Over 1,000 Shopkins have been released since 2014 and they have been a collectible item ever since. Several rarities exist like a limited edition, ultra-rare, common, and precious, but some are harder to come by than others. The ones people struggle to find are those from the limited edition releases as small numbers of them were released.

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You might want to have all of the Shopkins from a specific season, but they might be harder to come by than you think. These are a few of the rarest Shopkins for collectors to find based on the number that exists in the world and how long ago they were released.

15 Tin’A’Tuna

Tin’A’Tuna Shopkin

Many years ago, during season 1, the world was given 500 Tin’A’Tunas to collect, and no one knows how many are still left out in the world. Her can is light green, but also comes with fins and an orange protruding mouth.

She loves to swim upstream almost as much as fans love adding her to their personal collection of Shopkins.


14 Starlet Movie Camera

Starlet Movie Camera Shopkin

The Starlet Movie Camera was released during season 7 and there were only 250 made in all. It contains an ombre of purple, blue, and yellow that extends up its body and allows it to shimmer in the light.

She is described as being very sensible and she is part of Team Hollywood, which is quite obvious based on her metallic design.

13 Fortune Stella

Fortune Stella Shopkin

If you want to know the future then you should look into acquiring the Fortune Stella, but it might be a bit difficult as only 250 were ever released. She represents a Magic 8 Ball and is mostly translucent with a yellow question mark on her head.

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This Shopkin was put on the market as part of season 5 and you won’t be able to get enough of her catchphrase “ask again later.”

12 Pretty Puff

Pretty Puff Shopkin

Season 4 gave the world a limited edition Shopkins named Pretty Puff, and she is a pink bottle of perfume. She has a silver top and a semi-translucent body just like the bottles that you have at home.

This Shopkins is quite rare as only 250 of these were ever released to the public back in 2015. No one knows how many are left, but it is guaranteed that if you have one of these it is definitely worth something.

11 Brenda Brooch

Brenda Brooch Shopkin

Brenda Brooch was a limited edition Shopkins released back in season 3, and there were only 250 ever made. If this interests you, it can be bought on eBay for $1,000, which is more than the rarest PS2 games.

It is a partially translucent blue gem with a white and gold border around its sides. This Shopkin might not glimmer like an actual jewel stone, but the light can shine through it to give it a unique glow.

10 Rub-A-Glove

Rub-A-Glove Shopkin

This Shopkin is from season 2 and only 250 Shopkins were released to the public. There was a secondary collector's edition released in season 10 where 3,000 were made, but the real prize comes in the original.

It is a blinged-out rubber glove and it will come with a tag letting you know it is a limited edition item. Its favorite hobby is water sports and her BFF in the Shopkins world is Molly Mops.

9 Buttercup

Buttercup Shopkin

This is a collectible from season 1 and there were only 250 units released to the public. There were no other variations made so it is truly one-of-a-kind, like some of these rare Funko Pop Figures. The body is pale yellow, while it wears a glittery silver cap.

It wears a queasy look on its face as it is left unwrapped and its first memory is of being whipped into shape. Collectors love this item as it is from the very first season and now it is almost impossible to find one in decent shape.

8 UK Cutie

UK Cutie Shopkin

The rarity really strikes with this one as only 100 of these season 8 Shopkins were released worldwide. It is a rare find and her look is comparable to that of a snowglobe.

The Shopkin has a blue base with a clear top that holds a silver crown inside that replicates those used in coronations. There are also glittering pieces inside that will move to provide beautiful snow on the crown. It is utterly unique and is perfect for any collector who is looking to add a bit of sparkle to their dreary collection.

7 Sophie Trophie

Sophie Trophie Shopkin

Only 100 of these Shopkins were released from season 7 and it is often confused with the Winnie Award Shopkin. Their design is very similar as they both sport a trophy atop their heads, but this particular Shopkin is painted purple, blue, and gold.

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It is also winking with one eye and was made to appear like a glamorous Hollywood star. It is rare to find this Shopkin at all, but it becomes even more special when the tags are still intact as well.

6 Tiny Tiara Topper

Tiny Tiara Topper Shopkin

This is a tiny tiara Shopkin from season 6 that only had 100 units released to the public. It was the second tiara-shaped Shopkin to be released, but it varies from the original due to its ombre pink design.

It also has a glitter coating that attracts the eye and it is a super rare find. This Shopkin is unique and reminds you of what it means to be a true royal queen. You can bet she is worth a lot on the market as many would try and snag this sale.

5 Paula Puzzle

Paula Puzzle Shopkin

Season 5 of Shopkins brought you Paula Puzzle, who only had 100 units ever produced, which is less than the number of some of these Nintendo DS games still in existence. This Shopkin is all about organization and keeping things in their special place as it resembles a Rubik's cube.

The different sides are colored pink, yellow, silver, gold, white, and purple, then it was given a metallic finish. The amount of detail is truly remarkable and collectors who happen to have this piece hit the jackpot in their Shopkins search. It is bought off the market as soon as someone spots it because this is one piece that collectors are constantly after.

4 Frenchy Perfume

Frenchy Perfume Shopkin

Frenchy Perfume is a Shopkin from season 4 who only had 100 units released throughout the world. This makes her extremely rare as collectors fight to find her in order to finish their sets.

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It comes in the shape of a perfume bottle that is a semi-transparent yellow with a sense of ombre in its coloring. It is tied with a pink ribbon and was made in honor of all of the true romantics who visit the great city of Paris, France.

3 Roxy Ring

Roxy Ring Shopkin

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they also look great on Shopkins as well. This Shopkin was released during season 3 with only 100 units sold throughout the world, making it nearly impossible to find.

There was a collector's edition released in season 10, but it differs in color compared to the gold band of the original. The diamond atop the ring should be translucent and weddings are the favorite venue of this Shopkin. It might not fit on anyone's finger, but it will still look amazing in any collector's stash of Shopkins.

2 Marsha Mellow

Marsha Mellow Shopkin

Marsha Mellow was released back in season 2 and it is quite rare as only 100 were ever released. There was a collector's edition created as part of season 10, but they are not worth nearly as much as this beauty.

It resembles a marshmallow and it is blinged out in gold glitter that covers its entire body. This Shopkin is perfect for anyone who loves camping, but it is hard to find, seeing as it has been out in the world for over five years. It might still be lost at the bottom of a toy bin and you can guarantee there are still a few hidden throughout the world.

1 Cupcake Queen

Cupcake Queen Shopkin

This is the rarest Shopkin of them all as it comes from season 1 and only 100 units were released throughout the world, and they are harder to find than some of these rare Nintendo Switch games. It is impossible to find on the market. despite her flashy bright bronze and white appearance.

Several variations have been released since this product's value has grown immensely over the years, so there are many types of Shopkin cupcakes currently for sale. If a collector happens to find this item then they are one of the lucky ones who managed to unearth the impossible item.

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