Whether you decide to help the Junimos restore the Community Center or purchase all the town repairs from Joja Mart, it'll take a while to finish Stardew Valley's main objective. It's a hard challenge to finish within the first year, but not impossible. It takes most people at least a couple of years.

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How you get there depends on your playstyle, and many things that are late-game objectives might be completed by some people before the Community Center or Joja's community developments. If you're not ready to move on from Stardew Valley to other farming games just yet, here are some goals you can take on after you beat the game.

Updated on December 3, 2021 by Michael Christopher: We've added some more post-game activities to this list, and refreshed it to make it more readable and accurate.

18 Uncover Secrets

Stardew Valley Strange Capsule

Stardew Valley is absolutely filled to the brim with little easter eggs, hidden secrets, and spooky mysteries. From strange objects appearing on your farm to hidden messages to find, there are a ton of these secret things that you can stumble upon or seek out.

Before beating the game, it's easy to be laser-focused on the day-to-day operation of your farm and what have you. But, once you have a bit more free time, it can be fun to search for these secret phenomena.


17 Ginger Island

Ginger Island Fishing Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe really beefed up the post-game with the 1.5 update. This free update brings with it a whole new area called Ginger Island with a ton to find and do. After finishing the Community Center or Joja Community Development Form, you'll learn from Willy that he has an old boat he wants to fix up.

Once you help him fix it by bringing the right materials, he'll be able to take you to Ginger Island. This tropical paradise contains so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming: there's a new dungeon, a new NPC to meet and befriend, new quests, new fish, new crops, and even an entire second farm for you to use how you like.

16 Find The Statue of True Perfection

statue of true perfection

Spoilers ahead: While you're on Ginger Island, you might notice a door with a Golden Walnut on it. This is Qi's Walnut Room. Once you access it, you'll be able to complete quests for Mr. Qi and earn Qi Gems. There's also a perfection tracker here, which keeps a record of the tasks you need to complete to achieve 100% completion in the game.

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Once you manage to reach this lofty goal, you'll earn the Statue of True Perfection. This cool statue produces a Prismatic Shard every single day, so it's definitely something worth working toward.

15 Complete the Monster Eradication Goals

monster eradication goals

The various mines of Stardew Valley are full of monsters, from slimes to skeletons. Gil and Marlon, the two men who make up the Adventurer's Guild, hope to change this by slaying as many of them as possible. They'll reward you for your help if you kill some monsters as you dig for ore and gems.

The Monster Eradication chart, which can be seen next to Marlon's counter, will keep track of what you've killed. It's possible to complete this before finishing the game, but it's definitely something you should tackle when you get the chance.

14 Find Every Secret Note

secret note 11

Stardew Valley's developer ConcernedApe is notorious for putting secrets and easter eggs into his games — not just as bonus content, but with the intent of expanding the world's lore and plot threads. One of these secrets is the series of Secret Notes that you can collect. You can unlock this feature by walking to the bus stop on a Winter day between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. and tracking down the "Shadow Guy" who flees the scene.

Secret Notes can be found by cutting weeds, fishing, and slaying monsters, among other methods. Some notes detail NPCs' favorite items, while others act as a treasure map or cryptic puzzle. Collecting them all is worth it just to get the complete Stardew experience.

On Ginger Island, you'll also find another type of item similar to the Secret Notes called Journal Scraps. These work in basically the same way, giving you information on Ginger Island and leading you to some findable items.

13 Finish the Museum Collection

the museum

While adventuring through the mines, keep an eye open for gem nodes, and around the valley, watch for artifact spots. These are two of the ways you'll find the items you need for the Museum collection.

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There are 95 total items to donate to the Museum — 42 artifacts and 53 minerals. It's an incredibly daunting task, but if you want to complete everything Stardew has to offer, you'll have to get hunting! You'll feel so accomplished once you find and donate everything.

12 Make Your Farm Look Great

the farm

It's tough to renovate a farm in Stardew Valley, simply because many people fill it up with buildings, fences, crops, and more. Throughout the main part of the game, it's unlikely that many people have spent their time worrying about the aesthetics over the function, e.g. maximum money.

After completing the game and working toward the later goals, try reformatting your layout! Many people use bombs to clear out all of the stuff on the farm and visit Robin or the Wizard's magic book to move the buildings around. Try to build around a theme, or just make it look nice!

11 Unlock the Movie Theater

Stardew Bundle

Leveling up your friendship with some of the villagers is undeniably difficult, but taking them to a movie they like will reward you with some friendship points with that person. The movie theatre is unlocked either by finishing the difficult Missing Bundle, if you completed the Community Center, or by purchasing it from the Joja upgrades list if you sided with Joja.

The Missing Bundle is much more difficult to complete. It'll require some of the rarest items in the game, including Caviar, a Prismatic Shard, and more.

10 Beat Junimo Kart


There are few things as uniquely fun and charming as games within video games. The Stardrop Saloon has an arcade machine tucked away that allows you to play Junimo Kart, though it will only operate if you have the Skull Key.

