In order to get some of the coolest gear in Minecraft, players will need to focus most of their efforts on gathering levels. With enchantments like Mending in the game as well, having enough experience points in the long run has become even more important when trying to get the best possible gear and maintaining it.

However, farming for levels is a tedious, usually pretty lengthy process. It can get incredibly boring and difficult after a while, which is why players have started coming up with easier, quick-fix solutions to the problem. Here's nine great and pretty easy ways to farm experience without a sweat, and the number one fastest way to actually achieve a high level.

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Updated on November 28th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: Experience points continue to be an important aspect of survival Minecraft, as new enchantments and enemies are introduced. With the 1.16 update, you'll want to get experience points quickly and efficiently to enchant yourself a set of Netherite armor, the newest and strongest form of material made from Ancient Debris.

Thankfully, as time goes on new techniques for gathering experience points are developed as well. The Nether update not only introduced some new creatures ideal for farming but also brand-new locations and methods. That being said, a few already existing methods work out fine as well.

15 Beat The Wither Or The Dragon

Minecraft Wither boss in a desert biome

Both the Wither and the Ender Dragon are major bosses in the game, and as such when they're first beaten they give out a huge amount of experience points. The Ender Dragon especially gives 12,000 points, while the Wither only gives 50. Still, both of them are excellent the first time around.

The good thing with the Wither is that even when he's respawned he'll continue to dish out 50 points after being beaten. The dragon, however, will only provide 500 every time he's respawned in the End. The dragon might be easier to respawn, but the Wither is significantly easier to beat if environmental exploits are used.


14 Find Bastions For Piglin Brutes

Minecraft Bastion remnant merged with a Nether fortress

With the new 1.16 Nether update, a ton of new content is out. Exploring the Nether is so much more exciting than what it once was, mainly due to the new biomes and new mobs that make it even more dangerous and colorful. With new areas and mobs, however, come new ways of earning experience points.

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The Bastion Remnant is a new structure that can be found in the Nether, and it spawns a special Piglin Brute who chases after the player with an axe. This tough mob might be scary, but it provides 20 points of experience when killed. So, gather all your courage and head on over to the closest Bastion to slay one of these beasts.

13 Complete Advancements

Minecraft Advancements List

Some players might now know this but advancements do provide some experience points. This is only a feature in the Java Edition of Minecraft as of now. You get 50 points for completing Return to Sender, Great View From Up Here, Sniper Duel, Bullseye, and A Complete Catalogue. 65 points are given for Two Birds, One Arrow, and 85 for Arbalistic.

An impressive 100 points are given for Subspace Bubble, Uneasy Alliance, Cover Me in Debris, A Furious Cocktail, Hero of the Village, Monsters Hunted, Two by Two, A Balanced Diet, and Serious Dedication. For 500 points, complete Hot Tourist Destinations and Adventuring Time. Finally, for a whopping 1000 points, complete How Did We Get Here?

12 Makeshift Farm In The End

Minecraft Enderman standing by an Enderman farm in the End

If the thought of building massive farms is scary and annoying in survival, rest assured there's quick ways to make makeshift farms as well. One of them requires you to unlock the End by finding a Stronghold and actually beating the Ender Dragon, but it will continuously provide you with steady experience points and Ender Pearls.

Create a simple platform that's lower than 3 blocks in height and stand underneath it while staring at the Endermen around you. The Endermen won't be able to attack you, but you can kill them from safety when they approach you.

11 Nether Roof Farms

Minecraft Nether Roof Farm of Pigmen

Accessing the Nether Roof isn't the easiest task in the game, but it's a task definitely worth undertaking for numerous reasons. For one, the Nether Roof is completely covered with bedrock, meaning nothing ever spawns there and traveling there is safe. It's a perfect way to make a network of Nether portals in a safe location.

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For two, since nothing spawns on bedrock, creating a platform on top of the bedrock out of some other block type that allows spawning allows the player to easily control the spawning rate of Piglins, Pigmen, and the like to create highly efficient farms.

