon is a force to be reckoned with.

10 Kommo-o

Kommo-o is both Dragon-Type and Fighting-Type. It is the weakest of our list because it had a double weakness to Fairy-Types. Any Fairy-Type would utterly wipe Kommo-o in seconds.

However, there are good strategies for using this Pokémon competitively. It could be a nightmare to deal with if you teach it Toxic, Stealth Rock, Draining Punch, and Protect. Give it Leftovers to hold as well and your rival might be ripping their own hair out with frustration.

9 Goodra

Goodra is a pure Dragon-Type is a very high Special Defense stat. It can learn the fantastic ability Sap Sipper, which makes it immune to Grass-Type moves. Great moves to teach Goodra include Thunderbolt, Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Fire Blast, and Sludge Wave. Items that competitive players like to use with Goodra are Choice Scarf and Choice Specs.

While strong, Goodra does need to be wary of Steel, Fairy, and other Dragon-Types. While its Special Defense is high, its Defense can be its weakness so it would also need to watch out for physical attackers. It is also not the best when it comes to healing itself.

8 Flygon

Introduced in the third generation, Flygon is popular for both its design and interesting type combination of Ground and Dragon. It is highly customizable for all kinds of strategies. It also can learn U-Turn, which is a popular competitive move because you can make a quick escape while also dealing damage. However, since both Ground and Dragon is weak to Ice, Flygon is an Ice-Type punching bag. All the more reason that U-Turn is important!

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Besides U-Turn, good moves to teach Flygon include Earthquake, Outrage, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, and Defog.

7 Haxorus

This pure Dragon-Type is great for attacks and stab moves. It can learn Attack boosters such as Dragon Dance and Swords Dance. It can also learn moves that that wipe Fairy-Types such as Poison Jab, which is pretty good since dragons are weak to Fairy. It can also learn Earthquake, which is a Steel-Type's worst nightmare.

However, its Speed is not the best. There are faster offensive Pokémon out there that will put Haxorus in trouble such as Infernape and Hydreigon. So, while it looks cool and intimidating, there are better dragons out there.

6 Hydreigon

Sharing the same type as Sharpedo, Hydreigon is Dark and Dragon-Type. It gives other Pokémon a run for its money due to its very high Special Attack stat. Its typing gives it a lot of resistances to other competitive Pokémon like Celebi, and Chandelure.

However, it is weak to plenty of types such as Bug, Fighting, and most especially Fairy. It will get pulverized by priory Fighting-Type moves like Mach Punch. Also, despite its decent speed, there are faster Pokémon out there.

5 Salamence

Both Dragon and Flying-Type, Salamence has one of the highest based Attack stats of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon. This means it is a fantastic offensive attacker for a competitive team. Recommended moves include Attack boosts such as Dragon Dance, healing moves such as Roost, and heavy hitters like Double-Edge, Outrage, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Facade, and Dragon Tail.

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4 Dragonite

This dragon has been around since the first generation. While its design looks more friendly than a lot of its dragon counterparts, it can be devastating in competitive play. There is a reason Champion Lance had multiple of these!

Dragonite is known to break defenses and has a good ability called Multiscale that reduces damage dealt to it by half as long as its HP is full. However, that does not work with moves like Stealth Rock, Night Shade, and Super Fang. Great moves to teach it include Fly, Extreme Speed, Fire Punch, Dragon Dance, and Earthquake.

3 Garchomp

Like Flygon, Garchomp with both Ground and Dragon-Type. It is stronger than Flygon though, as it can devastate a team with its Rough Skin ability, high Speed, and High Attack stat. For double the pain, it is great to give a Garchomp with Rough Skin a Rocky Helmet as its held item. It can also use both Stealth Rock and Toxic, which can really tear down someone's team. Besides those, good moves for Garchomp include Stone Edge, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Fire Blast, Draco Meteor, Roar, Fire Fang, and Substitute.

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As strong as Garchomp is, watch out for Ice-Types, Fairy-Types, and faster Pokémon like Greninja and Weavile.

2 Dragapult

This new dragon came to Sword and Shield, and fans are loving it. It is not only dragon, but also a Ghost-Type. It is incredibly fast, has great options for moves, and has the best physical Dragon move in the game. Great moves to teach it include Shadow Ball, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, U-Turn, Dragon Dance, Dragon Darts, Will-O-Wisp, Disable, Substitute, Reflect, and Light Screen.

The cons of Dragapult is that it has no reliable recovery moves, does not have the best offensive stats, and its physical move pool is not so great.

1 Dracovish

If you have not already heard, this new addition to the dragons may look like a mistake from God, but it is revealing itself to be a competitive game-changer. It has a Strong Jaw ability that increases the power of biting moves. That makes its power move, Fishious Rend, insanely strong as that move also does double the damage if it goes first. So, the key is to keep its Speed higher than your opponents at all times. Other great moves to teach Dracovish is Crunch, Earthquake, and Dragon Rush.

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