No doubt the most ambitious of all the games within the franchise, The Sims 3 is the result of developers pushing the limits of simulation and gameplay experience to the max. This game brought so many of fans' dreams to life, which is why it has merited its acclaimed status.

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Along with a solid base game, The Sims 3 also released 11 large expansions and nine "stuff pack" expansions, each of them bringing a ton of new content into the game. And while running all of the add-ons together was a strain, it was truly the ultimate gaming experience. Still, when it comes to the expansions, some were simply much better than others.

11 Into The Future

A bad expansion pack is usually recognized by the fact that it introduces an extremely niche or limited theme that won't see much usage after the initial hype has died down. It's essentially why Into The Future ranks last.

The expansion allows Sims to travel into the future, to a place called Oasis Landing. Along with the Plumbot robot and new careers like Astronomer and Plumbot Trainer, a bunch of futuristic clothing and items are also included. After one game in Oasis Landing, however, the expansion turns stale.


10 Island Paradise

Serving as inspiration for Island Living, Island Paradise wasn't a bad expansion by any means. In fact, it ranks among the most popular ones among Simmers for a good reason: it brought in a new, very different location to live in — and a full-on underwater world.

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Alas, the pack was barely playable. It was very buggy and prone to crashing mid-tier computers, which is why it ranks so low. It's evident that it was far too ambitious to be a good, functional expansion.

9 Supernatural

The problem with Supernatural is that it aspired to be too much, when it could have easily been included in Late Night as one large mega expansion. Instead, EA thought it better to make it into its own standalone pack.

It was also a bit of a slap in the face for fans who had invested in Late Night to get their hands on vampires to then have to buy Supernatural to even be able to have them added into CAS. The theme is also very limited and niche, which makes it an expansion only interesting for certain play styles.

8 Showtime

Showtime may have been a look into a distant future where fans would eventually receive Get Famous, an expansion that left many fans lukewarm at best. Its limited theme makes it another expansion only fit for those truly passionate about superstar lifestyle.

Players have the choice between a singer, acrobat or magician. The special edition of this included some Katy Perry-themed objects, and as is known from the past, collaboration expansions are rarely worth the hype.

7 Pets

Pets have always been a highly demanded expansion, and also one of the longest standing ones along with all sorts of city life expansions. It's just one of those bread-and-butter expansion packs that fans know know is coming at some point.

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Unfortunately, the gameplay is very repetitive and without much depth in terms of the animals. There isn't anything new or amazing about Pets, making it an addition that's just meh.

6 University Life

Since its first introduction as an expansion in The Sims 2, it feels like EA hasn't been able to fully deliver with its university-themed expansions. But that said, this expansion isn't bad. It delivers exactly what people would hope for, but nothing more.

The pack also introduces PlantSims, a gameplay aspect that hasn't returned to the game since, probably because it really wasn't that popular of significant. Still, all the good university content is in there, making it a pretty decent expansion.

5 Generations

Generations is a pack that has some good and some slightly bad stuff in it. For one, it introduces some incredibly important gameplay features that newer games could really learn from. It was dedicated to making the simulation and family gameplay feel real.

On the other hand, it was a bit of let-down with regards to content. It didn't introduce a brand new world, which at this point was almost a guarantee with every The Sims 3 expansion.

4 Late Night

Late Night was an expansion that came right when it was needed and succeeded in what it wanted to do. For the first time since The Sims 2, players had high-definition apartments and penthouses in a city that felt real and bustling in an open-world environment.

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Not just that, it brought in vampires as a bonus, and a bunch of small cool details like the butler, zodiac types, bars and night clubs. It's among the most versatile expansions, and a really solid add-on to the game.

3 Ambitions

There's so much about The Sims 3 that's revolutionary, but perhaps the greatest revolution was how work and careers were perceived by fans. The developers wanted the second expansion to go out with a bang and it really did with Ambitions.

For the first time ever, players could participate in the work of their Sims and control them during their work hours. The active careers were engaging, fun and exciting. Fans also got a brand new world and some awesome features like laundry and self-employment.

2 World Adventures

Back in 2009, the dedication of the development team of The Sims 3 could be felt in one of the best expansions: World Adventures. Sims could travel to three new worlds and discover countless of secret areas and ruins, while solving puzzles.

There was no lack of detail or content in this expansion. Players could spend hours upon hours discovering these brand new worlds and their cultures.

1 Seasons

Nothing could ever beat one of the best expansions to have ever graced the franchise. Seasons is popular not just because of the realism it brings in but also thanks to the sheer consistency it's had over the years as an expansion.

The dynamic weather changes, temperature and environmental details that this expansion brought in was absolutely stunning and just pushed The Sims 3 to the next stage of its popularity.

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