One of the most well-known mods within the Sims community; Wicked Whims is a fan favorite thanks to its in-depth integration of amazing systems like chemistry that add a sense of realism that many Sims 4 players are craving.

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However, the mod also introduces further elaboration into more explicit content, and some players are hesitant about including such detailed sexual content into their Sims games. TURBODRIVER's Wonderful Whims mod is a great best-of-both-worlds alternative. It adds many of these same systems to the game, but without the extensive mature content. The best part? Everything is adjustable, from your character's physical preferences to the extent of your Sim's autonomy and influence on each other. This mod adds so much life to the game, with these being some of the mod's best features.

Updated October 27, 2021 by Tanya Leung: Electronic Arts recently introduced Sentiments, Likes and Dislikes, and Sim Profiles, all of which further enhance the social and romantic aspects of the popular simulation game. As the demand for higher immersion arises, the Wonderful Whims mod allows for both new and old players to dive deeper into their Sims' friendships and relationships.

10 Physical Attraction and Preferences

Menu of Sims 4 create a sim showing some of the options in picking your Sim's preferences.

This attraction system covers everything. According to the mods' website, "any visual elements that Sims represent themselves with are taken into account when measuring how attractive they are." This takes all physical traits into account such as genetics, hair length, eye color, tattoos, and so much more. The mod works with custom content as well, so fret not about the mod's compatibility with your personalized save. The mod also allows you to add physical preferences for your Sims through the newly implemented Likes and Dislikes system in the base game, allowing you to personalize your Sims' preferences further.


9 New Depth of Storytelling

Wonderful Whims mod showcasing the first impressions and attraction system

Wonderful Whims introduces the idea of your Sim experiencing, meeting, or thinking of another Sims and brings them to the forefront of your Sim's narrative. Popping up along with the rest of your notifications in the upper right corner, you can now look forward to seeing these pop-ups describing just what exactly is going through your Sim's head while they're interacting with the people around them.

8 Sims Influence Each Other

Wonderful Whims Menu showing different Sim attributes related to chemistry

Sims can also be inspired by the other Sims in their lives. Those with romantic partners will have their attraction preferences automatically adjusted as time progresses to reflect their partner's (or partners') attributes. Sims with living parents will take on some of their preferences, as well.

The mod also introduces a new Reward Trait called Unique Appearance, which can influence your Sims' influences on others. Another way to make your Sim stand out is to have a rare or uncommon sense of styles (compared with the general population of a world) to create a more intense attraction for Sims with matching preferences.

7 Social Dynamics

The Sims 4 Friend Menu, showing in the relationships tab the level of attractiveness perceived by the Sim selected.

Building relationships is easier when Sims find each other attractive and harder when they don't. They can be direct and ask each other about their attraction preferences under the in-game Romance pie menu. For more shy Sims who might not be comfortable with such a straightforward approach, they can also ask a friend for advice. Hovering over a Sim in the friends' bar will also let you know if your Sim is attracted to them.

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On average, only 15% to 20% of your Sims population will be compatible, which means that if someone isn't attracted to your Sim, they might need to fake it in order to impress their love interest. This new interaction's success rate depends on your Sim's charisma and persuasion skill, and if your Sim gets caught faking their personality there is the social penalty of a ruined relationship and being seen as a poser.

6 Personality Archetypes

A screenshot of TS4 Wonderful Whoms mod showcasing Personality Archetypes

Sims are automatically assigned one of two personality archetypes based on their traits. Personality archetypes include Sage, Artist, Hero, Caregiver, Jester, Innocent, Lover, Greedy, and finally, Everyman. Each personality type is equipped with special social interactions and both positive and negative traits, so Sim's personalities feel much more realistic and fleshed out. Sims can also change personalities over time — especially if they gain or lose traits. But overall, those occurrences are pretty rare.

