Though numerous generations of kids have fallen in love with their own generation of Pokemon over the years, it's hard to overlook the importance of the original 151 creatures featured in the first generation. The Kanto native Pokemon hold a special place in the hearts of fans and the franchise itself.

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The series wouldn't be what it is today without them. The trading cards of those Pokemon are skyrocketing in value so it's important to know which ones are worth protecting at all costs. It's best to focus on the original collection of sets in order to fuel nostalgia and provide clarity.

Updated December 26, 2021, by Jerrad Wyche: There's a strong divide in the Pokemon fandom regarding the first generation of Pokemon as newer fans feel the franchise's dependence on the original 151 has held it back. It's hard to deny nostalgia though, and that original group has many strong and iconic designs. From the original three starters to Pikachu, or even the legendary birds, there is a ton of value, whether justified or not, in collecting their trading card counterparts.

15 Raichu Base Set Shadowless ($55)

Pokemon Card Gen 1 Raichu

Pikachu is the face of the Pokemon franchise, so having any attachment to it simply drives up popularity. For Raichu, that mostly didn't happen due to the anime making it cool for trainers to not evolve their Pikachu.

Thankfully that didn't hurt its Base Set card, or more specifically the Shadowless version, as it still holds a valuation of around $55. Now, that isn't close to what Charizard or some Pikachu cards sell for, but it's more than honorable for a creature as disrespected as Raichu is.


14 Gyarados Base Set Shadowless ($70)

Pokemon Card Gen 1 Gyarados

Since its introduction in the Kanto region, Gyarados has existed as one of the coolest Pokemon designs ever. Whether it was its great Pokemon card designs, or its shiny red form being catchable in Pokemon Gold & Silver, fans have grown attached to the leviathan.

The Shadowless version of its Base Set card shows off just how terrifyingly cool this Pokemon is, and for those who can't get enough, the card will cost close to $70 to obtain.

13 Chansey Base Set Shadowless ($80)

Pokemon Card Gen 1 Chansey

It's a travesty that Chansey still has yet to be converted to Fairy-type despite its design being the poster child for the type. It isn't the type of Pokemon fans rushed to catch and train, and certainly isn't a powerhouse, but thanks to the anime fans fell in love with it as it was always by Nurse Joy's side.

The Base Set Shadowless card for the adorably rotund pink Pokemon is selling at $80 on the open market.

12 Blastoise Base Set 2 ($80)

Pokemon Blastoise 10

All of the cards on this list are going to be part of the initial Base Set, Base Set 2, or the special Base Set Shadowless collections. It's pretty telling that Blastoise is the only Pokemon not named Charizard to appear more than twice on this list and that's because the Water-type starter is so beloved.

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Its Base Set 2 card goes for around $80 on average, but like every other card on this list, that value jumps up the moment it's professionally graded, providing substantial proof of the quality of the card.

11 Venusaur Base Set ($95)

PokemonVenusaur 8

Venusaur is often considered the third-best starter in the first generation of games, but Grass-type fans are a vocal minority who make sure their presence is felt. The Base Set Venusaur card happens to be the cheapest of the trio and that might simply be due to it being the least popular of the three.

Hardcore fans can get their hands on the floral toad for around $95. This leads to plenty of jokes regarding how much of a waste that would be, but to fans of Venusaur and Grass-types that will sound like a steal.

10 Poliwrath Base Set Shadowless ($100)

Pokemon Card Gen 1 Poliwrath

Despite Poliwrath being a pretty solid and well-rounded Pokemon in its own right, it rarely got love among Gen 1 fans, due to most people's default Water-type during their journey being either a Squirtle that evolved into a Blastoise or a Magikarp that grew into a Gyarados.

Jokes on those people now as $100 is what it will cost for anyone looking to acquire the Base Set Shadowless version of the tadpole turned brawler.

9 Blastoise Base Set ($100)

Pokemon Blastoise 7

Every Pokemon fan from the 90s has the image of the chunky Blastoise featured on the Base Set seared into their mind. The card art isn't too flattering to the Water-type tortoise who happens to be a war machine.

