Although Stardew Valley may seem like it's a simple farming game, there's actually a lot to do and a ton of little secrets hidden in this game. While farming is only a small piece of what you can do, it's still definitely an important part of the game.

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When starting a new file, you'll have a few options for what type of farm you want to be living on after leaving the big city for a simpler life. There's a brief description of each farm, but it's definitely not enough to really tell you about the pros and cons of each farm map. To help you make your choice, we've ranked them on their general qualities. However, in the grand scheme, it's not really that important which one you choose, and they end up being mostly aesthetic in the long run, so choose whichever one you like!

Updated on August 8, 2021 by Michael Christopher: We've given this post a refresh to keep it up-to-date and helpful. Your Stardew Valley farm is what you make it, no matter which farm map you choose. But, if you really can't decide between the Stardew Valley farm types, this post will hopefully help you choose.

7 Hilltop Farm - Focus on Mining

the hilltop farm in stardew valley
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Ore spawns
  • Fishing yields trash or forest river fish

The Hilltop Farm is one that has some really interesting quirks. This farm's most notable feature is the fact that it has several areas that are actually raised above the rest of it. There are slight steps up to these raised plateaus in multiple places and there's a single river running throughout the entire farm. One of these plateaus will spawn rocks and ore as you level up through the Mining skill.

Even though having all that ore right there on the farm may be really appealing and seem pretty handy, it's actually not all that helpful in the long run. The rocks and ore that spawn on that plateau aren't all that fast to spawn and, by the time you're seeing anything like gold or iridium, you've likely already encountered it in the mines and have plenty of it.

Using that space for crops, coops, or barns may be a better option, but this layout is still pretty limiting.


6 Wilderness Farm - Focus on Combat

the wilderness farm in stardew valley
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Monsters spawn at night
  • Fishing yields trash or lake fish

The Wilderness Farm is a unique farm layout for two reasons. The main thing that sets this farm apart from the others is that, after the sun goes down, monsters will start to spawn on it. This is helpful for anyone trying to level up their Combat skill or increase their numbers for the Adventurer's Guild.

Another thing that sets this map apart is the fact that that large pond will spawn lake fish like those found at the Mountain Lake.

While these aspects may be helpful to some players, the lake in the middle of the farm and the large cliff to the side really tend to limit the space that you have to work with. Plus, having monsters to deal with at night can limit the amount of peaceful time that you have on your farm and take up time that could be spent elsewhere.

5 Forest Farm - Focus on Foraging

Stardew Valley Farm
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Foreagables spawn; includes berry bushes
  • Hardwood stumps respawn daily
  • Fishing yields trash, pond fish, and Woodskips
  • Fewest tillable tiles of all maps

For players that love to forage and harvest things out in the wilderness, the Forest Farm map is definitely a solid choice. This farm will spawn hardwood stumps and has a chance for different foraging items to be found in the clearing on the left side of the map. Pond fish, like those found in the Cindersap Forest pond, can be caught in the ponds on the farm and there are still 1,413 tiles on the farm where crops can be planted. That's the lowest number of any farm type, but there are also 1,490 tiles on which farm buildings can be constructed, which is worth considering.

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Despite its positive points, for players that care more about keeping crops than having animals, going fishing, and making Artisan Goods, the Forest Farm map can be slightly limiting. The large areas of grass can't be planted on and the hardwood stumps can just be in the way if you haven't upgraded your axe yet.

4 Riverland Farm - Focus on Fishing

the riverland farm in stardew valley
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Immense focus on fishing; most of the map is made up of water tiles
  • Fishing yields river fish or pond fish

The Riverland Farm is one map that many Stardew Valley players tend to overlook when they're choosing their map. The idea of the entire farm being so broken up by rivers may seem like it's not something that's appealing, but for players that enjoy fishing, it can be helpful. Despite the broken-up land, there are still 1,578 tillable tiles on this map where crops can be planted and a generous amount of space for animals, equipment, and silos.

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Although this map may be really versatile, its large number of rivers is not for everyone. For players that only fish to finish the Community Center or prefer to fish in other locations, this map may not be the right choice. We all know that time is limited in Stardew Valley and having to run all over those bridges to the different areas can seriously take up a lot of it.

3 Beach Farm - For the Pros

the beach farm in stardew valley
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Sprinklers do not work
  • Fishing will yield ocean fish, seaweed, and trash; crab pots yield Oysters, Coral, Mussels, or Cockles
  • Forest and Beach forageables spawn
  • Supply crates wash up on shore

If you want an extra challenge, this is it. This new farm layout added in the 1.5 update is not for the beginner or those who want an easy ride. Focused on an oceanic and tropical vibe, the Beach Farm is mostly sand and grassy areas, with a long coastline and irregular shape.

Crops can be grown but — and this is where the challenging part really comes in — sprinklers will not work. This means that you'll need to manually water most of your crops, unless you use the space for something else.

The large open areas allow for a lot of buildings and room for animals to graze, though. Additionally, supply crates will wash up on the beach with helpful items, which is a feature unique to this farm map. However, of all the Stardew Valley farm maps, this one is definitely the hardest to work with, so be sure that you're ready if you choose it.

2 Standard Farm - Focus on Farming

the standard farm in stardew valley
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Good for beginners; it's basically just a big tillable rectangle
  • Most tillable tiles of any map

The Standard Farm is basically the "default" map in Stardew Valley. This map has no real quirks or anything to make it stand out from the other farms, but, it does have a whopping 3,472 tillable tiles. It's more or less just a large, solid area of farmland for you to do whatever you want with.

This map has no special characteristics, which may seem boring to some players, but to others, that makes this a really simple map to play with. It means that you're not limited with where you place anything and your farm's layout is totally up to you. But for players that are looking for a challenge in Stardew Valley, the lack of unique features on the Standard Farm map may not be the best choice. This map is a good one to start out with when you're new, but it's also a great one for someone who likes clean lines and a nice, blank square with which to work.

1 Four Corners - Great for Multiplayer/A Bit of Everything

the four corners in stardew valley
Image credit: Reddit user u/flammingballzz
Farm At a Glance Tillable Tiles
  • Meant for multiplayer, but great for solo players, too
  • Contains elements of Standard (farmable area), Forest (forageables and respawning hardwood stump), Riverland (fishing pond), and Hill-top (ore) farms
  • Fishing yields trash or forest fish

The Four Corners map is a newer map layout that was added in Stardew Valley's 1.4 update. This layout is, as the name would suggest, divided up into four different sections, each of which has a large, open area. These areas are connected by pathways that can be cleared with upgraded tools and a crossroad in the center, where the Greenhouse can also be found.

While this layout is definitely ideal for multiplayer because it gives each player their own area, it's also excellent for people that just want to organize their farm without having to think about where things go. The four areas can easily be divided up into sections. One for your crops, one for your animals, and so on. Plus, there's a little bit of each of the other Stardew Valley farm types in each corner: one corner has a quarry where ore spawns, one has a pond for fishing, one has a grassy spot with some stumps and weeds that drop mixed seeds, and one has a large space for farming.

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