The Persona series has involved adventuring parties made up of teenagers who are still attending high school, with the casts of Persona 3 and the proceeding games exploring dungeons while still attending classes and trying to achieve good grades.

Persona 5 Involves Passing Tests In School

The Phantom Thieves of the Heart have to take tests throughout Persona 5 (except for Morgana, who is a cat) which requires the player to pay attention in class and remember points that are brought up by the teacher. The player is also free to open up a guide for the game on the Internet and just use that to get perfect scores on each test.

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Persona 5 takes place in Japan and the questions that come up in class can often be about subjects related to the Japanese language, which is going to be a problem for most players across the world. There is one question in Persona 5 that people have trouble with due to it being poorly explained, which relates to the meaning of kakushinhan.

How To Answer The Kakushinhan Test

Tanoshii Japanese has two definitions for the word kakushinhan - a crime of conscience or a premeditated crime. When Joker is asked about the definition of kakushinhan, it is explained in relation to the conviction of the user, and he is given three possible answers – knowing your actions are wrong, being convinced you can do it, or having a strong conviction. The correct answer for the first question is “Knowing your actions are wrong.”

Morgana then asks a second question about kakushinhan with three possible answers – acting without conviction, acting on something impossible, or conviction that you’re right. The correct answer to the second question is Conviction that you’re right. The reward for correctly answering both questions is earning points towards your Knowledge stat.

The translation and voice acting in Persona 5 are stellar and it’s hard to fault the localization team for their work on the game. The kakushinhan question is a rare example of the game not properly explaining a concept to English-speaking audiences, which means that a lot of fans had to try and correctly input the word “Kakushinhan” into Google in order to seek help.

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