Roblox is the perfect game to play with your friends. There are so many different types of games to choose from that it's easy to keep the whole group happy. Whether you want to shoot stuff, build, go mining, or play along in a complex roleplay game, Roblox is the place to be.

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In this list, we'll cover some of the very best Roblox games to play with your friends in 2021. The list is always changing and there always new games and updates to look out for.

Updated September 3rd by Harry Alston: We're updating this list to include some new games that you can with your friends in Roblox. Thanks to regular updates and new entries, the list of games that are great for co-op is always changing and growing. Here's what you should check out in 2021.

10 Retail Tycoon 2

Roblox retail tycoon 2

Retail Tycoon 2 is one of our favorite tycoon games in Roblox. These types of games have been super popular recently, and running a shop in competition with your friends is a great way to challenge yourself. There are lots of different shops to run, including electronics, groceries, or clothes. You can choose whatever you like.

Will you get ahead of your friends? Pick a plot of land, decorate your shop, stock the shelves, and keep your customers happy. You can even go and visit your friend's shops and see what they're selling. It's okay to take some of their ideas, it's all friendly here. Business, business, business.


9 BedWars

Roblox bedwars

BedWars is a pretty new Roblox game, as in it only came out a few months ago. If you've ever watched a Minecraft let's play of BedWars or SkyWars, then you should know what to expect. It's basically the same game but just in Roblox instead. You can either team up with your friends or battle against them on the other team.

How does it work? Two teams go head-to-head in a battle of destruction. It's your job to protect your base, because once it's gone, it's gone, and you won't be able to jump back into the action. Collect resources from around the map to upgrade your arsenal and give your team a fighting chance. Then you need to destroy the other team's beds and base. Whoever destroys the beds first, wins!

8 Brookhaven RP

brookhaven rp game

Brookhaven is a massive hit in Roblox right now: at the time of writing, there are 400 thousand people playing the game. Entering into a brand new city full of strangers can be a bit intimidating, which is why joining Brookhaven with some friends is the best way to experience this virtual city.

Of course, the city is kid-friendly, and everything inside is well-looked after by the two-person developer team that keeps the world safe and friendly. You can work towards impressive houses, drive cool cars, and make new friends in an immersive Roblox RP game. This is definitely the best game to play if you and your friends want to make stories in Roblox.

7 Build A Boat For Treasure

roblox build a boat for treasure

Another huge hit in 2021, Build A Boat For Treasure is...well, exactly that. You need to build a boat with your friends then set sail on the hunt for special treasures.

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Though that sounds like a peaceful trip out to sea, there are different teams competing for the treasure. If you want to get the most gold, you had better make sure your team is the first on the scene, otherwise, you'll need to go back to base and start all over again. Build A Boat For Treasure is best with some friends.

6 Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is one of those all-time classic Roblox games that pretty much every Roblox fan has played at some point. Created in 2014, the game continues to attract new players all the time and has almost five billion visits in its lifetime.

How it works is simple: there are a bunch of innocents who have to hide from the murderer. Each round there are also Sheriffs who can work with the innocents to find out who's causing all the trouble. Murder Mystery 2 is a lot of fun with your friends.

5 Arsenal

arsenal roblox game

Prefer combat games in Roblox? Arsenal is more your ticket. This fast-paced shooting game takes inspiration from mainstream games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike to create an awesome environment for battling with your friends.

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Join teams or fight against each other — Arsenal lets you customize your soldier with loads of different items, different weapons, and even unique skills. Arsenal is another one of those Roblox classics and has almost three billion visits since 2015.

4 Super Power Fighting Simulator

roblox super power fighting game

Super Power Fighting Simulator was built to play with your friends. Each of you can level up your character, access a set of cool new fighting abilities, and then team up to travel to distant worlds and kill all sorts of bad guys. The game has been out for a while (since 2018) but recent updates have made it super popular in Roblox.

This game is a bit of a grind, to begin with, though most Roblox games are, so you might as well play with your friends to help pass the time. At the time of writing there are about four thousand people playing, so jump in now to join the superpower party.

3 Adopt Me!

adopt me roblox game

This super-cute and family-friendly Roblox game is all about collecting pets, decorating your house, and hanging out with your friends in a colorful world. There are hundreds of thousands of Roblox players in Adopt Me! right now, so why not join in?

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The game really revolves around its trading system. This is the way you can get your hands on the best pets and decorations. At the start, you'll just be grinding for resources, but by the end of the game, you and your friends will be decked out with all sorts of fun cosmetics and rare items.

2 Blox Fruits

blox fruits roblox game

Since 2019, Blox Fruits has attracted over one billion visitors. Why is it so popular? Well, it takes all the best things about a Roblox game (creativity, grinding, and being able to play with your friends) and creates a fun world of sailing and treasure hunting. Oh, and there are fruits. Loads of fruits.

You have two options in Blox Fruits: become a sword-wielding master and take down powerful enemies, or choose to wield the power of the fruits. These fruits have all sorts of special abilities, like chucking out huge fireballs, charging up electricity, or flying around like a Dragon.

1 Jailbreak

jailbreak roblox game

Jailbreak has been played over four billion times and continues to be one of the most popular Roblox games to play with your friends. You can choose to become a criminal or join the side of the cops to try and stop the fleeing prisoners. Team up with your friends to plan the perfect prisonbreak.

With recent updates, including a new one that added a brand new Spy Car to the game, Jailbreak is full of fun cosmetics to grind for. Really, though, the fun comes from joking around with your friends and trying your best to win the game.

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