Roblox gives you the ability to play Music ID Codes on your Boombox which are just a series of numbers. There are thousands of songs to choose from, but there are some that you should be using in your game. You can buy one of these items in the Catalog, or you can go into a game like Catalog Heaven and play music to your heart's content.

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There is a song for everyone to play in Roblox and you should be armed with only the best to showcase your profound love for music. Music ID Codes may be plentiful in Roblox, but not all are created equal in the ears of listeners.

Updated September 3rd by Harry Alston: We've updated this list to include some brand new hits on the Roblox radio, including some huge songs from the likes of Billie Eilish and BTS. Who needs Spotify when you've got your Roblox boombox? Check out the new 2021 codes below.

15 Billie Eilish - My Future (5622020090)

Roblox boombox

Billie Eilish is the perfect relaxed Roblox soundtrack, ideal for chilling out with your friends in one of the best tycoon games around.


14 BTS - Fake Love (1894066752)

Roblox boombox

BTS is one of the world's most popular bands, and now you can listen to them on your Roblox boombox and start a party.

13 Doja Cat - Say So (521116871)

Roblox boombox (1)

Massive on TikTok, now you can listen to Doja Cat's Say So while you play Roblox. Definitely one of the biggest songs of 2020, it's still a big hit a year later.

12 Nya! (Arigato) - (6441347468)

Roblox (2)

Another huge meme hit, Nya! Arigato, or Leat'eq - Tokyo is a huge hit from early 2021. It's really the perfect Roblox song for dancing and messing around. If you don't recognize the title, well, you'll recognize the song.

11 Frank Ocean - Chanel - (1725273277)

Roblox (3)

One of the most chill songs to listen to in Roblox, there's nothing quite like a Frank Ocean soundtrack as you hang out with friends. Just plug the code into your boombox and sit back and relax.

10 Brookhaven (143666548)

Roblox Brookhaven

If you are a fan of Animal Crossing then you will appreciate this Music ID Code from a Roblox game called Brookhaven. It is the exact same song that K.K. Slider created and will combine your two favorite worlds into one.

This is the perfect song to have on in the background to destress after a long day as it reminds you of the creative monotony that Animal Crossing brings to the table.

9 Dream Speedrun (6029210056)

Roblox Dream Speed Run

Those looking for a more upbeat melody should add the Music ID Code from Dream Speedrun. It will pump you up and some might even compare it to exceptional workout music.

You will be beating every speed-based game when you put this jam on as it pushes you to your limit. It will be your secret weapon to breaking records as you race through obbies in no time.

8 Frozen - Let It Go (191509013)

Frozen - Let It Go

Let It Go is a popular song from Frozen, but this version massacres it with a new type of emotion. It involves a lot of screaming and lack of pronunciation that will have you dying of laughter by the end of it, just like some of these memes.

The dedication of these singers can be felt in each lyric they sing which is why it is one of the best songs you can play.

7 You've Been Trolled (154664102)

You've Been Trolled Song

Fans of Beauty and the Beast will love this song called You've Been Trolled whose music is based on a song called Be Our Guest. It is beautifully crafted as the music seems to have been created for this very song.

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It is a great song to play when trolling in a game or when you happen to witness another player partaking in this act. Others players won't be able to contain their laughter and will probably ask for the code so they can use it themselves.

6 Bebe Rexha - Meant To Be (6309783821)

Bebe Rexha - Meant To Be

Meant To Be is a popular song by Bebe Rexha, but the beat itself is what makes it so appealing. You can use this Music ID Code to play the instrumental version of this song and it is uplifting.

It will empower you to push through more difficult levels of a combat game and finally reach the end despite the struggles you may have faced along the way.

5 Leviathan - Chug Jug With You (6503915239)

Fortnite Chug Jug

If you are an avid TikTok user then you have probably heard a song by Leviathon called Chug Jug With You. It is a catchy tune all about Fortnite that you won't be able to get out of your head.

All of the Roblox players around you will be dancing and singing along when you decide to play this on your Boombox. You might need to acquire some Robux in order to make this purchase and jam out with all your friends.

4 Waluigi Hallelujah (2052326384)

The Waluigi Hallelujah is something that any Nintendo fan will appreciate as it is a new spin on this classic song. The laughter in the background will describe your own reaction as you won't be able to hold it in.

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The next time you hear this song on the radio it will never be the same once you start binging it in Roblox. You will always be reminded of Waluigi and his interesting lyrics.

3 Old Town Road Remix (3183318678)

Roblox Lil Nas X Concert

The Old Town Road Remix will remind you of the fun times you had at the Lil Nas X concert in Roblox. It speeds up the tempo of the song and he has an altered voice, but it will still have every avatar on their feet.

They won't be able to resist this remix that focuses on the beat of the song and it is a great addition to any game you might be playing.

2 I Love Potatoes


If potatoes are one of your favorite foods then the I Love Potatoes song is for you. It will tell the world of your adoration for this root vegetable, as it makes up some of your favorite foods.

Not all foods deserve as high praise as this, but potatoes are a special breed that inspires those who eat them.

1 I'm Bean, Mr. Bean Song

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean was a British Sitcom from the 1990s that also led to the creation of several films as well as animated television shows. The I'm Bean, Mr. Bean Song is reminiscent of this character as it repeats his name over and over.

You will find the beauty in its tune as it combines a variety of beats as well as this character's identifiable voice as it is the perfect song to play during an adventure game.

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