The board game Monopoly is arguably one of the most popular board game franchises out there, and every year new editions are being released that can either be a different theme or a complete overhaul of how the game is played. Some versions have proven popular, others faded into obscurity, but a few have proven to be extremely valuable.

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These Monopoly versions are rare due to their age, limited release, and inherent value, though most aren’t too hard to find. For Monopoly collectors, these are considered the hardest to find and a few can be worth quite a bundle at auction.

Updated October 24, 2021 by Marie Pritchard: Monopoly is a board game that is known the world over for being one that frequently causes small disagreements to full-blown arguments, but it remains extremely popular. We've updated this list to include a brand new entry answering an interesting question and we continue to show you some of the rarest Monopoly games.

11 How Many Versions Of Monopoly Are There?

Hasbro Monopoly Current Edition Box Art

At this current moment in time, there is a general estimate that there are over 300 versions of Monopoly available for purchase. This includes Mario Kart and Monopoly Junior versions. Monopoly has been around for a very long time so it's very hard to say for certain exactly how many versions there are and have been but the estimate is an educated guess from various sources.


10 1991 Deluxe Anniversary White Border Edition: Less Than $50

1991 Deluxe Anniversary Monopoly

Shortly before Hasbro took over ownership of the Monopoly brand in 1991 Parker Brothers produced a number of Deluxe Anniversary Edition games that had a white border instead of the more common dark blue at the time.

This subtle difference makes them a little more unique and more valuable to collectors. That being said it was a fairly recent production and quite a few were made so the value is less than $50.

9 2001 Nostalgia Edition: Less Than $30-$50

Nostalgia Monopoly

Another edition collectors consider a good find is the Nostalgia Tin version released in 2001. It was a limited run and the box was made out of tin with one of the older vintage labels emblazoned on the front.

It isn’t worth much, perhaps $30-$50, but finding one produced in 2001 is difficult when compared to other editions which is why it makes the list. It’s considered an essential piece to any serious collector’s collection.

8 1995 Gold Foil 60th Anniversary: $50

Gold Foil 60th Anniversary Monopoly

In 1995 the Parker Brothers produced a limited edition Gold Foil 60th Anniversary Monopoly board game. The square box was wrapped in gold foil with a green label, and the tokens were made with a bronze finish — it also includes the 1930’s version of Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Again, finding an unopened box in mint condition is the key here as many of these were produced and are readily available online. One of these in decent shape will go for about $50.

7 1985 50th Anniversary: $50

50th Anniversary Monopoly

In 1985 Waddingtons produced a limited number of 50th Anniversary editions celebrating the year that Parker Brothers obtained the original patent. It’s a black box with a diamond label and the interior has the familiar board with a black border.

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There are many of these available online as there were many that were manufactured, but finding one unopened and in mint condition is a rarity and it’s also valued among collectors which is why it makes the list. It’s worth an estimated $50.

6 Fine Edition 1946: $50 - $100

Fine Edition Monopoly

In 1946 A Fine Edition was released to the public. Not a lot of information is available about it online, other than the fact that many collectors are looking for one. It was produced in a brown box with colorful cash and pieces with metal tokens.

No exact value has been placed on these boards, but as it was a limited run nearly 80 years ago it is valuable among certain circles. Estimates range from $50 to $100 depending on whether it's the white or brown box edition and the collector.

5 Registered With Us Patent Office Edition: $70

Monopoly US Patent Replacement

Once the patent for Monopoly was registered with the US Patent Office in 1935 Parker Brothers changed the labels from Patent Pending to include Registered In U.S. Patent Office. As far as original versions of the game go these are by far the most common as tens of thousands were produced but this doesn't stop this version being a very valuable Monopoly game.

You can find many that are partial or incomplete that go for about $40 on Ebay. Finding one in mint condition with all the original cards and wooden tokens is a much harder find, but even that will only nudge up the value to about $70.

4 Patent Pending 1935 Edition: $300 - $900

Patent Pending Monopoly

In 1935, Parker Brothers started slapping a Patent Pending label on their boxes before the game was registered with the U.S. Patent Office. This replaced the previous Trade Mark label and saw a limited-time run.

That being said, tens of thousands of copies of the game were manufactured. So while rare, there are quite a few in circulation, you just need to find an owner willing to sell. Estimates in value place it anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on condition. Still a great find to be sure, especially if it’s in mint condition, but not something that will make you wealthy if sold.

3 Trade Mark Edition: $380 - $1,000

Rare Monopoly board game

When Parker Brothers obtained the rights to the Monopoly game in 1935 they put their name and a Trade Mark label on the box and produced about 25 thousand copies. This first run, limited edition set is considered to be a respectable addition to a serious collection.

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That being said it still isn’t worth all that much. Given there were 25 thousand copies, many of which are in decent condition, a board like this will go for $380 to $1,000.

2 The Original Hand-Made Darrow Game: $146,500

Original Monopoly

This is the oldest Monopoly version in the world. Produced by the monopoly game’s inventor Charles Darrow he hand-produced five thousand copies of the game. It’s a circular piece of oilcloth with drawn-on squares, cards, and wooden pieces. He produced these shortly after Parker Brothers originally declined to buy the concept, and after the tabletop game sold several copies and proved popular Parker Brothers made an offer.

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York managed to acquire one of the original five thousand copies of the game for a hefty $146,500.

1 1991 Last Edition: $2,100 (Valued In 2008)


In 1991 Hasbro took over the Monopoly brand and closed a manufacturing plant in Salem, Massachusetts responsible for creating the early games. To commemorate the somber moment the company produced 650 copies of the Last Edition published In Salem, Massachusetts and gave them to each of the employees.

These are considered extremely valuable and the only known copies still in existence are said to be with the original families or in private collections of board game enthusiasts. In 2008 a copy of the game was listed on Ebay for $2,100, some hobbyists say the game could easily go for more today or just as easily drop in price depending on how many are willing to sell their copies. As far as rarest Monopoly games go, this is one of if not the rarest.

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