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With the 1.4 Stardew Valley update, we were introduced to the fish pond. This building can be placed on your farm to raise fish. There are dozens of fish in the game, so it can be hard to decide which fish should be placed in the pond. This guide will go over some of the best fish to place in the pond. The fish below will produce expensive goods, as well as rare items that are difficult to get.

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Updated December 16, 2021 by Ryan Bamsey: With the most recent updates Stardew Valley has gotten even bigger, but Fish Ponds are still a fantastic way to make money and gather rare items. We've added some tips on how to get the most out of these fantastic fish, including how to complete their quests.


What Is A Fish Pond?

player standing near 6 labeled fish ponds
via soaringfreedom/Steam

Fish ponds are small, rectangular ponds where you can raise fish. Every fish can be placed inside one of these ponds, but depending on the fish, you will receive different items. Every day, there is a chance that the fish will produce an item, which will be placed in the bin on the bottom right side. Above, you can see that some fish ponds produced an item, while others did not.

A majority of fish will produce Roe. These are fish eggs that can be placed in a preserves jar to make aged roe. Aged Roe sells for twice the amount of the unprocessed roe. The price of unprocessed Roe depends on the fish, but overall, roe sells for the base price of the fish divided by two, plus 30. For example, if a Carp has a base price of 30g, the unprocessed roe will sell for 45g. Once aged, the Roe will sell for 90g.

You can place between one and three fish in a pond, and the fish will eventually start multiplying. There is a limit to the amount of fish you can have, but you can raise the cap by doing quests for the fish. This may sound silly, but occasionally, the fish pond will display an item that the fish want. If you bring the item to the pond and throw it in, your fish will be happy and reproduce. In total, you can have up to 10 fish per pond. Some fish will produce more items if there are more of them in the pond.

How To Build A Fish Pond

requirements to build a fish pond

Before placing fish, you will need to build the pond. Fortunately, it's quite simple. Building a fish pond will take the following materials.

  • 5,000g
  • 200 Stone
  • 5 Seaweed
  • 5 Green Algae

The fish pond will take up a 5x5 area, and will take 2 days to build. Once you have the necessary materials, head to Robin's house so she can get started - it will take two days before the fish pond is ready.


shed in stardew valley filled with caviar
via Lonyx/Steam

Spawn Location:

  • Mountain Lake
  • 6 am to 7 pm
  • Summer and Winter (any weather)

If you plan on having multiple fish ponds, at least one of them should always be filled with Sturgeon. This is the only fish in the game that produces the type of roe required to make caviar. To make Caviar, you will need to put roe taken from a Sturgeon and process it in the Preserves Jar. Roe from different fish will only produce Aged Roe.

Caviar is needed to complete the Missing Bundle and will sell for 500g. With the Artisan profession, this price will jump to 700g. With several ponds filled with Sturgeon, you can create a Caviar empire.

Sturgeon Quests
Item Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
1 1 Diamond
3 2 Maple Syrup / 1 Jelly / 1 Pickles
5 3 Omni Geode
7 1 Nautilus Shell

For more information, check out our complete guide on caviar.

Lava Eel

player catching a lava eel on floor 100 of mines
via kofdmf/Steam

Spawn Location:

  • Level 100 of the Mines and Volcano Caldera
  • Any Time Of Day
  • All Seasons

Lava Eels are very tricky to catch, but it will definitely be worth it. If you are looking for a great money maker, then you need to stock a fish pond with Lava Eels.

This eel has a base price of 700g, but its price will greatly increase based on quality and profession. With the Artisan profession, you will be able to sell their Aged Roe for 1,064g.

In addition to roe, Lava Eels will produce Gold Ore, the Spicy Eel dish, and Magma Geodes.