5 Open Relationships

Two Sims getting married in The Sims 4

Relationships and flirting are a vital part of the fundamental Sims experience. Unfortunately, the idea of polyamorous or open relationships is yet to be implemented into the base game, which results in your Sim's partner getting jealous and angry if they find you flirting with another person. Wonderful Whims adds the mechanic where you get to decide what kind of relationship your Sim is in: monogamous, polyamorous, or open.

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The Open Relationships setting allows Sims to have either committed or non-committed partners (or a mix of both) with options to enable or disable jealousy. The new Polyamorous trait is also helpful for avoiding jealousy. That's helpful for Sims looking to ask multiple partners to stay the night at the same time.

4 Menstrual Cycles

The Sims 4 Wonderful Whims Mod menu

Wonderful Whims also adds a detailed menstrual cycle complete with PMS, ovulation, and all kinds of symptoms. After experiencing their first period, Sims will automatically gain access to the Kaya Period Tracker app that includes information about their menstrual cycle, the number of days until PMS, and more. While you're on your Sim's phone, you'll have access to the Wonderful Store, where you can purchase all your period needs: Kaya brand pads, tampons, and the Wonderful Chill Pill to calm your Sim's emotions.

The menstrual cycle also affects Sims' fertility as Sims can only get pregnant when they are in their Fertile Window. Cycles can range from short to long totaling 6-10 days and 21-40 days, respectively. But Sims can use a variety of products to make their cycles easier to deal with. This might not appeal to all players, but it adds another layer of reality to the simulated world.

3 Realistic Fertility

The Sims 4 Wonderful Whims mod with in-game notifications about chemistry and birth control

Sims can also use contraception to have more control over their chances of pregnancy. With the base settings, contraception will sometimes fail, but setting to Perfect Mode can prevent pregnancy chances entirely. Players can enable pregnancy for all WooHoo interactions, or keep the vanilla Try For Baby interaction instead. If all of this sounds overwhelming, Simple Pregnancy Mode will save players from being bothered with all of these settings.

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Sometimes Sims will have miscarriages, but they also have the option to change pregnancy durations or to terminate their pregnancies if they wish. Alternatively, players can increase pregnancy chances by turning on the Unreliable setting, upping the chance to 29%. Sims can also opt for fertility treatments, massages, or potions, or players can buy the Fertile reward trait. For players who want to have lots of Sim babies, Wonderful Whims make so many aspects of pregnancy more realistic. Sims can now take pregnancy tests! For family-oriented Sims, a negative test will usually come with a negative Moodlet, but otherwise, Sims' reactions will vary.

2 A New Level Of Depth to WooHoo-ing

Split screen with two images, one consists of the mood effect of itching, and the other shows the menu for purchasing crab lice shampoo.

Wonderful Whims not only adds further content to dive deeper into the relationship and romantic aspects of The Sims, but also adds a new layer of realism to the act of WooHoo-ing. Introducing Crab Lice, the Sims very own STD, which is typically contracted through WooHoo-ing with infected Sims or from sleeping in infested beds of other non-household Sims. By default, 18% of the single, adult population is a potential source to contract the WooHoo crabs.

Much like in the real world, there will be scares of momentary itching and discomfort, and you will have to wait 12 hours before you can know whether your Sim is just paranoid or whether they have contracted Crab Lice. If it gets confirmed, you will have to put aside simoleons and purchase medication through the Wonderful Store to resolve your Sim's private issue.

1 Future Update - Reputation

Two Sims sitting in the park, potentially romantically involved

When this update comes to Wonderful Whims, all of a Sim's social interactions will culminate to create their reputation. Sims talk, so it's important for players to keep their Sims on their best behavior if they want to make favorable impressions. Reputations will be a crucial factor for determining how new relationships will develop.

Players can be kind to their Sims and build good reputations, or they can wreak havoc on their Sims' social standings. As of yet, it's unclear how easy or difficult it will be to reverse a Sims' reputation, but players can keep an eye on TURBODRIVER's website to read more.

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