As The Sims 5 continues to be a strong rumor now that Discover University is out, it's might feel difficult to return to The Sims 4 with how much promise the next game might hold. Thankfully, the hundreds of mods available make The Sims 4 much more interesting than it actually is.

One of the most popular ones is the MC (Master Controller) Command Center mod, created by Deaderpool. It has an abundance of options in the form of multiple modules that tackle different functionalities: adjusting household bills, pregnancies, and even creating story progression-style mechanics. It’s a mind-boggling mishmash of choice, so here's 14 key reasons to download this mod.

Updated on 13th of February, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: With mods as the primary way to keep the game fresh right now, as players wait for new content or a new game series from the franchise, it's more important than ever to appreciate big mods like this that let you do so much with them.

To show appreciation to king of all Sims mods, we're sharing four more great reasons to download the MC Command Center to spice up gameplay and bring in some much-needed features into The Sims 4.

14 14. Fix Employment By Age

Believe it or not, but The Sims 4 actually has a very controlled employment rate. Only a certain percentage of Sims from each age group will be employed at a certain time, so there's always going to be someone without a job and people who automatically get jobs.

Luckily, MC Command Center lets you manipulate this percentage. The employment rate can even be modified depending on each age group. Teens can be given a much higher employment percentage, along with elders, as they tend to be the most commonly less employed groups.


13 13. Stop Annoying Habits

Everyone has had to deal with pesky habits from Sims, including grabbing a glass of water or randomly washing hands. Depending on their mood, they might also do more destructive things like kick down a dollhouse or ruin a snowman.

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The mod also allows to tackle each of these interactions individually, letting the player choose which interactions they'd like to keep and which ones they're better off without. No more having to watch Sims go and play Blicblock for the millionth time on the same day!

12 12. Control Age Groups

The Sims 4 has a pretty elaborate population control system. It generates NPCs randomly at certain intervals, without going over the limit of Sims that the player has determined for their version of the game. It's always good to double check the limit in the game menu, as it can affect performance.

However, those with beefier computers might want to have more diversity and more Sims in general. Each age group has a set number of Sims in the world, which can now be modified through the MC Command Center. Want more elders? Check. More teens and children? Check, as well.

11 11. Eliminate Weird Clothing

It's not an uncommon sight: a townie wearing the strangest, funkiest outfit seen in the universe. Those with custom content installed will especially know this struggle, as it sometimes results in very strange looking townies walking around as though nothing at all is wrong.

It's understandable that this breaks immersion, which is why MC Command Center has a handy function to fix it. The mod allows the player to determine which clothing items are allowed by random NPCs, and which ones aren't. It's an easy way to ensure crazy custom content mutants don't walk around freely in the game.

10 10. Time Flies… If You Want It To

via: DefKey

The MC Command Center is the main mod; it’s necessary for the other MC mods to run, but there’s fun among the function! With it, you can adjust the in-game clock to run at varying speeds, including our time. (Imagine if eating a bowl of cereal didn’t take two hours!) You can also adjust the number of days Sims spend in each life stage, altering their lifespan.

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Tired of friendships declining while your Sim is perfecting their cooking skills? You can slow down relationship decay, stop it altogether, or speed it up for more challenging friendships.

9 9. Automated Housekeeping

via: Sims Community

The MC Cleaner module automatically runs through various processes in the game, making sure any loose ends are tied up. It ensures that any married Sims have synced last names, particular items are removed at appropriate times (no glasses in bed or in the shower), and other annoying items don’t keep appearing on your Sims. There are settings to change who the cleaner bypasses, too, such as family ghosts.

Let this mod deal with the little details, so you can focus on the important things… like finding ways to stop your Sims from getting out of the pool. It’s okay, we’ve all done it. I won’t tell...

8 8. Keeping Up Appearances

via: Sims Community

Do you want your Sims to look their finest all day, every day? The MC CAS module can fine-tune appearances. You can configure specific body parts—like the arms or belly—to be within certain limits. If you fancy fitness fanatics or curvy Sims, you can set ‘fat’ and ‘fit’ levels, and the Sims physiques will never change beyond those boundaries.

