In the Pokemon world, there are 18 different types to choose from. Of course, all of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but there's always one that reigns above the rest of the type. Many people ask, "what is the strongest Pokemon?" and of course, that's an almost impossible question to answer, because it can be entirely situational.

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However, if you're looking for a certain type of Pokemon, it can be a bit easier to narrow down. By stats, there is a clear winner (or a tie) amongst each type, and we've decided to rank them here, as well as giving a look at some honorable mentions. So, without further ado, here are the most powerful Pokemon of each type, by stats.


Updated on November 28, 2021 by Michael Christopher: We've updated this list include some honorable mentions — basically the next strongest Pokemon of each type after the ranked top contenders.

Normal: Arceus

arceus in the pokemon anime

Well, yeah, the literal God of Pokemon would probably be pretty good. While Arceus can actually turn into any type, its base form is Normal-type, and there are very few Pokemon that can even come close to it, with a cool 720 points in total stats.

When ranking the best Pokemon of each type, Arceus could easily take many of the spots with different type plates, so we're only considering its base Normal-type form here.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Slaking (670)
  • Regigigas (670)
  • Meloetta (600)
  • Mega Kangaskhan (590)
  • Mega Lopunny (580) and Mega Pidgeot (579)
  • Silvally (570)

Poison: Eternatus


A newer entry in the series, Eternatus is easily the best Poison-type Pokemon. With a base stat total of 690, this Poison/Dragon-type is well above the former Pokemon that held this spot: Mega Venusaur, who has a base stat total of 625.

Eternatus does, of course, have its Eternamax form, which has the highest base stat total of any Pokemon at a whopping 1,125. But, it's not technically obtainable, so regular Eternatus will take this spot for now.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Venusaur (620)
  • Mega Gengar (600)
  • Nihilego (570)
  • Guzzlord (570)
  • Naganadel (540)

Psychic: Mega Mewtwo X And Y

mega mewtwo x and mega mewtwo y with the mega evolution symbol overlaid on a game background

Mewtwo's always been considered one of the most powerful Pokemon, even though it has been surpassed in recent years. However, its two Mega Evolutions aren't just the strongest Psychic-types, they're also tied for the strongest Pokemon in general (other than the unobtainable Eternamax Eternatus) with a base stat total of a staggering 780 each.

Of course, the two have their own individual stat spreads that differentiate them from one another (along with designs of varying quality), but, together, they're the best Psychic-types. We'll hear from Mega Mewtwo X again later, thanks to its secondary Fighting typing.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ultra Necrozma (754)
  • Mega Metagross (700)
  • Mega Latias and Mega Latios (700)
  • Non-Mega Mewtwo (680)
  • Many other Legendaries are Psychic-type with a 680 BST: Lugia, Hoopa Unbound, Lunala, Calyrex (Ice Rider and Shadow Rider), Necrozma (Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane)

Grass: Mega Sceptile

mega sceptile in the pokemon anime

Starter Pokemon are typically strong, and the ones that received Mega Evolutions often rank amongst the upper echelons of their typing. Mega Sceptile (630) takes the cake when comparing all of the Grass-types, narrowly beating out Mega Venusaur (625).

Sceptile, originally introduced in Generation III, received a Mega Evolution alongside its fellow Hoenn Starters Blaziken and Swampert in Gen VI. However, the other two don't make this list, as they're both edged out by stronger Fire- and Water-types (and they don't rank for their second typings, either). Three generations have passed and we are yet to see any Pokemon topple Mega Sceptile's grassy crown.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Venusaur (620)
  • Celebi (600)
  • Shaymin (600)
  • Mega Abomasnow (594)
  • Virizion (580)

Ground: Primal Groudon

The top Ground-type Pokemon is, of course, Primal Groudon — you know, the powered-up version of one of three Hoenn Legendaries that all make an appearance on this list. Primal Groudon is a force to be reckoned with.

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With a massive base stat total of 770, it takes second place with Primal Kyogre as the second-highest base stat total of any obtainable Pokemon. With its ability to create new landmasses, it's basically a god, and while this list is looking at stats more than lore, it can't be ignored that Primal Groudon is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon universe.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Zygarde Complete Form (708)
  • Mega Garchomp (700)
  • Standard Groudon (700)
  • Mega Swampert (635)
  • Mega Steelix (610)

Ice: Black Kyurem and White Kyurem

a split image of black kyurem and white kyurem

While Kyurem's base form doesn't make the list, Kyurem Black and Kyurem White are the strongest Ice-type Pokemon in the game. While Mega Sceptile was commended for holding its top spot since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Kyurem twins have held theirs since Generation V!

