One of the most exciting moments in Stardew Valley is finding your first Prismatic Shard. This item is extremely important and used for a variety of purposes. The first and probably most important use is to retrieve the Galaxy Sword — a powerful weapon that's near-necessary to delve into Skull Cavern.

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These rainbow-colored rocks can also be used to finish the Missing Bundle, make Wedding Rings in multiplayer, "dismiss" unwanted children, and much more. They are very rare, so many people spend a long time trying to find one. Here are some tips for finding one for yourself.

Updated on June 8, 2021 by Michael Christopher: We've updated this list to keep it up to date and make it a bit more readable. Enjoy, and good luck finding your first Prismatic Shard!

12 Hunt on a Lucky Day

stardew valley Welwick the oracle fortune teller

Each day in Stardew, you'll have a different Luck stat rating. Your Luck stat can determine a wide variety of things about your adventures, including item drops from rocks and monsters. It will also determine how many treasure chests appear while fishing and how likely gem nodes and Mystic Stones are to appear in the various mines. These are all methods for finding a Prismatic Shard, so you'll want to make sure your Luck is high.

There are a few different ways to increase your Luck stat (some of which we'll cover in this post), but you also have a daily Luck rating. It can be determined by watching the Fortune Teller channel on TV, and there's no way to change it. There are six different ratings that your Luck stat can have, outlined in the table below. Welwick's phrasing is an indicator of what your daily Luck stat is for the day.

What Welwick Says Luck Bonus/Detriment
"The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune." At least 0.07
"The spirits are in good humor today. I think you'll have a little extra luck." Between 0.02 and 0.07
"The spirits feel neutral today. The day is in your hands." Between -0.02 and 0.02, but not exactly 0
"This is rare. The spirits feel absolutely neutral today." Exactly 0
"The spirits are somewhat annoyed today/mildly perturbed today. Luck will not be on your side." Between -0.07 and -0.02
"The spirits are very displeased today. They will do their best to make your life difficult." Less than -0.02

11 Make Lucky Recipes

stardew valley lucky recipes spicy eel ginger ale lucky lunch

If your Luck is rotten (and even if it isn't), it can be increased by cooking and eating meals that have a luck buff on them. Each +1 to luck will make certain luck-based events about 1% more likely to occur.

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The best Luck meal is the Lucky Lunch, which will add +3 to Luck. However, there are also some other great choices, as outlined below.

Buffs can be added simultaneously if one comes from food and the other from a drink. Luckily, in the 1.5 update, a new recipe was added: Ginger Ale. This beverage adds +1 Luck, meaning it can be paired alongside the bonus from a food dish.

Dish Buffs Duration Health Restored Energy Restored
Lucky Lunch
  • +3 Luck
11 minutes, 11 seconds 45 100
Pumpkin Soup
  • +2 Luck
  • +2 Defense
7 minutes, 41 seconds 90 200
Banana Pudding
  • +1 Luck
  • +1 Mining
  • +1 Defense
5 minutes, 1 second 56 125
Ginger Ale
  • +1 Luck
5 minutes 28 63
Spicy Eel
  • +1 Luck
  • +1 Speed
7 minutes 51 115
Fried Eel
  • +1 Luck
7 minutes 33 75
Shrimp Cocktail
  • +1 Luck
  • +1 Fishing
10 minutes, 2 seconds 101 225

The Magic Rock Candy will add +5 Luck, but can only be reliably obtained by trading, ironically, a Prismatic Shard to the desert trader. So, even though the game considers it a cooked dish, you can't actually cook it, unfortunately. However, if you're trying to get more Prismatic Shards, it could help. You do get one for donating 90 items to the Museum, and they can occasionally drop from slain Haunted Skulls, so you maybe you'll get lucky.

Dish Buffs Duration Health Restored Energy Restored
Magic Rock Candy • +2 Mining • +5 Luck • +5 Defense • +5 Attack • +1 Speed 8 minutes, 24 seconds 225 500

10 Other Luck Buffs

stardew valley Special Charm and Lucky Ring

There are some other ways to boost your Luck stat, too. Two of the most notable are the Special Charm and the Lucky Ring.

The Special Charm can be found by completing Secret Note #20. There's a whole questline to activate Secret Notes (read our guide here!), and then after finding Secret Note #20, you'll need to solve the puzzle it offers. Once you do, you'll earn this charm, which permanently increases your Luck stat by 0.025.

Lucky Rings are one of the many Rings in Stardew Valley. They add a +1 boost to Luck (each) so long as they're equipped. Lucky Rings are dropped as special items from breakable crates and barrels (about 2.2% of crates and barrels are "special" and they don't look different in any way) in Skull Cavern, or by very rare "special" monsters, which are mostly indistinguishable from their normal counterparts. Slimes are the one exception, offering a slightly higher chance of dropping a special item (about 1.2% compared to other monsters, at 0.2%), and denoted by a gold star. You can also find a Lucky Ring when panning, but it's very rare.

9 Treasure Lures

stardew valley Treasure Hunter Lure

One of the most common ways that players find their Prismatic Shard is through a treasure chest while fishing. Randomly, when fishing, a small treasure chest will appear on the fishing bar. If you can manage to open it and still catch the fish, it will award you some random items.

This can only occur at Fishing Level 6 or higher, but it's a great way to find that elusive gem. Luckily, some lures can help. Willy sells a Treasure Hunter lure (it can also be crafted), which will increase the chance of finding treasure. You can get the recipe for the Treasure Hunter at Fishing Level 7. It takes two Gold Bars to make one, and it will increase your chances of finding a treasure chest while fishing by 33%.

