No Man's Sky is a game that had a rough start. Its launch version was far from being the game that players were so excited to play. In order to fulfill what they wanted from the game, or to at least improve it a bit, many players started modding it early.

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To everyone's surprise, No Man's Sky never stopped releasing new content. Today, the game is everything that it was meant to be and much more, but it did not stop the mod community. In fact, there are even more mods that are responsible for tweaking and improving the newer aspects of the game, as well.

16 No Man's Connect -- Online Location Manager

No Man's Connect -- Online Location Manager

Trying to revisit places in a procedurally generated game is like trying to find a minnow in the ocean. This mod, created by user jaszhix, has received regular updates, works offline, and allows for teleportation to manually registered locations on PC.

It's a great addition for those who want more options when it comes to retracing steps trying to find the perfect pet or starship.


15 Reduced Launch Cost

Reduced Launch Cost 

Though the crafting and resources meta has come a long way since the game's launch, it can still be annoying to try and remember to keep your ship full of launch fuel. This mod from user Lex - Io2k reduces the amount of fuel it takes to launch your ship.

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It has been updated for the latest build and allows the user to select how much fuel reduction they want. You can choose from 0, 5, and 10% and this mod works with the Reduced Warp Cost mod, as well.

14 Fast Actions By Lo2k

No Man's Sky: Fast Actions Mod in Action

When crafting, clicking an item will trigger a quick animation. It doesn't take long, but when too many items are needed for any reason, it adds up. There are other things in the game that take an unnecessary second to be completed. Transferring resources, entering a ship, and gathering small plants are a few examples.

This mod is a very simple quality of life mod that everybody should try out. It just removes the time it takes to realize some actions. It makes crafting faster, but players that do not know much about it might still need some pointers.

13 Better Planet Generation

Better Planet Generation

User WoodyMontana created this mod to assist with creating better, more interesting planets. Think of it as a supplemental resource to make your game more enjoyable rather than a scoff at the developers' hard work in the game.

With its last update from August 2021, this mod is a no-brainer for people whose favorite part of NMS is simply seeing what all the engine can create randomly.

12 HD Clouds By Lo2k

No Man's Sky: many HD cloud examples

Although the most recent patches came with an update on cloud textures, it was not a complete overhaul. The game is using atmospheric cloud textures for distant planets. The dynamic clouds will not appear unless players are close enough to a planet. When that is the case, the game will switch to the dynamic clouds.

This mod increases the quality of the textures for mid-range and distance range. That way, space looks consistently nicer and planets might feel more alive and less repetitive by far.

11 Faster Analysis By Alechielke

No Man's Sky: Fast Analysis mod official image

Exploring is most of the fun in No Man's Sky, and every time players land on a new planet, there is a lot of scanning ahead. Obviously, there are those who find this part of the gameplay tedious, or at the very least a bit slow. Luckily, Alechielke felt the same way, and players now get to use this mod.

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This mod, as the name says, allows the analysis visor to scans much faster than usual. That alone is already a good thing. The chore is still there, it just takes less time with the mod on. For those who didn't know about the importance of scanning, it might be a good idea to get a few tips on how what to do in No Man's Sky.

10 Fine LOD By HoratioHafnaugels

No Man's Sky: water in the wrong height and correct height

No Man's Sky is an awesome game, but it is far from perfect. When traveling around on foot, ground textures might take a while to load. Sometimes the fps might drop because of it since the game might be constantly loading them. Besides all that, there is this very known issue with the water height. For some reason, the water will show up much lower than what really is.

Find LOD fixes all that, though. This mod makes textures load from further away, increasing the beauty of the game. This is a must-have mod for PC Gamers who can run it.

9 Fast-Text-View Next Generation By UserPro66

No Man's Sky: talking to an NPC

Many mod ideas come from players who disliked an aspect of the game and wanted to change it in order to have a better experience. This mod is one of those cases. UserPro66 did not like how long it took for the texts to be displayed when talking to NPCs, so the solution ended up being a new mod.

This mod causes texts to be displayed almost instantly when NPCs are speaking. A great quality of life mod that makes a huge difference by changing a small thing.

8 LowFlight By HytekGaming

No Man's Sky: Low Flight mod's official image with ships flying low

This is a mod that allows ships to fly around in low altitudes when visiting planets. Players get to check the planet's surface up-close from within the ship. It's also possible to look in any direction when in it. Being able to hover a ship over a distinct biome and admire it from a safe distance is quite nice.

Another really interesting thing that this mod adds is the ability to pilot the ship underwater. It's odd how this mod feels like something that the game should have implemented since it was released.

7 Exosolar's Expanse By Exosolar

No Man's Sky: a ship in black space in front of a planet

The sci-fi fantasy of exploring new systems throughout space is amazing as it is, but there is room for improvement. There are those who would enjoy a more accurate feel of space itself. There are a lot of colors, stars, rocks, and nebulas in No Man's Sky that might cause space to feel busy and sometimes even bright.

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Exosolar's mod changes the appearance of space in No Man's Sky. Players can have a completely dark space with distant nebulas. There is also the option to add distant nebulas to contrast a bit with the never-ending blackness.

6 Arghwater

5 ArghWater

Thanks to the graphical updates by Hello Games, NMS is looking prettier than ever. But some of the textures and motion animations still don't feel quite right for some players. This mod by user Argh seeks to fix that with new water shaders.

The mod adds tons of stuff for wave generation, water color, reflections, highlights, and foam. Along with mods like the Better Planet Generation mod or graphical update mods, this will make NMS an even more beautiful sandbox to explore.

4 Exosolar's Beyond Base Building By Exosolar

No Man's Sky: 4 bases that are only possible to make with the mod

No Man's Sky made players very happy with the base-building system. It provides more than 400 different pieces for players to mix and match in order to create their dream outpost. However, the game many times considers the position of those parts invalid, frustrating a lot of creative minds.

This mod is meant to fix that, and nearly all parts can be placed in almost any way players want. Building a base with this mod is significantly more fun since it allows the most creative base designs to take form in the game. There are many nice things that can be done to create an outstanding base.

3 Dud's Sky Colors By Jasondude7116

No Man's Sky: biomes have different colors with this mod

The procedurally generated planets of No Man's Sky have enough variations for the whole galaxy, but they can have even more. Dud's sky adds new colors to grass, plant, sand, water, snow, and much more.

For instance, icy planets will no longer need to be all white. There will be plants with colors never seen before. That only adds variety to the experience, making some planets stand out and have this truly unique feature. This is one of those mods that players can only wonder why it had to be a mod since it would be very nice if it was a standard feature of the game.

2 No Camera Shake By RyokuHasu

No Man's Sky: a mecha walks on the green fields without any camera shake

No Man's Sky has a lot of camera shake. Some would argue that is too much, even. Although it doesn't bother most of the players, it bothers many. Gamers who have motion sickness suffer the most from the experience, since the camera shake ends up making the game unplayable for them.

This mod removes camera shake in No Man's Sky completely. As with many mods, it was created by someone who intended to use it. RyokoHasu wanted to play the game and therefore, decided to come up with a mod that would let him do it.

1 Shorter Settlement Timers

Shorter Settlement Timers

The latest update to NMS introduced settlements where players can locate and found villages of sorts. User trevix created the Shorter Settlement Timers mod to decrease the waiting time for players by 10.

It's a very new mod right now, so keep an eye on it to see how it changes.

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