10 AFK Fishing

Fishing is one of the best ways to farm XP simply because it doesn't just grant the player experience points, but also allows them to fish for food, treasure and some resources they would otherwise have to craft. Fishing even has the chance to give the player some rare enchantment books.

A simple AFK fishing farm is something every player needs in their Minecraft world. It's a small contraption that allows the player to simply keep pressing down mouse 2 while standing still.

9 Trading With Villagers

One way to get experience which is often forgotten about is trading with villagers. This is a task most players need to take on anyway, if they really want to get their hands on maps and some cool enchanted books, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

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The downside is that players will need to gather tons of resources and other items to unlock more trades with the villagers, but this process itself also has the chance of gaining them more experience points.

8 Breeding Animals

Farming might not sound like the most appealing and efficient way to get XP, but it's surprisingly underrated among most players. By building massive farms of animals, and controlling the population regularly by killing and breeding, players can gain a ton of XP.

The plus side is that they'll build up a huge stock of food, as well as maintain crops in order to feed animals, which in turn can also be traded with villagers for some more experience. It's all a big circle of life.

7 Monster Hunting At Night

For desperate players, the only option might just be heading out at night to kill some monsters. This is even better in large, empty biomes with no trees like desert and plains biomes, which allows players to scope out the area quickly.

The problem with this is that it's quite dangerous, and venturing out unprepared without proper gear or weapons is a huge risk. Dying means losing all existing experience points, so players who are confident in their skill should be the only ones attempting this chaotic farming method.

6 Smelt Stone Or Sand

Smelting might feel like just one boring part of the game, but it's actually a crucial gameplay element that allows players to get some extra XP. Depending on what they smelt, they might be able to get a surprising amount of it, so any food, ores or even blocks that are smelted are precious when extracted from the oven.

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Sand and cobblestone are some of the easiest resources to get and smelt, which will earn the player tons of glass for building or trading with villagers, and plenty of stone for any building purposes.

5 Mob Grinder

If all else fails, the classic way to gather mobs into a safe spot and funnel them all down into a tunnel of death for farming purposes is to build a mob grinder. It's a super efficient way to farm mob drops as well, namely bones, string and gunpowder.

That being said, mob grinders tend to be huge towers requiring quite a bit of resource gathering and planning when it comes to building. The player needs to be ready to commit to the project, which is why it's not the fastest by any means.

4 Spawners

Spawners, in any shape or form, are a great advantage in the game when found. However, not all spawners are equally good. Spider spawners in particular as inconvenient since spiders can escape and climb walls easily, whereas skeleton spawners are the ideal discovery.

Spawners in the Nether, such as Blaze spawners, are also a great way to farm experience points if the player is prepared enough in terms of gear.

3 Zombie Pigmen

Another mob well worth the farming in the Nether is the Zombie Pigman. They spawn pretty abundantly at all times, and so finding them and having enough of them around is never a major issue. It's also a fantastic way to farm gold quickly.

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The danger in this method is obviously the fact that Zombie Pigmen, when attacked, will all group up on the player and can easily overwhelm even the most prepared survivalist.

2 Bamboo And Cacti Smelter

An extremely popular and highly efficient farm, the bamboo and cacti smelter is ultimately the best and easiest to make farm out there when it comes to getting XP. In fact, this method is so good that players have dubbed it as the XP bank.

The beauty of this is that it's a self-fueling farm, where bamboo is used as fuel in furnaces to smelt cacti into dye. The farm is left to run on its own, and when the player finally comes to empty the furnaces, they'll be showered with tons of experience points from all the cacti that has passed through the furnace.

1 Fastest: Mining

The simple truth is that the fastest way to get experience relatively safely is to go out and mine ores. However, not all ores are equally good. Players will want to prioritize mining ores that will immediately grant them experience points, such as redstone, coal, lapis, diamond, and emeralds, rather than ores that need to be smelted, like iron and gold.

So far, the best ore to mine is Nether quartz, which gives the player the highest amount of experience possible, 3.5 experience points. After that, the best one to mine is redstone.

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