Hammers are fantastic weapons to wield in Monster Hunter World. Designed for blunt damage, stunning, and even knocking out opponents they’re great at punishing and sometimes stun locking anything they strike.

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The best hammers are ones that can reach absurd damage potential and help keep the enemy in one spot for the player to whack them over and over again. While the best hammer to use depends on each encounter, these are generally the best hammers to take into any battle throughout the game.

Updated On August 30, 2021, by Ben Baker: Determining the best hammer in MHW is a tricky process that is largely dependent on the character’s build and playstyle. Because of this, it’s important to know everything there is to know about each Hammer and what they’re capable of.

This article has been updated include the stats for each weapon to provide this insight. There has also been included a brief guide for each hammer to know what steps or crafting materials are needed to obtain each weapon. With this knowledge tracking down the best hammer in MHW should be much easier and indicate whether it's worth the time.

10 Kjarr Hammer Numb

MHW Kjarr Hammer Numb
  • Attack – 936
  • Affinity – 20 percent
  • Paralysis Damage – 300
  • Skills – Critical Status

Obtained by killing the Kulve Taroth in The Fury Of El Dorado event this hammer can immobilize monsters through Paralysis. It also comes with the special skill Critical Status which can increase the buildup and effects of Paralysis whenever a critical hit is made.

This is especially helpful with the 20 percent affinity bonus built-in and can have white sharpness all but guaranteeing criticals with each strike. It may not do the most damage, but it won't matter when the monster is repeatedly locked down with Paralysis.

How To Obtain

The Kjarr Hammer can be obtained through The Fury of El Dorado event quest and Awakening Alchemy. In The Fury of El Dorado event, players must trigger Kulve Taroth’s Fury mode. In Awakening Alchemy players can trade high and Master rank Kulve Taroth materials into the Hammer. This costs:

  • A Large Elder Dragon Bone
  • 100 – 300 Melding Points
  • 200 – 600 RP

9 Obliteration’s Footfall

MHW Obliteration's Footfall
  • Attack – 1,092
  • Affinity – 0 percent
  • Dragon Damage – 120
  • Elder Seal – High

Made from Nergigante drops, this wicked-looking hammer packs quite the punch with a base attack power of 1,092. It does added dragon damage and comes with a High-level Elder Seal. This makes it a valuable weapon against Elder Dragons as it can cause them to become staggered and remove their special aura for a time.

This does make the weapon a bit niche in its use, but few players would complain about having a weapon effective against Elder Dragons on hand. Even against more standard creatures it does decent damage and is worth having.

How To Obtain

Obliteration’s Footfall can be crafted after the Nergal Crusher. To make one of the best hammers in MHW player’s will need a few materials:

  • 3 - Nergigante Talon
  • 4 - Nergigante Regrowth Plate
  • 2 - Nergigante Tail
  • 2 - Nergigante Carapace
  • 32,000 Zenny

8 Empress Mace Ruin

MHW Empress Mace Ruin
  • Damage – 988
  • Affinity – 0 Percent
  • Blast Damage – 150
  • Skill – Hasten Recovery

Crafted from the Lunastra, the Empress Mace “Ruin” is a strong weapon in many fights. It has a base attack power of 988 and comes with Blast damage for added impact. This alone makes it a useful weapon to simply smash creatures into submission.

The real advantage comes from Hasten Recovery level one which allows the player to recover health with each attack, two decoration slots, and automatic white sharpness. It’s a versatile weapon suited for many occasions with great damage and built-in recovery.

How To Obtain

The Empress Mace “Ruin" is an upgrade from the Empress Mace. To get it players will need the following items:

  • Research Commission Ticket
  • 3 - Lunastra Wings
  • 3 - Nergigante Horn +
  • Nergigante Gem
  • 56,000 Zenny

7 Buona Flora

MHW Buona FLora
  • Damage – 936
  • Affinity – 0 percent
  • Poison Damage – 540

The Buona Flora doesn’t do as much damage as others on this list, but it makes up for it by dealing poison damage with each strike. This is a great weapon when fighting agile targets with few openings as it causes poison to whittle them down as they dart around.

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The other perk about this hammer is it’s easily crafted from a Pukei-Pukei making it a weapon that can be obtained fairly early on. Others will certainly outclass it in hit-per-hit damage, but for long, drawn-out fights against crafty targets, it holds its own.

How To Obtain

The Buona Flora is part of the Blooming Hammer upgrade tree. To upgrade it after the Blooming Hammer 3 players will need the following:

  • Blooming Hammer 3
  • 3 – Pukei-Pukei Scale +
  • 2 – Pukei-Pukei Wing
  • 2 – Toxin Sac
  • 3 – Quality Bone
  • 6,000 Zenny

It can also be crafted directly with the following materials:

  • 8 – Carbalite Ore
  • 2 – Toxin Sac
  • 4 – Pukei-Pukei Wings
  • Pukei-Pukei Sac +
  • 12,000 Zenny

6 Taroth Hammer “Decay”

MHW Taroth Hammer Decay
  • Damage – 1,040
  • Affinity – 0 percent
  • Dragon Damage – 270
  • Elderseal – Average

Carved from the Kulve Taroth, the Taroth Hammer “Decay” does great damage with a base attack power of 1,040. It’s also suited for non-critical builds as it has zero affinity. It can also be augmented twice.