While the two share the exact same 700 total in stats, they've received very different placings in the metagame. Kyurem Black is a solid OU pick, while Kyurem White manages to hold a very niche position in Ubers.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ice Rider Calyrex (680)
  • Standard Kyurem (660)
  • Mega Abomasnow (594)
  • Kantonian Articuno, Regice, and Glastrier (580)
  • Mega Glalie (580)

Fire: Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon standing on a rock ready to fight the Pokémon anime

It's back and angrier than ever. A common theme that you'll start to notice is that some of these monstrous Pokemon are dual-type, and they occupy the top spot in two different typings, such as Primal Groudon here, who is the most powerful Ground- and Fire-type Pokemon in the series.

However, while Primal Groudon soars above the second-place Fire-types (Ho-oh and Reshiram, tied at 680 each), Ground-types are a bit closer to its heels, with Zygarde's Complete Form sitting at 708 and Mega Garchomp not far behind, with 700 on the dot.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ho-oh (680)
  • Reshiram (680)
  • Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y (634)
  • Mega Blaziken (630)
  • Mega Houndoom (600)

Rock: Mega Tyranitar and Mega Diancie

a split image with mega diancie and mega tyranitar

Mega Evolutions dominate lists like these, and it's no different amongst Rock-types. Mega Diancie and Mega Tyranitar share this spot, tied a base stat total of 700 each.

Both of them excel at physical defense, with Mega Diancie at 160 and Mega Tyranitar at 164. It's going to require some intense damage to take either of these powerful Rock-types down.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Non-Mega Tyranitar and non-Mega Diancie (600)
  • Regirock (580)
  • Terrakion (580)
  • Stakataka (570)
  • Rhyperior (535)

Dragon: Mega Rayquaza

mega rayquaza
Via: Pokémon Wikia

Mega Rayquaza is like, powerful-powerful. This Pokemon shares the top spot with both of Mewtwo's Mega forms for the highest total base stats in the game at 780 (other than the unobtainable Eternamax Eternatus, of course).

So, what is the most powerful Pokemon? Technically, it's Eternamax Eternatus, but since it's unobtainable, the top spot probably goes to Mega Rayquaza. It ties with Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y in stats, but it doesn't need to hold a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve, freeing it up to hold another item, which is just ridiculous. The Mewtwos also have reasons to take the top spot too, so it's an argument that could probably last forever.

However, Mega Rayquaza is responsible for the creation of Anything Goes, a new tier above Ubers that is just complete nonsense. Show off, much?

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ultra Necrozma (754)
  • Zygarde Complete form (708)
  • Mega Salamence and Mega Garchomp (700)
  • Mega Latios and Mega Latias (700)
  • Kyurem White and Kyurem Black (700)
  • Eternatus (690)

Water: Primal Kyogre

27- Primal Kyogre

Just like its counterpart, Primal Kyogre takes a spot on the list, being the most powerful Water-type Pokemon out there. It's an incredibly powerful Pokemon, and its Primordial Sea ability is one of the most useful abilities in the game, making it an Uber and VGC threat.

Sitting at a nice 770 base stat total, few Water-types can even compare. The next-highest is Palkia, way down the list at 680, which is, of course, great, but absolutely pales in comparison to Primal Kyogre.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Palkia (680)
  • Standard Kyogre (670)
  • Mega Gyarados (640)
  • Ash-Greninja (640)
  • Mega Swampert (635)

Bug: Genesect, Mega Heracross, Mega Scizor, and Mega Pinsir

the strongest bug-type pokemon, mega heracross, mega scizor, mega heracross, and genesect, overlaid on a background of the alola region

Bug-types are often underrated, considered a weak type without much utility. However, these Bug-types seem to want to challenge that perception.

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A four-way tie for this spot sees Genesect, Mega Pinsir, Mega Heracross, and Mega Scizor sharing the entry with a base stat total of 600 each. With different typing, they have differing uses, but they shouldn't be underestimated.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Buzzwole and Pheramosa (570)
  • Volcarona (550)
  • Golisopod (530)
  • Centiskorch (525)
  • Yanmega (515)

Dark: Mega Tyranitar

mega tyranitar

Oh, hello again. Mega Tyranitar is such a powerhouse that it takes a second spot on the list, this time as a representative for the Dark-type. Even Yveltal, the literal bringer of death, can't compete with Tyranitar.

