Stardew Valley recently added in a new location in the 1.5 update called Ginger Island. This is a late-game addition that easily adds in about a dozen hours' worth of content, especially when counting all the smaller content additions added in the expansion. This takes players away from Pelican Town to a tropical paradise that is totally different than anything they have experienced before.

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There are new puzzles, characters, a new dungeon, and even new items to earn. With all the things happening on the island, though, it can be easy to get lost when trying to take everything in. Below are all the major bits of information players need to know to fully enjoy Ginger Island.


Updated on March 2, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: Stardew Valley is a game brimming with things to do. The recent addition of Ginger Island has only helped the game to grow in popularity. Players are now starting new farms and trying their hands at growing tropical produce to make a profit. Ginger Island is covered in puzzles and fun activities for the player to do such as finding all 130 golden walnuts and getting into Qi's Walnut Room. There is even a small museum on the island and some new characters to meet. Players who are looking to get the most out of Ginger Island will need to know all the island has to offer. 

How Do You Get To Ginger Island?


Getting to Ginger Island honestly won't be that easy, especially for players who chose to restart the game to play on the beach farm. Ginger Island can only be accessed after the completion of the community center and after the player is able to help Willy fix his old boat, which will take a ton of resources.

Once these prerequisites are met, however, players will easily be able to come and go from the location.

Who Is Leo?


Leo is a new NPC that can be met on Ginger Island, but he won't immediately be interested in the player. Leo is a shy individual that can slowly be befriended by interacting with the birds on the island. Once Leo is fully befriended, he will even consider moving into town to be more accessible.

Leo is a child who will befriend Vincent and Jas once he is settled into his new home.

The Volcano Dungeon

Volcano Door

One of the biggest draws for the more adventurous players is the addition of an all-new dungeon. The volcano dungeon is a lava-filled wonderland with nine new enemies, a forge, a shop, and tons of new items.

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The dungeon itself works differently than the skull cavern and some doors will even be gated. To progress through the dungeon, players will need to solve puzzles and use their watering can to traverse lava.

The Dig Site

Dig Site

The dig site is basically a tropical version of the quarry with a few more quirks. A mushroom cave is located near it, and inside, the player will find another new NPC, Dr. Snail. The site can spawn both nodes and mahogany trees each day, making it perfect for farming.

Once players free Dr. Snail from the area, they will unlock the island field office and the ability to donate fossils.

Island Trader

Island Trader

One of the first things a new farmer will want to do is get ahold of some island produce. This is easy to do provided you are willing to put in some work finding golden walnuts.

After restoring the island farmhouse, you can pay 10 golden walnuts to build the trader's hut. Here, you will be able to buy tropical crop seeds along with a few other items unique to the island.

Fossil Donations

Fossil Tent

Ginger Island is home to tons of fossils for the player to dig up. These fossils can then be taken to Dr. Snail and donated. By completing the fossils, the player will get golden walnuts that act as the currency of the island.

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There is also the perk of getting the ostrich incubator for completing all the fossils. As one can probably guess, this means that players will be able to add a live ostrich to their farm.

Pirates And Mermaids

Mermaid in Stardew Valley

It isn't surprising, given the games Mermaid Show, that there are mermaids that appear on the island. In addition to more mermaids, though, there is also a pirate cove that will be filled with pirates on non-rainy nights. The only catch is that the pirates only like even numbers.

By interacting with both the mermaid and the pirate, the player will be able to unlock even more items for their farm.

Pirate's Wife Quest


There is a quest that will take the player on a bit of a journey. To start it, talk to the Pirate's wife, Birdie, who is located near your farm on the opposite beach. She will give you a war memento and task you with hunting down a memento from her husband that has been lost for years.

The quest will involve swapping items with Pelican Town residents and will earn you the Fairy Dust recipe. Keep in mind that Birdie does not have a friendship meter and she doesn't take gifts either.

New Farm

Mailbox Parrot

For players that really like the tropical vibe of Ginger Island, there is a way to settle down there. While it will take quite a bit of work, a farm can be set up on the island so that the player can actually live there. As an added bonus, any crop can grow on the island at any time of the year.

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This is a great way to make tons of money and expand on the benefits of the greenhouse while exploring the island.

Resort Area

Resort on Ginger Island

A resort area can be built on the island that allows NPCs to take a break from their regular schedules and come lounge on the beach. The NPCs will switch to swimwear and have all new dialogue about being on vacation. For completionists, this is a must-have that can help enhance the game's lore.

The resort is a smaller area on the map, and the only way to build it will be by working with the tropical birds.

Qi's Walnut Room

Qi is a mysterious figure that gives out big rewards in the game, and it turns out he likes to take vacations. Once the player has collected a total of 100 walnuts, the room will open with tons of extra goodies inside, like a shop with exclusive items, the advanced challenge shrine, and a request board.

Qi gems will need to be earned in order to purchase items from the shop, and the challenge shrine summons harder monsters.

Gem Birds

Gem Bird Puzzle

The gem birds are located on the east part of the island. Gem birds will appear on rainy days, and when approached by the player, they will fly off, leaving a gem behind. The gem will then need to be added onto the correct pedestal, and the process needs to be repeated until all pedestals are full.

Completing these tasks will award the player with five gold walnuts -- just enough to unlock the resort.

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