It's fairly often that a Pokemon battle comes down to the creature with the highest speed stat. Being able to strike quickly will almost always factor into the ability to win, especially when many battles come down to only a few hits back and forth.

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If you're looking to strike quickly and get outta there, consider picking a Pokemon with a high speed stat. There are many ways to increase speed (or lower your opponent's speed), but picking a fast Pokemon from the get-go is a great idea. Here are the Pokemon with the highest base speed stat, some of which might be surprising.

Updated November 14, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: When designing Pokemon, it's clear that Game Freak is often very timid in how they decide the speed stat. If a Pokemon is fast, they have to be weak in multiple other areas. Pokemon with strong speed and a strong offensive stat can often be oppressive in the competitive metagame unless there is a hard counter. Of course, this doesn't mean that legendaries and some new mythical Pokemon can't break the speed limit and really outrun the competition. In the recent Crown Tundra expansion for Sword and Shield, two new Pokemon entered the top ten, so we felt it necessary to look back and this list and make some minor modifications.

15 Ash-Greninja

Ash Greninja Pokemon Standing With Ash Behind It

Greninja is already a fast Pokemon, clocking in at 122 speed. It's easily one of the fastest starters in the game. However, it's allegedly balanced due to its average offensive stats and poor defensive stats. So, consider a world where Game Freak decides to give Greninja a special form that's not only incredible offensively, but even FASTER.

That's the world of Ash-Greninja, a special Greninja with an ability that transforms it into a monster. This beast has monstrous attacking stats and clocks in at 132 speed. It's the slowest on this list, but that's no small comfort to those living in fear of Ash-Greninja.


14 Tie: Mega Manetric, Mega Lopunny, G-Form Zen Mode Darmanitan

Mega Evolutions are notorious for how they lopsided the stats of certain Pokemon, making previously unviable options an interesting competitive choice. Two of those are Mega Manetric and Mega Lopunny, which give some serious oomph to their classic forms. This includes an incredible 135 speed.

Weirdly enough, tied with the two of them is Galarian Form, Zen Mode Darmanitan. Through its special ability, certain Darmanitan are able to change forms, and unlike Unovan Zen Mode, Galarian Zen Mode just outright makes it a stronger Pokemon. Despite being just a snowman, it has a base speed of 135. It melts fast and moves fast.

13 Barraskewda

Barraskewda, the skewer Pokemon and the evolved form of Arrokuda, is a zippy water-type. It is actually the fastest water-type currently in the game, clocking in at 136 speed. However, unlike other fast Pokemon, it did end up trading other stats to go as fast as it does, only maintaining a solid attack stat.

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However, potentially, it can go even faster, maybe even clocking in as the fastest in the game. With its normal ability, Swift Swim, its speed is unnecessarily doubled in the rain. This turns the 136 base speed Pokemon into a 276 base speed Pokemon. On a rain team, almost nothing can outspeed it.

12 Zacian and Zamazenta

Tying for tenth place in speed is the box legendaries for Sword & Shield, Zacian and Zamazenta. Specifically, their Hero of Many Battles forms when they are not holding their respective tranformation items.

In these regular forms, both Zacian and Zamazenta have a speed stat of 138. At level 100, that stat can reach over 400. As wolves, it's clear that these two would be able to run pretty quickly, which may be why their speed stat is so high.

11 Mega Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo's two evolutions — Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y — are tied with Mega Rayquaza for the highest base stat total of all attainable Pokemon. So, it's no surprise that they'll be pretty fast with a high speed stat.

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Mega Mewtwo Y inches out its attack-focused counterpart, however, clocking in at 140 base speed. Mega Mewtwo X, which isn't fast enough to make this list, just misses the mark, coming in at a base speed stat of 130.

10 Dragapult

The newest Pokemon to be added to the pantheon of pseudo-legendaries is Dragapult, the Ghost/Dragon-type introduced in Generation VIII. Pseudo-legendaries by nature have extremely high stats, and Dragapult is no different.

The stat it most excels in is speed, probably due to the fact that it's based loosely on airplanes and ranged weaponry. With a base speed of 142, Dragapult is both the fastest pseudo-legendary as well as the fastest Ghost-type.