What really makes this weapon worthwhile is that it deals Dragon damage and comes with an Average level Elderseal. The high damage weapon with bonuses against Elder Dragons makes it a solid choice for any hammer build. Though getting it during The Fury Of El Dorado can be a little tricky for some players.

How To Obtain

The Taroth Hammer “Decay” is acquired through either the Fury of El Dorado event quest or Awakening Alchemy. Through the event, the player must cause Kulve Taroth to enter Fury mode for this weapon to be obtainable. Through Awakening Alchemy the player needs high and master rank materials from Kulve Taroth. It will cost:

  • A Large Elder Dragon Bone
  • 100 – 300 Melding Points
  • 200 – 600 RP

5 Taroth Hammer “Sleep”

MHW Taroth Hammer Sleep
  • Damage – 1,040
  • Affinity – 0 percent
  • Sleep Damage – 300

Some players consider this the best hammer in the game thanks to its ability to inflict Sleep with each strike. When built up this causes the monster to drop to the ground allowing the player and their allies to lay traps, recover, and plan the next phase of attack.

Of course, the reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it can cause fights to be long and drawn-out affairs with frequent pauses. It’s solid for lower leveled players or solo fighters, but for those looking to end things quickly, there are better choices.

How To Obtain

Like other Taroth weapons, this Hammer is obtained in the Fury of El Dorado quest or through Awakening Alchemy. To get it from Kulve Taroth he must be placed into Fury mode. If making through Awakening Alchemy players will need the following:

  • A Large Elder Dragon Bone
  • 100 – 300 Melding Points
  • 200 – 600 RP

4 Devil’s Crush

MHW Devil's Crush
  • Damage – 1,196
  • Affinity - minus 30 percent
  • Dragon Damage – 210
  • Elderseal – High

Looking like something ripped away from the corpse of a Deviljho, this hammer is incredibly powerful. With a single level of handicraft, it can reach white sharpness though players are advised to also use Protective Polish to preserve this.

It does suffer from a -30 percent affinity, but with the Dragon damage and High Elderseal, most players won’t care. This is easily the best hammer to take into battle against Elder Dragons.

How To Obtain

Devil’s Crush is obtained by upgrading the Devil’s Due. To do this the player will need the following items:

  • 5 – Elder Dragon Blood
  • 5 – Deviljho Tallfang
  • 2 – Deviljho Scalp
  • Deviljho Gem
  • 54,000 Zenny

3 Ragefire Magda Floga

MHW Ragefire Magda Floga
  • Damage – 1,144
  • Affinity - minus 20 percent
  • Blast Damage – 420

Forged from parts of the Zorah Magdaros the Ragefire Magda Floga deals great base damage at 1,144 and healthy Blast damage. It does suffer from -20 percent affinity, but it comes to with a +20 to Defense.

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Initially, this hammer may not seem all that impressive but with the decoration slot and base abilities, it can be adapted to any situation. This makes it suitable for many builds and can stand in for various combat scenarios until a better hammer can be found. It's a staple for many players that aren’t replaced until the player has the ideal weapon for each and every scenario.

How To Obtain

The Ragefire Magda Floga is upgraded from the Magda Floga. To do this players need a few materials:

  • 4 – Xeno’jiiva Shell
  • 2 – Zorah Magdaros Ridge
  • 2 – Zorah Magdaros Pieura
  • 3 – Firecell Stone
  • 56,000 Zenny

2 Baan Strike 3

MHW Baan Strike III
  • Damage – 988
  • Affinity – 0 percent
  • Sleep Damage – 270
  • Defense – 20

Built from pieces of the Radobaan monster the Baan Strike is a weapon that serves weaker and stronger characters equally. The raw DPS dealt by this hammer is nothing to scoff at and it comes with the incredibly useful ability to put enemies to sleep.

This is considered essential for solo players as they can quickly knock out a monster to give them breathing room to recover or escape. Many players like to put the monster to sleep with this hammer, swap for a stronger hammer to deal damage while it wakes up, then swap back to knock it out again.

How To Obtain

The Baan Strike 3 must be upgraded from the Baan Strike 2. The following materials are needed to do this:

  • Baan Strike 2
  • 5 – Elder Dragon Bone
  • 6 – Radobaan Carapace
  • 4 – Coma Sac
  • Wyvern Gem
  • 32,000 Zenny

1 Diablos Shatterer 3

MHW Diablos Shaterer III
  • Damage – 1,352
  • Affinity - minus 25 percent
  • Ice Damage – 210
  • Defense – 35

For sheer raw damage, the Diablos Shatterer 3 is the way to go. It’s built using parts from the Diablos dragon and has the singular purpose of bringing down opposing monsters as quickly as possible. Its base attack power is 1,196 with bonus ice damage on top.

It comes with +15 to Defense and a -25 percent affinity. But this weapon is designed for doing the most damage possible per hit without having to rely on criticals. It’s a straightforward weapon designed for straightforward hammer-wielding hunters to put down any monster. It also pairs great with the Baan Strike 2.

How To Obtain

The best hammer in MHW is obtained by upgrading it from the Diablos Shatterer 2. To do this the player will need to gather the following materials:

  • 3 – Twisted Stouthorn
  • 6 – Diablos Cortex
  • 5 – Diablos Chine
  • 3 – Monster Slogbone
  • 24,000 Zenny

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