Yveltal has the standard box-Legendary base stat total of 680, while Mega Tyranitar surpasses it by 20 points to sit at 700. Other Pokemon come close, too, with Lunala and Hoopa Unbound tying with Yveltal at 680.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Yveltal (680)
  • Hoopa Unbound (680)
  • Mega Gyarados (640)
  • Ash-Greninja (640)
  • Mega Houndoom (600)

Steel: Zacian (Crowned Sword) and Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

zacian and zamazenta in their crowned forms

While this spot was previously held by Mega Metagross, two newer Pokemon have since taken it. Zacian and Zamazenta, when in their Crowned forms, have a massive 720 base stat total.

Both are Steel-types, but have different secondary typing. Zacian is Steel/Fairy-type, while Zamazenta is Steel/Fighting. Both tie with Arceus for the fourth-highest base stat total of any obtainable Pokemon.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Metagross (700)
  • Dialga (680)
  • Solgaleo and Dusk Mane Necrozma (680)
  • Mega Aggron (630)
  • Mega Lucario (625)

Fighting: Mega Mewtwo X

mega mewtwo x

Mega Mewtwo X actually has a second typing — Fighting. As it has a monstrous 780 points for its base stats, it is easily the strongest Fighting-type Pokemon in the game.

As such, it makes use of a shocking 190 attack stat to lay waste to its opponents. Mewtwo's incredible versatility makes it a huge asset to any team, and one of the most powerful Pokemon, without question.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Zamazenta: Crowned Shield (720); Hero of Many battles (670)
  • Mega Blaziken (625)
  • Mega Gallade (618)
  • Mega Heracross (600)
  • Meloetta Pirouette form and Marshadow (600)
  • Kommo-o (600)

Ghost: Giratina Altered Form, Giratina Origin Form, Lunala, Dawn Wings Necrozma, and Shadow Rider Calyrex

the strongest ghost type pokemon - giratina altered form, giratina origin form, dawn wings necrozma, lunala, and shadow rider calyrex, overlaid on an image of the galar wild area from sword & shield

This spot is taken in a five-way tie with some older faces and new ones. For the Ghost-type spot, we see both Giratina's Altered Form and Origin Form, Lunala, Dawn Wings Necrozma (which is Lunala fused with Necrozma), and Shadow Rider Calyrex.

All five of these ghosties have a base stat total of an impressive 680, though with large variations in secondary typing and stat distribution.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Gengar (600)
  • Hoopa Confined and Marshadow (600)
  • Dragapult (600)
  • Spectrier (580)
  • Blacephalon (570)

Flying: Mega Rayquaza

mega rayquaza

This uber powerful Legendary is back, and this time is representing the Flying-type. As the strongest Flying-type and general Pokemon in the game, it is a staple on every VGC and AG team. Its ability, Delta Stream, only helps to further the power this Pokemon holds.

There isn't much to say about Mega Rayquaza that hasn't already been said — it's a dominant force in Pokemon battles and faces little competition for its top spot as the most powerful Pokemon that can be obtained.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Salamence (700)
  • Lugia and Ho-oh (680)
  • Non-Mega Rayquaza (680)
  • Yveltal (680)
  • Mega Charizard Y (634)

Electric: Zekrom

Via: Pokemon Wikia

Zekrom is the strongest Electric Pokemon in the game by a long shot. The box art legendary of Pokemon Black, it has a dual-typing with Dragon. It has at least 100 points in every category save for Speed, making it a terrific Pokemon all around.

Amazingly, its base stat total is the standard 680 for most box Legendaries, which, while impressive, pales in comparison to some other Pokemon on this list. It just seems like Electric-types don't take these top spots often.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Ampharos (610)
  • Zeraora (600)
  • Kantonian Zapdos and Raikou (580)
  • Thundurus (both forms) (580)
  • Regieleki (580)
  • Mega Manectric (575)
  • Tapu Koko and Xurkitree (570)

Fairy: Zacian (Crowned Sword)

Pokemon TCG Zacian V

Mega Diancie once took the top spot for strongest Fairy-type, but it has since been replaced by Crowned Sword Zacian. Like we discussed earlier, Crowned Zacian has a whopping 720 base stat total.

Alongside its gargantuan base stat total, it also has the highest base Attack and highest base Speed of all Fairy-types, meaning it'll hit quick and hard.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mega Diancie (700)
  • Xerneas (680)
  • Zacian Hero of Many Battles form (670)
  • Mega Gardevoir (618)
  • Non-Mega Diancie and Magearna (600)

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