Pokemon is truly a phenomenon and even though there are plenty video game franchises that have taken over pop culture, there are still few that have the same longevity and mainstream success as Pokemon has found. Every few years there’s a new entry in the series and Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch introduces a large number of new Pokemon along with new characters and concepts.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield takes players through the new region of Galar and reveals many new versions of old Pokemon. Galarian Farfetch’d immediately stands out, but there’s plenty about the Pokemon and many ways in which it differs from its original counterpart.

10 It Evolves By Getting Three Critical Hits In Battle

Pokemon Sword Shield Sirfetch'd Evolution

Evolution is one of the most exciting concepts connected to the Pokemon series and the ways in which Pokemon change into their next form have also evolved along with the games. The majority of Pokemon still evolve through the typical method of reaching a certain level, but Galarian Farfetch’d is a Pokemon whose evolution is linked specifically to the attacks that it lands in battle. Curiously, if Galarian Farfetch’d connects three critical hits in a fight then it will evolve into Sirfetch’d. They’re odd conditions, but they reflect the Pokemon’s combative nature.


9 It And Its Evolved Form Are The Only Pokemon That Can Use The Leek

Pokemon Sword Shield Short Galarian Farfetch'd Sirfetch'd Training

There are certain Pokemon that have aesthetic touches in their designs that indicate that they should carry accessories around with them, but this isn’t always the case. The most prominent feature of both versions of Farfetch’d is the giant leek that it wields as a weapon. This leek has actually been turned into an item in the game that can only be used by Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d. It’s a nice touch for the character and there are even a good portion of Galarian Farfetch’d that will be holding a leek upon capture.

8 It’s Endangered Because So Many People Hunt It

Pokemon Sword Shield Shiny Galarian Farfetch'd

There’s been plenty of discussion over the logistics of the roles that Pokemon serve in their universe and if normal animals co-exist with them or if they’re the replacement. There are occasions where certain Pokemon are shown being prepared as food and Farfetch’d is actually one of the biggest culprits of this.

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The Pokemon anime states that Farfetch’d is a particularly rare Pokemon because it’s been hunted so often for its meat. It’s a gruesome thought and since Galarian Farfetch’d are even more defined and muscular they’d be an even bigger delicacy.

7 It’s A Fighting-Type Pokemon

Pokemon Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Wild

Regional variants of old Pokemon seems like a simple concept, but there are many things that are beneficial about this idea. People get excited over a unique look for an old Pokemon or the fact that now are able to evolve, but another way in which they can change is their classification type. The original Farfetch’d is a combination of Normal- and Fighting-Types, but Galarian Farfetch’d is purely a Fighting-Type Pokemon and the same is true for Sirfetch’d. This shift has a lot to do with Galarian Farfetch’d’s surroundings, but it’s a change that works for the Pokemon.

6 Its Especially Resilient Against Ghost Pokemon

Pokemon Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Intimidation

A major way for a Pokemon to dominate in battle is with its moveset, but in addition to the techniques that they can learn, there are also a select number of abilities that are attached to Pokemon. The hidden ability for Galarian Farfetch’d is Scrappy, which is a bit more of a niche skill, but one that makes the Pokemon even more uniquely talented. Scrappy allows for Fighting- and Normal-Type moves to be able to successfully hit Ghost-Type Pokemon. This makes Galarian Farfetch’d a natural fighter of the supernatural in his quests to protect others.

5 It Can Evolve Even If It’s Fainted In Battle

Pokemon Anime Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Dazed

The many Pokemon that are out there all have different requirements in order to experience evolution, but for the most part they all involve the Pokemon’s victory in battle to be the catalyst in this change.

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Galarian Farfetch’d’s evolution requirements are so unusual and specific to what happens within the battle rather than its overall outcome. As a result, Galarian Farfetch’d can get the three critical hits that it requires and even if it doesn’t come out victorious the evolution into Sirfetch’d will still get triggered.

4 Galar’s Leeks Are Responsible For Its Changes

Pokemon Anime Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Leek Defend

It's exciting to get completely new Pokemon, but the last few titles have experimented with creating new regional specific versions of Pokemon from new areas in the series like the exotic regions of Alola and Galar. Galarian's variation on Farfetch'd justifies the Pokemon's differences by reducing it to Galar’s more robust strain of leek. As a result, the Farfetch'd grows stronger, becomes more centered on combat, and the weight of the leek grounds the Farfetch'd from any flight. It's a fascinating example of what a difference such a tiny detail in nature can make on a species.

3 It Shares A Lot In Common With Galarian Corsola

Pokemon Sword Shield Galarian Corsola Duo

It's been interesting to see how new regions in the Pokemon series have been able to find fresh spins on old Pokemon and in some of the more unique cases, like with Farfetch'd, those regional variants actually evolve when the initial Pokemon didn't. Galarian Farfetch'd's trajectory is quite similar to what happens with the changes that are made to the Galarian Corsola. Their Galar versions both become completely different types, gain evolutions, and trainers use their evolved forms during the Champion Cup Finals in Sword and Shield, which feels like an intentional connection between these Pokemon.

2 It’s More Likely To Get Critical Hits In Battle

Pokemon Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Critical Hit Battle

There are a lot of ways to get the advantage in a Pokemon battle and getting blessed with a critical hit can sometimes be the deciding factor in a close encounter. Some trainers may never experience critical hits, but Galarian Farfetch’d is a Pokemon that’s deeply invested in the occurrence. Farfetch’d typically has a leek attached as an item, which is specifically designed to boost the Pokemon’s likelihood for critical hits. This, in addition to the rest of Farfetch’d’s Fighting-Type moveset make critical hits more likely.

1 It Has Incredible Courage

Pokemon Sword Shield Galarian Farfetch'd Angry

Pokemon get slotted into plenty of different categories and even though Galarian Farfetch’d is rather small in stature, the Pokemon comes with a huge sense of adventure and a need to prove itself on the battlefield. Galarian Farfetch’d embraces its Fighting-Type nature and tries to become the requisite Pokemon hero and white knight whenever it’s possible. Farfetch’d treats the massive leek that it wields like a mighty sword and isn’t afraid to lead forward with it in a fight. Sirfetch’d is an extension of this chivalrous and brave behavior and plants the Pokemon even deeper into this role.

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