For hunters who like the option of defense and offense, Monster Hunter World's Heavy Bowgun provides choices for both. One of the most versatile weapons in the game, it can protect the player from a wild beast's ranged attacks while dishing out some of the heaviest damage in the game.

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Perfect for the larger-sized enemies, it will prevent too much movement so hunkering down and taking fire seems to be the best course of action. Not all Bowguns are made equal, and those that stand out are some of the most coveted weapons in Monster Hunter World. Fortunately, pioneers of the weapon type have discovered the gems and amateurs can set their sights on the best of the best.

Updated on June 9, 2021, by Ritwik Mitra: Monster Hunter World is easily one of the best action-adventure titles around, with players being able to utilize a wide range of weapons, movesets, and playstyles in order to develop a specialty and take down the most powerful creatures in the New World. One such weapon is the Heavy Bowgun, which is easily one of the best weapon types in the game for long-range combat.

15 Crimson Kadachi Lion II

Crimson Kadachi Lion II from Monster Hunter World

The Crimson Kadachi Lion II boasts some of the highest pierce damage in the game, allowing players to take down enemies weak to said damage in little to no time.

The fact that the player fights the Crimson Kadachi early on is certainly a huge bonus. It allows players to familiarize themselves with the base weapon and giving them ample time to upgrade it to this high level.


14 Magda Gemitus Vulcan

Magda Gemitus Vulcan in Monster Hunter World

While most people might argue that the Magda Gemitus Vulcan is more appropriate for players who want to set themselves up as the support character in a battle, the weapon certainly has its draws that might compel pure damage builds to go for this weapon as well.

The real magic of this weapon comes with the inclusion of Spareshot which allows players to completely stun lock even the toughest of enemies while simultaneously peppering them with status effect bullets.

13 Safi Burstcannon

Safi Burstcannon in Monster Hunter World

Players who prefer using burst ammo in Monster Hunter World would definitely be well-serviced with one of the most powerful heavy Bowguns in the game — the Safi Burstcannon.

However, keep in mind that the monster that people need to fight to get the parts for this weapon — Safi'jiiva — doesn't appear until the player achieves Master Rank. Thus, it can take quite some time for players to finally get access to this amazing weapon.

12 Safi Snipecannon

Safi Snipecannon in Monster Hunter World

While the Safi Burstcannon is the best weapon in the game for spread ammo, it's not the only monster-part weapon out there. There's another weapon made from the monster parts of the Safi'jiiva that specializes in piercing ammo instead: the Safi Snipecannon.

Any player who gets access to this Bowgun — regardless of how late said access might be — will be an unstoppable force in battle against enemies weak to piercing ammo.

11 Mightning +

Mightning in Monster Hunter World

Most people consider the Mightning + to be nothing more than a serviceable weapon that just falls short of other weapons with greater damage potential like Loyal Thunder and Safi Spreadcannon.

However, players who do manage to get their hands on this weapon will realize how amazing — and broken — spread ammo really is. Even the toughest monsters will go down in a few hits from the Mightning + which goes to show just how underrated and powerful this weapon really is.

10 Taroth Assault Glutton

Taroth Assault Glutton in Monster Hunter World

Touting the best Spread damage of all its competitors, the Heavy Bowgun has the biggest damage potential of them all. Keeping the builds simple, players can maximize this weapons effect remarkably easily with some simple setups.

It has a large clip that allows players some wiggle room with shot precision and speeds up the damage per second. Those that don't want to focus on the minute details of gear and get right into the action will find this Bowgun the best of the lot.

9 Dark Devourer

Dark Devourer in Monster Hunter World

This Bowgun leans towards both Sticky and Cluster damage, either causing a delayed explosion or firing shotgun projectiles that deal massive damage. It lets players that aren't too keen on the melee aspect of the game hone their skills on the outside and focus on placement.

Both ammo types will stop enemies in their tracks and deal massive damage that the bow only accentuates. If players have Spare Shot, they can get off multiple big hits without even wasting their ammo. The only downside being a stagnant game experience for those that want to get into the nitty-gritty.

