No one was expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 to take players from the Wild West to a tropical island halfway through the story. It was an interesting divergence from the core gameplay loop. It’s a location that’s utilized very well in the story. It truly puts Arthur and his gang on the backfoot and Dutch really unravels.

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Since you can’t return to Guarma once you leave, it’s worth noting some things you can only do on the island. Hopefully, a future update will allow players to return, either online or in the epilogue, to answer some unanswered questions we still have about the island. Spoilers ahead for all of chapter five.

10 Go To The Beach

a scenic beach on the fictional island of guarma

While being marooned on an island with all your money and gear missing doesn’t sound like the start to a relaxing vacation, for the Van Der Linde Gang this is just another day. Make the most of the sand and the sunshine and visit a real beach.

Sure, you might get shot at by angry snipers or bitten by venomous snakes, but you can still appreciate them through your binoculars at least. There are also gorgeous waterfalls and lagoons to find, so do explore, just keep your head down.


9 The Birds

a picture of a red footed booby in red dead redemption 2

Guarma is home to a host of animals you won’t find anywhere in the Wild West. Not to worry though, as these animals aren’t counted in the game’s 100% completion statistic. For true completionists though, you won’t want to miss some of the tropical delights this island has to offer.

Bird watching should be high on your list of things to do as you can spot several colorful birds, including the Red Footed Booby, Tricoloured Heron, and Great Green Macaw. This game is either heaven or a nightmare for completionists depending on how you look at it. With so many secrets and collectibles, do you think you'll find them all?

8 Win A Revolution

hercule the revolutionary in red dead redemption 2

The Van Der Linde Gang can’t seem to go anywhere without sticking their noses in everyone’s business. Here on Guarma, though, it feels like they’re actually making a real difference. During your stay there, Arthur and Dutch will help Hercule Fontaine free the plantation workers from the oppressive rule of the Cuban military.

While the eventual fate of the island and its workers is uncertain, and the reasons for helping are purely selfish, doing something good and meaningful is a nice change for the outlaws.

7 Learn How Hard Walking In A Chain Gang Is

the van der linde gang on a beach in guarma

Has anyone ever seen a film or TV show where people are in a chain gang, clumsily bumbling along and thought, “that doesn’t look so hard”? Well, you would be wrong.

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Not long into your stay in paradise, Arthur is forced to walk along a beach while shackled to several others. It’s a mercifully short section that quickly demonstrates just how hard it is to walk in step with multiple people.

6 Learn Some Chemistry

Arthur morgan holding a stick of dynamite as something explodes behind him

Distraction and subterfuge are not new to the Gang, but starting an explosion using sugar is. While attempting to save Javier from the army, Dutch instructs Arthur to cut open a load of sugar sacks in a storehouse. Dutch starts a fire and soon after the whole building explodes and has fire shooting out of the chimney.

It turns out that small sugar particles are incredibly flammable and can cause an explosion if enough sugar dust is in a room. Who knew? Now that you've learned some chemistry, or maybe it's physics, why not learn about Arthur Morgan too.

5 Fight Off A Warship

arthur shoots a cannon at a spanish warship in red dead redemption 2

While the game sees you make use of several high-powered Gatling guns, rarely do you use cannons, and only once do you use the cannons in a fort to scuttle a Spanish warship. In a turn of events that both prevents the Gang’s escape and hinders the revolutionaries' chances at freedom, a Spanish ship stalks the water surrounding the island.

Arthur takes over a fort and mans the cannons to send that ship deep into the drink. It’s a fun action sequence that also sees you defending a beachhead, real Wild West D-Day stuff. Whether or not you're a fan of Guarma, you have to admit that this is pretty cool.

4 Be A Poor Ragtag Outlaw

Red Dead Redemption 2

For a group of outlaws who are constantly on the run, the Van Der Linde Gang are surprisingly well equipped for most of the game. The only time this drastically changes is in Guarma, when you lose almost all of your items and weapons (don’t worry, you get them back when you return to the mainland).

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While this frustrated some players, it forces you to appreciate every bullet you loot from your fallen enemies. It also adds a sense of separation to each fight that is missing when you have 200 bullets in a bandolier strapped to your chest.

3 The Green Turtle Sketch

a journal in red dead redemption 2

One of the most elusive animals exclusive to Guarma is the quite literally invisible green turtle. There are turtles to be found back on the mainland, but this specific turtle will cause Arthur to make a sketch in his journal. Handy, seeing as how the turtle cannot be seen by mere mortal eyes.

If you’re having trouble spotting this turtle then this video will show you how to study and track it, the two steps necessary to get the journal entry.

2 Swim With Sharks

arthur swimming in red dead redemption 2

This is probably the trickiest thing to do in Guarma. Not only do you have to do a very long and specific out of bounds glitch, but you also need to be on an unpatched version of the game to do it.

Not to worry though, instructions on how to do all that can be found in this video. This is the only shark players can see in the entire game, so if you’ve got the time and you’re a fan of glitches and easter eggs it’s definitely worth hunting for.

1 Get Caught In A Pitfall

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger

Random encounters and eccentric strangers are a staple of the GTA and Red Dead Redemption series. Guarma offers players two unique random encounters that can only be activated on the island.

The most interesting one involves Arthur falling into a pitfall trap and getting immediately set upon by soldiers. It’s great to see Rockstar put that level of detail into an area that seems to suture players into a more linear experience than the rest of the game.

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