Deaderpool's MC Command Center (MCCC) for The Sims 4 is a huge mod on its own, but MC Woohoo is a great addition to it. It's an optional module, so you can use MCCC without it, but it's definitely a worthy addition.

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Wait - doesn't MC Command Center already have pregnancy settings? I hear you ask. Yes, it does. But, MCCC's pregnancy module and MC Woohoo do completely different things, and as it turns out, these modules cover far more than just pregnancy and woohoo. Here are the main differences between them.

10 MCCC Pregnancy: Sim Selection Settings

The Delgato couple is pregnant in the Sims 4, Justin feels his wife's belly

Because MC Command Center has built-in story progression components, Sim Selection settings give you more control over which Sims will be affected by story progression. This includes settings that control age - such as which age groups would be compatible romantic partners - as well as gender and gender preferences.

You can also control which Sims you want to be bypassed, for example, you can ensure that homeless Sims, robots, or dorm residents don't fall pregnant. Sim Selection also allows you to set percentages to fix the frequency of events like affairs and same-sex relationships.


9 MC Woohoo: Woohoo Actions

The Elderberries sharing a kiss on their bed

Woohoo Actions lets you control who Sims can woohoo with, and how. You can set which Sims are allowed to woohoo with each other and who can try for a baby, overriding the default options.

You can also allow polygamous and same-sex couples to try for a baby, and even enable no strings attached woohoo, so Sims don't need a pre-existing relationship for a successful woohoo. With no strings woohoo enabled, Sims won't develop any romantic relationships post-woohoo, either.

8 MCCC Pregnancy: Marriage

A Sim down on one knee, proposing to their partner during a festival

This module is a bit smaller, and involves more game logistics than gameplay, but it's still worth checking out.

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In the Marriage menu, you can decide whether (and where) to move households after marriage, whether Sims take their partners' last names (and who takes whose name), and whether the game keeps Sims' traits in mind when pairing them up for auto-generated marriages.

7 MC Woohoo: Woohoo Pregnancy

Arun Bheeda gives his wife Jasmine a massage on their couch

Woohoo pregnancy adds options for controlling just how often woohoo ends in pregnancy. You can set percentages for risky woohoo (which determines how often a Sim will get pregnant from woohoo without trying), and how often Sims will autonomously try for a baby.

You can also choose which Sims will get pregnant in same-sex and opposite-sex couples and whether that is the Sim that initiates woohoo or their partner.

6 MCCC Pregnancy: Offspring and Adoption

parent and child on the beach

As implied by its name, this menu is all about babies. Well, kind of. It's actually more about the mechanics surrounding babies.

You can set offspring gender for all babies, identical offspring chances, and the maximum number of offspring or children a household can have. This menu also includes options to sync baby names and rename non-active offspring, in case you don't want names automatically assigned. Plus, with this module, babies can now inherit traits from their parents when they age up.

5 MC Woohoo: Woohoo Reactions

Woohoo Reactions controls how other Sims (including Sims' partners) react to woohoo. Sims can share beds and have romantic interactions with other Sims without their partners getting jealous, and decide whether Sims will go right to sleep post-woohoo.

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You can also set privacy for woohoo, which essentially means that Sims won't ever woohoo when other people are in the room, or at the very least, that they'll shoo spectators away before they start.

4 MCCC Pregnancy: Pet Pregnancy

A dog and cat eating their food in The Sims 4

Pet pregnancy settings are great for those who love breeding pets, but hate the time, effort, and work it takes. These settings are similar to the ones for human Sims, but of course, for pets.

You can control which pet ages are eligible for pregnancy, set the pet pregnancy percentage, choose the maximum offspring per litter, and decide whether homeless pet pregnancy is allowed.

3 MC Woohoo: Sim Nudity

Diego Lobo takes a lavender bath in his huge bathroom

Sim nudity is exactly what it sounds like: how often (and in what contexts) do you want your Sims to be nude? Pixelated nude, of course.

You can set nudity genders and ages, and also decide which interactions Sims can do while nude (like yoga, or working out). Sims can also stay nude after they woohoo, instead of autonomously changing into sleepwear or other clothes.

2 MCCC Pregnancy: (Other) Pregnancy Settings


The Other Pregnancy menu is where MC Command Center's specific pregnancy controls live. Here, you can set pregnancy duration and percentages. You can also choose whether Sims age while pregnant (in the vanilla game, they don't), and ensure that the game will automatically pause on Playable Labor, which means that Sims won't have their babies when they aren't being played as the active household.

This module also has options to control random moods during pregnancy. Of course, these settings focus specifically on pregnant Sims; settings that control the babies themselves fall under "Offspring."

1 MC Woohoo: Extra Settings

Two Sims share their first kiss on the beach in Windenburg

The "Other Settings" module adds so many woohoo-related gameplay elements. Sims can now have birth control, complete with multiple duration options, and mood settings. By default, the birth control option (and its menu) can only be toggled for flirty Sims, but All Moods Birth Control makes this option available no matter what mood a Sim is in.

Sims can also have autonomous woohoo and extreme woohoo; this just means that they'll woohoo more often. Extreme woohoo is great for building the new woohoo skill, which gives Sims increased relationship gains at higher skill levels. Sims can also autonomously try for a baby, and have rest times after woohoo, so they'll need some time to cool down before they go again.

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