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Stardew Valley has tons of content to unlock if you spend enough time working on your farm. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a grind to get there. The game's creator, Concerned Ape, has been consistently adding new content since the game's launch. Dedicated players will adore these new buildings, items, NPCs, and more! They create all-new mysteries to solve, ways to optimize life on the farm, and spend more time exploring, and more! Without them, the game would get boring pretty quickly.

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Junimo Huts are one of the things you can unlock to make your life infinitely easier on the farm. They're a way to automatically harvest crops that you grow, a little bit like how the Auto-Grabber you can buy from Marnie automatically picks up animal products. Wondering what it takes to build this wondrous device and how exactly it works? We've got you covered! This detailed guide answers every question you could possibly have about the Junimo Huts.


Unlocking And Building Junimo Huts

Stardew Valley, Junimo Huts building menu in the Wizard Tower

The Junimo Hut is a unique building because you don't build it with Robin's help. Instead, it has to be unlocked later in the game by finishing a quest for the Wizard. Once you've finished all the Community Centre's bundles, go to the far part of the mountains where the Bathhouse is. That'll prompt a cutscene and you'll get a new quest: Dark Talisman. To finish that, you'll need to do a subquest of sorts: Goblin Problem.

Once Goblin Problem and Dark Talisman are done, the Wizard will give you access to a new tool in his tower that lets you build special buildings. These buildings are placed much like the ones you're used to building with Robin, except that they're created instantly with magic once they're paid for!

Building Materials Required For Junimo Hut

  • 20,000g
  • 200 Stone
  • 9 Starfruit
  • 100 Fiber

Junimo Huts take up a 3x2 space on the farm.

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How Junimo Harvest Crops For You

Stardew Valley, Junimo Huts on a farm
via stardewvalleyguide.com

The Junimo Hut covers a 17x17 area. From the doorway of the hut, this grid extends in 8 spaces in each direction (but keep in mind that to the east, west, and north the hut will take up one of those spaces).

Each morning, if the Hut registers that there are harvestable plants in its grid, three Junimos will leave the Hut and spread out. They don't collect crops in a particular order. You can leave the farm and they'll keep collecting, but they don't automatically finish the job if you end the day before they're done. They'll stop entirely and continue to collect the rest in the morning.

Junimos can harvest any kind of normal crop except for those grown from Wild Seeds (since they technically count as Foraging). They'll harvest items that you'd need a scythe for, flowers, and even items on trellises that the player couldn't reach. You can plant a whole field full of trellises, as long as you can get to the Junimo hut to collect them!

Stopping Junimos From Harvesting

First, keep in mind that Junimos don't leave their hut in the rain, regardless of whether there are crops to collect or not.

If you want to stop the Junimos from harvesting, the easiest way is to interact with the hut. There's a button on the menu (of a Junimo holding a blueberry) to toggle whether they harvest or not. However, they also won't leave the hut if their entrance is obstructed.

You also should consider that the Junimos are not perfect harvesters because they harvest your crops randomly. Even if you wait until the end of a day, it's possible they won't finish the job. To make sure this doesn't happen, remove any and all obstacles from the area. That especially includes anything that Junimos would have to go around; things they can walk over are fine, but do extend the length of time they spend getting to the crops.

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How To Collect The Crops That Junimo Harvest

Stardew Valley, Junimo Huts on a farm (1)

When Junimos harvest crops, they get stored in their hut. You'll know whether there's anything to pick up because a small bag will appear in front of the hut! Note that you don't need to interact with the bag in particular — you can approach and interact with any part of the hut. The Junimo Hut is effectively a chest; it can hold 36 stacks of items. If you've left the Junimo too long and their hut is full of items, the crops will fall on the ground (meaning that they will disappear if you go to sleep).

Colours Of The Junimos

Stardew Valley, Junimos collecting pumpkins
via stardewvalleywiki.com

It's a small, aesthetic thing, but you'll notice that the colours of Junimos change according to the season.

However, you can actually change the colour of the Junimos to be whatever you'd like. The 24th secret note reveals that you can place gemstones inside the Hut for them. If you do this, the Junimos will change to be the same colour as the gemstone you put in!

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