The game is a sidescroller in which you control a Junimo's mining kart, hopping from one rail to the next to get to the end. Beating Progress Mode requires you to play through six different levels, each one more challenging than the last. Beating the game doesn't just give you bragging rights; a Jumino Kart Arcade System will be mailed to your house the next day, and can be displayed in your house like a pro gamer.

9 Unlock Achievements


Stardew comes with its own built-in achievements list. Some of these are very difficult, while some are pretty easy. After finishing the game, some of these achievements will be easier to go after. Some of the harder ones include completing the Museum, shipping 15 of every item, and reaching the bottom of the Mines.

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Focusing on these will take you through many adventures and new developments on your farm. Start tackling them once you've finished the game and you'll get a beautiful menu full of stars for your achievements.

8 Reach Level 100 of Skull Cavern

skull cavern

After finishing the Winter Mystery quest, you can start collecting Secret Notes. One of them, Secret Note #10, can be found after finishing Qi's Challenge, another quest. Secret Note #10 gives offers a challenge from Mr. Qi, the mysterious figure associated with the aforementioned Qi's Challenge quest.

This new mission tasks you with reaching level 100 in Skull Cavern. If you can do it, Mr. Qi will give you a potion that raises your maximum health by 25 points. This is no easy task — it takes many people countless attempts and preparation.

7 Max Friendship With Every Villager


There are a couple dozen villagers to raise friendship with, including Krobus, the Wizard, and the Dwarf. You can raise your friendship level to 10 hearts with the villagers that can't be married, 14 with your spouse, and 8 with bachelors/bachelorettes that you aren't dating (10 if you are).

This is also no easy task. You'll have to chat with everyone pretty regularly and try to memorize all of their favorite gifts. There are some universal "likes" that are pretty easy to come by, but a "loved" gift will level your friendship faster.

6 Buy the Gold Clock

Gold Clock 2to1

There are a few uber-expensive items in the world of Stardew Valley. A few that come to mind are the obelisks, which are 1,000,000 gold each. But, the most expensive item you can purchase is the Gold Clock, which can be bought from the Wizard's building book after completing the quest "Goblin Problem" for a cool 10,000,000g.

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This is a true end-game item, and it's very unlikely that anyone can afford it before completing the Community Center or Joja in a timely manner. Start saving now — it's going to take a lot of Ancient Fruit sales to afford this thing. It stops fences on your farm from decaying and prevents debris from appearing.

5 Get the Return Scepter

return scepter

In the later years of your time in Stardew Valley, it's much easier to make money and splurge on things no farmer would ever buy in their first year. The Return Scepter is such a luxury, sold for 2 million gold in Krobus' shop in the sewers.

This item will warp you to your home at the touch of a button and never wears out, unlike warp totems, which are used up. Owning a Return Scepter is both a convenience and a status symbol, perfect for the farmer who's simply too important to waste time walking home.

4 Collect Every Rarecrow


Any collector knows how utterly fulfilling it feels to have a complete collection of the subject they love. Anyone who's obtained a Rarecrow in the game has seen the message urging you to "collect them all!"

Not only are Rarecrows much more stylish than a regular scarecrow, but collecting them all will unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow, which has a much wider crop protection radius. Rarecrows are often sold at festivals, though some are only available by donating to the Museum or winning big at the Casino. If you haven't finished your collection, it's another great goal to check off your list.

3 Become Fabulously Wealthy

Caviar Stardew Valley

Despite how much content it has, Stardew is, at the end of the day, a farming simulator. Whether you decide to grow thousands and thousands of crops or just keep a small coop with a few chickens, making money is the overarching thread that connects almost every aspect of the game.

If you've finished the Joja projects or Community Center, why not turn to becoming a full tycoon? If you can afford it, it's fun to save up all the items you want to sell for a whole season and then dump them all in the shipping box on the final day. This way, you can watch huge numbers roll in, rewarding you for your hard work all season.

2 Enjoy Life in the Valley

Stardew Valley Tea Ceremony Caroline Cutscene

While Stardew Valley is billed as a farming simulator, it's more like a life simulator. You'll actually find you do very little farming much of the time. But, you will form relationships with the people of Pelican Town and the valley itself.

If you've completed the game, there's nothing stopping you from escaping your real life to the idyllic world of Stardew. Spend some time hanging out with your favorite villagers, tackle Junimo Kart and Journey of the Prairie King, or spend your days fishing at the beach with Willy. There's a ton to do, and no end-game to stop you from just kicking back forever.

1 Start Over

marrying shane stardew valley marriage

There is an almost unlimited number of ways to complete Stardew Valley. Every time you start a new file, you can marry a new person, pick a different farm layout, focus on different productions, and much, much more.

So, if you've completed the game and don't have much else to do, why not just start over? Many people have spent their time on multiple files, sometimes even simultaneously. Give yourself a challenge of some sort, like animals only or no mining, or roleplay as a certain character. Your options are endless, so go wild.

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