8 Pirate Profession

stardew valley level 10 fishing

If you're hoping to really start pulling in those treasures from the sea, the Treasure Hunter lure is helpful, but it often isn't going to be enough. At Fishing Level 10, you can choose between two Professions. The one that will help you find a Prismatic Shard is called Pirate. This doubles your chance to find treasure chests when fishing.

At Level 5, you'll have to choose the Fisher Profession to have the Pirate option at Level 10. If you want the other Profession, never fear, you can always change Professions in the Sewers at the Statue of Uncertainty.

7 Omni Geodes

stardew valley Omni Geode

Breaking stones, opening fishing treasure chests, tilling dirt on the farm, slaying monsters, and many other methods can provide you with geodes. These geodes come in four varieties: Frozen, Magma, regular, and Omni Geodes.

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These colorful Omni Geodes are perhaps the best of the four types, providing a huge variety of rare minerals and artifacts when cracked open. One of these precious item drops is, of course, the Prismatic Shard. There's a very rare chance (about 0.4 percent) to find a Prismatic Shard this way.

Note: you can only receive a Prismatic Shard from an Omni Geode after you've cracked 15 geodes. Before this, it's impossible. It's unlikely that you'll find an Omni Geode before cracking 15 of the other varieties, but it's worth noting.

6 Rainbow Trout Fish Pond

stardew valley Rainbow Trout fish Pond

In one of the major updates for the game, Fish Ponds were introduced. These are small farm buildings that can house up to ten fish of a certain species. Each type of fish will have different item drops once per day, and Rainbow Trout can drop Prismatic Shards if there are ten of them in a pond and if you're very lucky.

It's a very rare drop, but it's definitely possible. Rainbow Trout can be caught in the River or the Mountain Lake before 7 p.m. during the summer, and only if it's sunny.

After stocking a Fish Pond with a Rainbow Trout, you'll periodically need to complete quests for them so they can expand their population. They won't produce a Prismatic Shard until the Pond has ten fish, so it'll be a little while, but it's one option!

5 Check the Quarry

stardew valley quarry mystic stone

The large area in the northeast of town beyond the broken bridge is the Quarry. This bridge can be repaired either by finishing the Crafts Room bundles in the Community Center or by purchasing it from the Joja Community Development Form.

In the Quarry, rocks and gem nodes will appear each day. There's a small chance that a Mystic Stone or mineral node containing a Prismatic Shard will appear. The chances are very low, but not zero. Clear the Quarry out regularly so that new stones appear, and you'll have a much better chance of finding a Prismatic Shard.

4 Slay Monsters

stardew valley A Mummy in Skull Cavern

There are a ton of different monsters in both the regular Mines and the Skull Cavern. Some of them, if you're lucky, will drop a Prismatic Shard. Skull Cavern's Serpents and Mummies have about a 0.1 percent chance to drop them, while Shadow Shamans and Shadow Brutes in the town's Mines have a 0.05 percent chance to do so.

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There's a chicken-and-egg dilemma where the Galaxy Sword is almost necessary to defeat the enemies in the Skull Cavern, but the Prismatic Shard is needed to get the Galaxy Sword. But, it's not impossible to use this method to find one.

After completing the Prismatic Jelly Special Order for the Wizard, you'll receive the crafting recipe for Monster Musk. This will double the number of monsters on new floors that you enter for ten minutes. If you're desperate for a Prismatic Shard, you can use this to increase the number of monsters you encounter, therefore increasing the chances of a Prismatic Shard drop. To make Monster Musk, you'll need 30 Slime and 30 Bat Wings.

3 Head to Ginger Island

stardew valley ginger island Volcano Chest

In the recent 1.5 update, a huge new area was added to the game, called Ginger Island. Here, you'll find new tasks, a whole second farm to use, and a new mine called the Volcano Dungeon. With a new area filled with new content, there are more opportunities than ever to find a Prismatic Shard.

The Volcano Dungeon is definitely for more seasoned players, but heading in there can be a good way to find a Prismatic Shard. Once you reach the top of the Volcano, there will be a chest containing a Prismatic Shard. This can only be obtained once, but it's something.

Completing 100% of the requirements in Qi's Walnut Room also provides you with the Statue of True Perfection, which produces a Prismatic Shard every day, though that's more of a very late-game solution.

2 Crack Iridium Nodes

stardew valley Skull Cavern Iridium Node

A Mystic Stone will drop a Prismatic Shard about 25% of the time, but they're very rare. A much more common stone that can be cracked is an Iridium Node. These mostly drop Iridium, but they also have a decent chance (about 4% to drop a Prismatic Shard.

Iridium Nodes will appear in increasing quantity as you descend further through Skull Cavern. To make it through without a Galaxy Sword, a Lava Katana is a good option. It can be purchased at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching the bottom of the Mines.

1 Dive Into Skull Cavern

stardew valley Treasure Chest Skull Cavern

It's hard to admit, but just going full-on prospector mode in the Skull Cavern might be the best bet for finding a Prismatic Shard. It's hard to make it through without the Galaxy Sword, but not impossible.

These desert mines contain all the best chances for finding a Prismatic Shard, from the enemies with the highest drop chance to frequent Iridium Nodes. Prepare for the journey with some Defense- and Luck-increasing meals, bring some stone to make Staircases, and craft a bunch of bombs to speed things up. When trying to find a Prismatic Shard, it's sometimes best to just bite the bullet and dive deep into Skull Cavern. Good luck!

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