What to get Escavalier in Pokémon Sword & Shield? Here’s how.

Karrablast and its evolved form of Escavalier were introduced in Pokémon Black & White, but are perfect complements to the Galar Region's theme of knights in shining armor. It's no wonder that these two noble bug types survived the great Pokémon culling to make it into Sword & Shield.

It's a bit easier to get Karrablast if you have Sword, although it's certainly available in both versions of Gen 8. But beware, getting Escavalier will require knowing a friend that has a Shelmet to spare.

Where To Find Karrablast

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The best place to find Karrablast is at Bridge Field when it's overcast. Karrablast has a 30% spawn rate in both Sword and Shield so long as there are clouds overhead.


Barring that, you'll be able to find Karrablast on Route 7 during all types of weather, but Sword players will have a much higher spawn rate. You can also find Karrablast in the Hammerlock Hills or at Motostoke Riverbank when it's raining, but Sword players will again have a much higher chance of finding one than Shield players.

Sword has the added advantage of being able to find Karrablast at Giant's Cap when it's overcast, but spawn rates are only 10%.

You can find both Karrablast in Max Raid Battles in Bridge Field, Dappled Grove, Rolling Fields, and South Lake Miloch. You can find Escavalier in the same Max Raid Battle locations too, but only in Sword. For Shield players, the only way to get Escavalier is by evolving Karrablast.

How To Evolve Karrablast Into Escavalier

Accelgor and Escavalier
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Evolving Karrablast into Escavalier is tricky. In order for Karrablast to evolve, you must trade Karrablast to another player while they trade a Shelmet to you. During the trade, Shelmet will shed its shell and evolve into Accelgor, while Karrablast will take Shelmet’s shell and use it to evolve into Escavalier.

Of course, this means you need to find someone trading a Shelmet on the GTS or have a friend with a spare Shelmet.

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Best Moves For Escavalier

Raid Escavalier
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Escavalier is a consummate offensive wall breaker. It has immense Attack and powerful moves that combine to make it capable of one-hit KOing any Pokémon it has a type advantage against. Escavalier’s downside is that it has pathetic Speed, so it’s unlikely to survive an opponent’s retaliation (especially with a 4x Fire-type weakness).

Escavalier learns X-Scissor at level 32, but Megahorn (TR28) is your most powerful attacking option. Iron Head (level 40) is your best Steel-type move, while Iron Defense can turn Escavalier into a defensive wall in a pinch. Protect (TM25) can help Escavalier live through a crucial turn, but Swords Dance should be ignored as Escavalier's Attack is powerful enough already and it lacks any means of achieving enough Speed to sweep.

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