8 Magda Gemitus II

Magda Gemitus II in Monster Hunter World

One of the most balanced crossbows in Monster Hunter World, it uses almost every kind of ammo available. Giving players the freedom to stick with the bow no matter what monster they come across, it also allows time to really get the feel of the weapon down.

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Focusing on the higher levels of ammo, players that are currently using basic ammo will run into support issues. The Magda Gemitus exploits most styles of play in the game, allowing players from every position to join in on the fun.

7 Power Shooter II

Power Shooter II in Monster Hunter World

Besides one of the most straightforward names in the game, the Power Shooter II is the ultimate jack of all trades, enabling every tactic in the game. Newbies to the gun will marvel at the assault available from almost every angle.

Its strength lies in the status tactic though, employing Sleep/Poison/Paralysis to the monster before hitting it with the massive damage. Gem support would be helpful, maximizing the effect and rendering most enemies incapacitated in the hands of a skilled bowman.

6 Shattercryst

Shattercryst in Monster Hunter World

Widely considered one of the best Pierce Heavy Bowgun in the game, once the Shattercryst gets full penetration, it's off to the races. This weapon is perfect for those that like to stay at range and pick off their target from afar.

Finding the weak spot is key if this weapon is going to perform at its best, requiring great aim and positioning. The recoil and long-range mods will help out and have the perfect shot lined up quickly.

5 Griffon Blazooka

heavy bowgun exhibiton Monster Hunter World

The weapon of the reckless, there's a reason the Griffon Blazooka has one of the most aggressive names in the game. Dealing massive raw damage that will cut through enemies like butter, the Griffon Blazooka is one of the biggest shots in Monster Hunter World.

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On the other hand, it has some of the roughest aims and will require some mods to steady the hands of those firing it. Often described as a guilty pleasure, this weapon is only for those who are confident in their ability to hit the target.

4 Destruction's Fusillade

Destruction's Fusillade in Monster Hunter World

For players that have fallen in love with the shotgun in other games, this Heavy Bowgun aims to please. Giving out the most Spread damage in the game, players that like to get up close and personal will have a field day.

To up the ante, some recoil mods will have to be applied to stop the kick back and try to retain as much aim as possible. Otherwise, it will look more like a blind fire than any kind of assault. Upping the clip will also be helpful so the enemy doesn't take advantage of the weapon's downtime.

3 Ruinous Destruction

Ruinous Destruction in Monster Hunter World

Most enjoyable when dealing with multiple targets, Ruinous Destruction lets the player attack from a safe distance while inflicting harm. Though it takes its time with the reload, a mod will bring it back up to speed while leaving enough space for another mod along the way.

This isn't for those that want to be mobile in battle, as the Ruinous Destruction is not suited for close-ranged combat. That's why the weapon has fantastic reach while dishing out maximum damage, making sure that sluggish movement never has to be tested.

2 The Loyal Thunder

The Loyal Thunder in Monster Hunter World

Not only great for causing damage, but this weapon can also take it too. Along with having some of the highest damage outputs in Monster Hunter World, with shield mods, the Loyal Thunder will take some serious power off of every blow the player takes.

This lets the player sit back and do what hunters enjoy most – taking down the enemy. Without the fear of having to avoid some of the more serious blows, the Loyal Thunder brings back a sense of mindless fun for all those who pick it up.

1 Rajang Destroyer

Rajang Destroyer in Monster Hunter World

Another heavy hitter that specializes, the Rajang Destroyer is best suited for the hunter that likes to use Cluster damage to take out monsters. Its Sticky shots are nothing to be messed with, replenishing ammo and auto-reloading along the way, players won't have to worry about downtime with this weapon.

Spare Shot is coming back into play, conserving ammo and making sure it's not left firing blanks. This comes in handy because this is definitely a volume shooter, boosting its damage and making it one of the most formidable Heavy Bowguns in the game.

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