Kawaii Stacie's Slice of Life mod has gained huge popularity within the Sims community for the way it brings tiny touches to your game that make a huge difference to everyday gameplay. The key to its success is in these details, with Stacie constantly working to keep the mod updated and relevant, while also adding much-requested new features. Over time it's become a staple mod for many players, who feel it truly enhances their basic gameplay.

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So why is this mod so popular? What does it "fix" in the game? Here we take a look at the different features of the Slice of Life mod and what each one does to enhance the usual gameplay of The Sims 4. If you want to download Slice of Life, or take a look at her other creations, then head over to Kawaii Stacie's website.

10 It Includes A Better Sickness System

The base game system for sims becoming ill leaves a lot to be desired. The illnesses they get are random and most are completely unrealistic, like being covered in tiger stripes. Slice of Life changes all this by introducing robust, realistic and in-depth illness-related gameplay.

Your sims will be able to get colds and flu, which can be spread to other household members.  They can also get stomach bugs, headaches, and infections. Seeing a doctor will help cure them and a vaccine system helps stop them from becoming sick as often.


9 It Offers Realistic Appearance Changes

While sims do react to different emotions and situations this is just done via facial expressions and buffs, which can feel bland. Slice of Life adds realistic changes to appearances, depending on sims emotions.

Your sims can have teary eyes when sad, flushed cheeks when embarrassed or flirty, bruises after a brawl or cuts and bruises when injured. These tiny touches help make sims emotions and reactions feel more real.

8 It Has A More Vibrant Personality System

Instead of the dull and repetitive feeling traits in the game currently, your sims can have a specific personality type, based on the 16 personalities of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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The traits will affect different aspects of your Sim's lives, including how they progress in their career, their socializing preferences, how quickly they earn money and what they do autonomously. It's far more in-depth and realistic than choosing 3 traits and gives sims a wider range of personalities and reactions.

7 It Brings More Emotions To Your Sims

The emotions in The Sims 4 are a good start but they do feel like just a start, as evidenced by Slice of Life's 13 extra moods. Many of these are simply adding nuances to the existing emotions but their inclusion helps the game feel more fleshed out.

Emotions are complex things and the more we can experience, the better in terms of realism. Adding such feelings as fearless, imaginative, stressed, pumped and in the zone, helps us feel like our sims can express themselves better.

6 It Adds A Basic Menstrual Cycle

While no one is a fan of the menstrual cycle, it is a fact of life and its inclusion in this mod adds yet another touch of realism. A sim will have a period for 2 sim days in every 12, to reflect a cycle that roughly mirrors reality.

While it isn't as detailed as some mods with this functionality, it does add a huge dose of reality to your game. Be aware however that it also comes with some inconvenience, just like in real life.

5 Your Sims Can Become Drunk

We all know the Sims team isn't fooling anyone with their "juice" but modders don't need to worry about the teen rating, and as such, your juice now makes your sims react how you'd expect.

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There are different types of drunk and you can also suffer some consequences from knocking back the drinks. However, it's much better and more life like than hitting the juice and seeing it do nothing at all.

4 You Can Have A Better Phone

via: forums.thesims.com

With Slice of Life, your phone becomes more flexible, functioning more like the social media mod and offering new options and games to play. More games and other changes to the phone will also be coming in the next update.

Having a phone that features extra interactions, apps and options make it feel more like the smartphone you'd carry around yourself.

3 Get Better NPC Invites

Via CDKey

If you're fed up with the same old invites from NPCs, especially when they come at odd times, then Slice of Life is here to help. The NPC invites have been revamped and updated to add more variety.

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You can now get an invite to prom, or a call from a random number. NPCs, friends, and family will also more realistically pick up the phone and give you a call, helping your sim feel loved.

2 It Gives Players A Memory System

Via Instant Gaming

Sims can now recall memories with the memory system. While some may fade over time new ones will continue to be generated, adding some nice little whistful buffs to your gameplay.

Sims will remember big events in particular, such as marriages, divorces, deaths, and breakups. They will also remember first kisses and having children. All these and more combine to form a more in-depth way to recall your sims lives.

1 Tiny Details

The Slice of Life mod also adds many extra tiny details. For instance, child sims can lose teeth and display a gap for a short while, and teens can get pimples and acne. A good skincare routine can help dispose of this, which adds another dose of reality.

There are also numerous other buffs and benefits, like a baby fever buff. You can also easily remove any feature of the extensive mod that doesn't suit your gameplay, making it both in-depth and completely customizable.

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