9 Zeraora

Another Pokemon that is obviously going to be fast when you look at its design is Zeraora, a Mythical Pokemon introduced toward the end of Generation VII. Electric-type? Check. Tiger-based design? Check. Lightning bolts in its appearance? Check. This cat has it all.

Zeraora clocks in at a base speed stat of 143, reaching upwards of 423 at level 100. This fast cat is going to be pretty speedy in battle, so make sure to use moves that are fast and reliable, like Zeraora's signature move Plasma Fists.

8 Tie: Mega Beedrill, Mega Sceptile, and Accelgor

In this entry, there's a three-way tie. Accelgor, Mega Sceptile, and Mega Beedrill all have a speed stat of 145. For Sceptile and Beedrill's Mega Evolutions, this is probably no surprise to most people. But, Accelgor might seem like it's out of the left field.

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Its speed most likely comes from the fact that it's based on a ninja. The Pokédex says it has removed its heavy shell (during its evolution from Shelmet), so it can now "fight with ninja-like movements."

7 Crowned Zacian

You might be thinking "I've already seen Zacian on this list," and you'd be right. Zacian's standard form ties with its counterpart, Zamazenta, for the tenth spot on the list.

However, give Zacian a Rusted Sword to hold, and its speed stat is even higher. Crowned Sword Zacian, as it is called, has a speed stat of 148, leaving Zamazenta (and most other Pokemon) in the dust.

6 Calyrex Shadow Rider

In the Crown Tundra, the signature legendary added to the game is Calyrex, the Harvest King. This intelligent beast, on its own, isn't particularly impressive. However, that's because it is missing its steed. There are two options: Glastrier and Spectrier, and both not only alter its type but its stats as well.

The Shadow Rider form of Calyrex ends up being a very fast Pokemon, clocking in at 150 Speed (along with a few others). It also boasts an absurd 165 special attack, making it a menace in this form. The rider and jockey are the ones you want to bet one.

5 Tie: Deoxys, Mega Aerodactyl, Electrode, and Mega Alakazam

Here we have another tie between a few Pokemon. Mega Aerodactyl, Mega Alakazam, Electrode and two forms of Deoxys are all tied with a speed stat of 150.

Electrode has famously been one of the fastest Pokemon ever, so this is no surprise, and the same goes for the two Mega Evolutions. Interestingly, Attack Form and Normal Form Deoxys have this mega-high speed stat as well, even though one would assume only Speed Form Deoxys would be on this list.

4 Pheromosa

Since its Pokédex entries make reference to "terrific speeds," it's no surprise that Pheromosa has a high speed stat. An Ultra Beast, Pheromosa is a slender, bug-like creature that is seen as a counterpart to the bulky and powerful Buzzwole. As a Bug/Fighting-type, Pheromosa actually has the highest speed stat of all Fighting-types.

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You'll need to watch out for the legs and fists of this extremely speedy bug — they'll be coming at you with a speed stat of 151.

3 Ninjask

One of the more surprising entries on this list for some might be Ninjask. Amazingly, this cicada is the second-fastest Pokemon in existence. This means it outpaces Legendaries, Ultra Beasts, Mega Evolutions, and basically everything else, despite being a regular Pokemon that can be obtained very early in most games where it makes an appearance.

Ninjask's speed stat is an amazing 148, and can reach up to 460 at level 100. The rest of its stats are far from impressive, but at least it will basically always move first.

2 Deoxys (Speed Form)

Unsurprisingly, the top spot on this list goes to a Pokemon that basically has "speed" in its name: Speed Form Deoxys. This lightning-quick form of the Mythical Generation III Psychic-type has a speed stat clocking in at 180, one of the highest stats in the games, regardless of category.

With a base stat total of 600, Speed Form Deoxy's speed stat is almost a third of its entire BST. Blink and you might miss this speedy thing whizzing past you.

1 Regieleki

That's right, Speed Form Deoxys is no longer the queen of speed. A new champion takes that throne, added in the Crown Tundra: Regieleki. This Pokemon is a new member of Regi family, and unlike its behemoth brethren, it refuses to start slowly or stay slow.

Regieleki clocks in with 200 speed and a BST of 600. A third of its stats are loaded into speed. The trade-off is that it is rather frail, but with speeds this high, who needs to worry about taking damage? Regieleki will always get the first and last word.

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