Lava Eel Quests
Item Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
1 3 Fire Quartz
3 2 Diamonds / 1 Basalt / 1 Dwarf Scroll III
5 2 Mega Bomb
7 1 Iridium Bar

Remember, fish can be fished out of the pond. To make some quick money, you can remove some Lava Eels to sell them. An iridium quality Lava Eel will sell for 1,400g.


player fishing in night market submarine for a blobfish

Spawn Location:

This ugly fish can only be caught during the Night Market on the submarine for fishing tours. With a base price of 500g, their roe sells for a decent amount of money. Blobfish will also have a low chance of producing Pearls and Warp Totems once there are at least 9 in your pond.

Blobfish Requests
Item Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
1 3 Coral / 2 Frozen Tears / 2 Sea Urchins
3 5 Coffee Beans / 1 Mayonnaise / 1 Pizza
5 1 Cookie / 1 Green Tea / 1 Wine
7 1 Rice Pudding / 1 Rainbow Shell

Pearls are very valuable and hard to come by. They sell for 2,500g and are a universally loved gift. Try to have a Blobfish pond to cash in on their roe and pearls.

Rainbow Trout

player standing near fish pond with rainbow trout after producing a rainbow trout
via Shushunt

Spawn Location:

  • River and Mountain Lake
  • 6 am to 7 pm
  • Summer (sunny days)

The Rainbow Trout is a relatively common fish, and it doesn't sell for much. Their unprocessed Roe will sell for just 62g, which isn't a lot either. When place in the fish pond, Rainbow Trout have a chance to produce Rainbow Shells and Prismatic Shards.

Rainbow Trout Requests
Item Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
3 3 Corals / 3 Refined Quartz / 1 Honey / 1 Oyster
5 2-3 Purple Mushrooms / 2-3 Omni Geodes / 2 Emeralds / 1 Dried Starfish
7 3 Gold Bars / 1 Diamond / 1 Iridium Ore / 1 Jelly / 1 Pickles

Prismatic Shards are a rare and valuable item in Stardew Valley. Although you will need more than nine fish in your pond and only have an extremely slim chance of getting the shard, it's still worth it.

Ice Pip

player fishing for an ice pip in mines
via Azrael Ventage/Steam

Spawn Location:

  • Level 60 of the Mines
  • Any Time of Day
  • Any Seasons

Similar to the Lava Eel, this fish can only be found in the Mines. Ice Pips sell for a base price of 500g, making their Aged Roe with the Artisan profession sell for 784g. This is a great deal, but they are also a good source of Iron Ore and Frozen Geodes.

Ice Pip Requests
Item Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
1 10 Iron Ore
3 5 Frozen Tears
5 10 Coal / 5 Frozen Geodes / 1 Crystal Fruit
7 10 Refined Quartz / 4 Iron Bars

If you have at least nine fish then your Ice Pips will have a chance to produce Diamonds. It goes without saying, but Diamonds are important. They sell for a decent amount of money, every villager either likes or loves them, and you can craft Fairy Dust with them.

Spook Fish

end of day sales sheet with treasure chest added for 5,000g

Spawn Location:

  • Submarine at Night Market

Lastly, we have the Spook Fish. This is another fish that can be caught at the Night Market. Their aged roe sells for a fair amount of money, but you will want a Spook Fish for their chance to produce a treasure chest. With a fish pond holding at least nine Spook Fish, you will have a .3 percent chance to get a treasure chest. This item will sell for 5,000g. You will definitely want to have a Spook Fish for a chance to earn an extra 5,000g.

Spook Fish Requests
Items Requested At Population Level: Items Requested:
3 3 Amethysts / 3 Corals / 3 Iron Bars / 3 Red Mushrooms / 3 Refined Quartz / 1 Oyster
5 2-3 Purple Mushrooms / 2-3 Omni Geodges / 2 Emerlands / 1 Dried Starfish / 1 Granite
7 3 Gold Bars / 1 Diamond / 1 Mayonnaise / 1 Pickles / 1 Iridium Ore

These are the six best fish to place in the fish pond! Remember, you can build as many fish ponds as you want. They aren't difficult to build, so you should at least have a few. Once you have all of these six fish in their ponds, check out this guide on how to catch all five Legendary fish.

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