Despite that, the artwork is iconic and makes fans yearn for their childhood years. Forking over $100 for a piece of cardboard may seem like a poor business decision, but if it brings someone happiness and they have the extra money, then what's the problem with them acquiring this iconic card?

8 Zapdos Base Set Shadowless ($140)

Pokemon Zapdos 8

The first card on this list to be part of the Shadowless Base Set is the legendary Electric-type bird known as Zapdos. The shadowless version of the Base Set was the initial printing that had the cards produced without shadows under the text and a lack of darker spots on the card's background.

As the coolest and most popular of the trio of legendary birds, a Shadowless Base Set card of Zapdos will set collectors back about $140, and that's the base price of what this dazzling card goes for in good condition.

7 Alakazam Base Set Shadowless ($200)

Pokemon Card Gen 1 Alakazam

Alakazam is a Psychic-type from the original first-generation, that not every kid was able to acquire due to it only evolving via trade. As a card, it was unique because the Base Set itself didn't feature many outstanding Psychic-types outside of Mewtwo.

The Shadowless version of the Base Set drives up the value on every card in the set, and for Alakazam that means that it now sells for a whopping $200 raw.

6 Mewtwo Base Set Shadowless ($200)

Pokemon MEwtwo 4

If Pokemon fans were to list and rank the original 151 based on how iconic or notable they are Mewtwo would easily be in the top ten, and possibly the top five, only trailing the starters and Pikachu.

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This means that the Shadowless Base Set version of the Psychic-type going for $200 shouldn't be too shocking. It happened to be the primary villain and focus of the franchise's first theatrical movie, which kept it culturally relevant and significant to the Pokemon franchise for the last 20-plus years.

5 Charizard Base Set 2 ($225)

Pokemon Charizard 6

On average, the Base Set 2 version of Charizard goes for around half of what the normal Base Set version sells for. This means that fans of the fiery starter can obtain a card similar to the iconic and classic card for half the price if they simply don't mind the Base Set 2 logo which features the number 2 with a Poke Ball on it.

Charizard's Base Set 2 card sells for around $225 on average if the card happens to not be graded. It's the cheapest way for Charizard fans to get their own dose of cardboard nostalgia.

4 Venusaur Base Set Shadowless (~$600)

Pokemon Venusaur 5

Once again it's clear that Venusaur cards, though valuable, don't hold a candle to their Blastoise and Charizard counterparts. The Shadowless Base Set version of Venusaur may go for around $600, but it only puts it Charizard's Base Set card, which will be discussed next.

On one hand, being a Venusaur fan will save the collector money, but on the other, it's just another example of the Grass-type starters being treated like second-class citizens despite having a loyal following of their own.

3 Charizard Base Set ($600)

Pokemon Charizard 3

It's hard to name a Pokemon card more iconic and/or synonymous with the hobby of collecting Pokemon cards than the Base Set Charizard card. This is the one featured in almost every article pertaining to the hobby and the core evidence of Charizard cards being worth so much more than its contemporaries.

As previously mentioned, a graded version of this card is worth thousands, but those looking to simply feel the thrill of nostalgia can get one for themselves for around $600 if the logo of Base Set 2 bothers them.

2 Blastoise Base Set Shadowless ($800-$2,500)

Pokemon Blastoise 2

Not much else can be said about this card that wasn't mentioned in the other two entries of Blastoise. The important thing to understand is the difference between a Base Set card and the shadowless version.

This is a large difference in value and knowing the difference can save someone from being scammed by a nefarious seller. The Shadowless Base Set version of Blastoise goes for as low as $800 but can balloon up to $2,500 or more, depending on the overall quality of the card.

1 Charizard Base Set Shadowless ($2,800-$30,000)

Gen 1 Pokemon Best Cards Charizard

By simply searching what a high-graded version of the Shadowless Base Set version of Charizard goes for, it will become apparent just how valuable this card can be. It's important to remember just how much value is added to a card the moment it's officially graded.

People with money burning a hole in their pocket can look to get this card for around $2,800, but if they're looking for the best version it might take a vault or two of cash to secure it.

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