With all the new content added into Stardew Valley's 1.5 patch, it's not surprising that there are a few new NPCs. The most popular NPC for most fans is Leo, a unique looking boy who adds a new twist to the game by being scared of the player. Leo isn't a normal NPC, so just giving him a diamond when he's first met won't cause him to love the player.

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Instead, a much different path will need to be taken by those who want to learn more about this character. Below is everything players need to know about this seemingly elusive new character.

Updated on March 12, by Jessica Thomas: Now that most Stardew Valley fans have made their way to Ginger Island, they have probably run across a strange boy named Leo. Leo lives with his parrots or birds, as the game calls them, in a treehouse. He is reluctant of players at first, but with a little encouragement from his bird friends, he will eventually begin to open up to you. Leo's story is a heartwarming tale of a lost child slowly finding his way back to civilization, and Linus is a major player in this transaction. Below is everything you need to know about Leo and his heartwarming story.

10 Where is Leo?

Leo's Home on Ginger Island

Like most of the new content in the game, Leo is located on Ginger Island. Leo himself does wander around the island a bit, but he can usually be found in or near his hut on the west side of the island. The biggest problem is that Leo won't be willing to talk with the player when they first meet.

To get the young boy to speak, the player needs to first give a golden walnut to the parrot in his hut.


9 How Do I Talk to Leo?

Leo's Parrot

Leo can only be spoken to once the player has gathered eleven golden walnuts and given one to the bird in his hut. The bird that will help players gain Leo's trust is located beside the turtle. This will need to be the first parrot, though, as all the birds won't make him friendly.

To find golden walnuts, players can refer to this guide or try solving puzzles on the island.

8 Can I Befriend Leo?

Yes, once Leo has started to trust the player, you can befriend him just like any other character in the game. He is able to be given gifts, chatted with daily, and has his own unique schedule that differs during bad weather. All it takes is a bit of persistence to raise Leo's heart level.

Leo won't post requests in town, though, and can't be taken to a movie for extra heart points at first.

7 When is Leo's Birthday?

Leo on Pelican Town

Leo's birthday is on the 26th day of summer. Consequently, he will hand out eight times the regular points if he is given a gift he loves on that day. Despite his strange nature, it does seem the boy understands what day it is and that he should celebrate his birthday.

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This is a strange bit of lore as Leo has lived on an island for quite some time and was raised by birds.

6 What Does Leo Love?

Leo is Not Happy

Leo has four items he loves. The easiest to get regularly are mangos, duck feathers, and Poi, once the player has received the recipe. The biggest problem with mangos will be that they haven't ever been available in the game before and can't be obtained until the player reaches the item.

Duck feathers are by far the easiest item loved by Leo to get early on in Stardew Valley as they can be collected from the player's livestock.

5 What Does Leo Hate?

Leo Leaving Ginger Island

Leo actually has eleven different things that will negatively impact his heart level. Leo doesn't like any type of alcoholic beverage, including hops, which beer is made from. He also dislikes holly, oil, morel, and unmilled rice. He claims this is because he can't eat the items.

In addition, almost all of Leo's dislikes are the wild forge items found around Pelican Town.

4 Can He Move to Pelican Town?

Leo's Pelican Town Home

One of the biggest reasons to befriend Leo is to get the poor boy off the island so that he can have friends who are his own age. Leo will be able to move to Pelican Town once he has reached a heart level of six, and he will move into a treehouse in the mountains next to Linus.

Once in town, Leo will make fast friends with both Vincent and Jas and change his schedule accordingly.

3 How Many Heart Events Does He Have?


Despite being a child, Leo actually has six different heart events. The first half will be triggered while on Ginger Island, while the fourth event involves the player convincing Leo to move to town thanks to a budding friendship with Linus. The second half will focus on his new life in town and how he is happy to have moved.

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Leo is a heartwarming story and many players who have met him wish that he was adaptable.

2 Why is He On Ginger Island?

Leo doesn't have anyone but the birds living with him on the island. This is because his family was the victim of a shipwreck. His parents ended up dying during the incident, and he washed up on Ginger Island alone. The birds did take him in and kept him safe so that he could thrive, but he was lonely and wanted to meet other kids.

It's not until the player arrives that Leo begins interacting with humans once again, and Linus ends up taking him under his wing.

1 Does Leo Give Rewards?

Leo Headed to Boat

Leo does give one reward to the player, and it's a recipe for a special dish. Once Leo has reached three hearts, he will write his very first letter ever and send it to the player. Inside will be the recipe for mango sticky rice, a tropical food that uses both mango and coconuts.

It will buff the player's defense by three, as well as grant 113 energy and 50 health points.

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