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When a Sim ages up, their walk styles can be set to change. Not only that, but you can control how much children will look like their parents, ranging from exact look-alikes to not at all!

7 7. Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

via: Sims Community

From the popular ‘motherlode’ to the intricacies of ‘testingcheats,’ what’s a Sims game without a little cheating? MC Cheats comes with a ton of cool cheat commands. For starters, you can force a Sim to leave the lot, force abductions, promote or demote a Sim, and set specific skill levels.

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You can immediately change a Sim’s mood; a hidden buff is added, changing their mood to happy, energized, or angry, just to name but a few. Take caution with this one, though. Choosing buff is the maximum strength, so your Sims could be one click away from becoming so infuriated that they die. #Mood.

6 6. Control Everyone In The World

via: Reddit

The MC Control module allows control of NPC Sims, letting you give them limited commands as if they were an active Sim. These commands take the form of interactions performed between two Sims. Not all interactions are available, though.

Those commands that you may have added from other custom mods won’t appear. But it’s perfect for those times when your Sim is making great conversation and some NPC chump is giving them trouble. Just take the reins for a second, and show them how to behave like a civilized person. Crisis averted.

5 5. Command Alien Abductions

via: Odyssey

The mysterious ways of aliens seemed so far beyond our grasp… until now. With the MC Occult module, you can take control of occult-specific interactions. You can adjust the chances of pregnancy following alien abductions, decide who can and can’t get pregnant,  and whether or not resulting babies will be alien, human, or hybrid. You can even allow helpless NPCs to be targeted.

As for our fanged friends – you can change when vampire aging stops, or allow them to age like normal Sims. You can also enable a ‘risky vampirism’ option, which changes the chances of vampirism spreading through feeding.

4 4. Solve People Problems

via: Mod The Sims

The Sims mirrors real life yet again as people can be, well, annoying. The MC Population module lets you reduce the number of vexatious visitors. The maximum number of Sims allowed on a lot can be changed to any number between five and 200. The game’s default is 20, but you’re running it on a high-end machine that you can crank up. Alternatively, if you’re struggling with lag on public lots, lowering it could help.

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Another handy feature is randomizing visiting Sims, so you’ll get a better variety of people. Now you won’t just get Mortimer Goth on your doorstep every day. Come one, come all!

3 3. Bring Back Story Progression

A couple getting married at the wedding arch with guests close by.
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Fans of The Sims 3 might miss the ‘story progression’ option, which allowed uncontrolled Sims to progress in their lives autonomously, without the player controlling their every move. The MC Pregnancy module creates a great alternative, allowing non-active Sims to get married and have children on their own.

The settings allow you to adjust the eligible ages for Sims to do these things – teens and elders can be enabled. Plus, you can alter the number of maximum offspring, maximum household children, and even allow related Sims to marry. Yikes.

2 2. Transform Interactions

via: The Sims Forums

The MC Tuner module changes the way interactions take place in the game, and it has a load of choices. If you want to spread the love, you can allow Sims to have multiple BFFs, and let marriage proposals happen autonomously. You can prevent unexpected disasters as well, such as mood-related deaths. But if a poor Sim suddenly kicks the bucket, you can disable the ‘witness death’ interaction, so any busy Sims nearby will stay busy while their loved one takes their final breath. Harsh.

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You can also stop random flirting, so your Sims can get their breakfast in peace, without being seduced every five minutes.

1 1. Wacky Woohoos

via: The Sims Forums

A bit of a saucy one, here. As you might have guessed, MC Woohoo adds several options to spice up your Sims’… fun. With this module, your Sims can totally disregard privacy, no longer shooing others out of the room before they get busy. Allow the ‘no strings attached’ option to let your Sims woohoo without a pre-established romance. You can even give them birth control with an adjustable duration.

You can also allow nudity in the game (cheeky) and make woohoo-ing a skill! Imagine the ‘locker-room talk’ if there were skill levels in real life. Yeah… Just stick with the mod.

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