Armor is a critical component of Henry’s gear in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s what allows him to resist enemy attacks and present a solid first impression to any nearby presents. Having the right set of armor can make all the difference in battle.

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Some of the stronger pieces of armor come from various armor sets in the game. There’s only one complete set, with the others requiring different pieces to provide full-body protection. In light of this, here are the different sets based on usability.

12 Polish

Kingdom Come Deliverance Polish Armor

The Polish armor set consists of a Body Plate, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate. In each of these categories, it ranks the lowest in terms of Slash, Stab, and Blunt resistance out of all the sets. It’s also the heaviest set in the RPG.

It is still better than many that are not set pieces, though it does require quite a few to provide full-body protection for Henry. Overall, the Polish armor is an early to mid-game set that is fairly easy to replace later on.


11 Saxon

Kingdom Come Deliverance Saxon Armor

The Saxon set has pieces for the Body Garment, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate slots. It also offers four options for the Body Garment with the Saxon Gambeson, Saxon Dyed Gambeson, Saxon Halved Gambeson, and Dark Saxon Gambeson. Out of those, the latter is the best choice.

The various Saxon pieces are better than many non-sets in this RPG. But compared to other sets, its only real advantage is that it tends to be cheaper at the cost of lesser protection.

10 Meissen

Kingdom Come Deliverance Meissen Arm

Meissen consists of only two pieces for the Leg Plate and Arm Armor which is largely why it ranks quite low. The Leg Plate offers slightly better than average protection. The Arm Armor is admittedly the third-best in the game in terms of protection.

Even with great Arm Armor, the overall protection is meager. Meissen requires many other pieces to provide full-body protection, making it a mediocre set.

9 Kuttenberg

Kingdom Come Deliverance Kuttenberg Armor

The Kuttenberg set has pieces in the Body Plate, Body Garment, and Glove slots. There are three options in Body Garment with Kuttenberg Split Gambeson, Short Kuttenberg Gambeson, and Kuttenberg Gambeson. The latter is the best of the bunch.

While the Gloves are the fourth-best in the game in terms of protection, the Body Garment and Body Plate are run of the mill average when compared to other pieces. One advantage to a Kuttenberg set is that it can be combined with a Meissen set, but neither make a great set compared to others in this RPG.

8 Aachen

Kingdom Come Deliverance Aachen Armor

Aachen is a more diverse armor set with Body Plate, Body Garment, Gloves, and Leg Plate. There are multiple options in each category except Gloves, as a result, this set is commonly used to round out other sets and pieces.

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Aachen Gauntlets are the second-best Gloves in the game and the Brigandine Chausses are among the best Leg Plates. The other pieces are average, making it a decent option to complete other sets with missing pieces.

7 Nuremburgian

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nuremburg Armor

The Nurembergian set consists of pieces in Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate. The Nurembergian cuirass is the third-best in this RPG, with the other pieces running above average compared to both set and non-set pieces.

A potential downside to Nurembergian armor is that it’s rather noisy. For some players, this is a non-issue, but for those who like to be a bit lighter on their feet, it can be a problem.

6 Magdeburg

Kingdom Come Deliverance Magdeburg Armor

The Madgeburg set consists of a Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plates. The Arm Armor and Leg Plates are the best in the game. Even the Body Plate and Gloves are strong, though there are a dozen or so pieces that outclass them.

The Madgeburg is a popular set among the fanbase and many players consider the Arm Armor and Leg Plates to be essential to mixed set builds.

5 Milanese

Kingdom Come Deliverance Milanese Armor

The Milanese set contains Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate pieces. It’s another popular choice for fans thanks to the six options for Body Plate offering a variety of colors. No one piece is the best at anything, but each ranks fairly high in terms of protection in each slot.

As a result, Milanese is often used fashionably while still offering solid protection for the wearer. The Dark Milanese Brigandine has a special place for dark-minded role players. It’s also the fifth-best Body Plate in the RPG behind Bright Milanese Brigandine.

4 Augsburg

Kingdom Come Deliverance Augsburg Legs

The Augsburg set consists of Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate pieces. In each category, it ranks third or fourth-best in the game. It may not be a large set, but it combines well with other armor sets and offers solid protection for each slot.

The other advantage to the Augsburg set is that it provides solid Charisma boosts. In fact, the Arm Armor and Leg Plate pieces are the best in their respective categories.

3 Warhorse

Kingdom Come Deliverance Warhorse

The Warhorse set is unique in that it is the only armor set to have a piece for every armor slot in the game. It’s one of three to have a Helmet, which also happens to be the second-best in the game. It also is the only armor set to have an option for Leg Chainmail.

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Admittedly, it’s not the best armor in categories outside of Helmet or Leg Chainmail, in fact, it’s just above average. But the main perk of this set is that it’s the only complete one that doesn’t need non-set pieces to provide full-body protection.

2 Lords of Leipa

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lords of Leipa

The Lords of Leipa is the second most complete set after Warhorse. In fact, the only piece missing is for Leg Chainmail. The set is also unique in that it requires winning the Rattay Tourney five times to obtain all the pieces.

For many players, this is the greatest set in the game as it has some of the best protective pieces in each category. The Body Plate is the second-best in the game and the Helmet ranks highly as well. It’s also considered one of the better-looking sets thanks to its darker coloring.

1 Zoul

Kingdom Come Deliverance Zoul Armor

The Zoul armor is arguably the best set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, offering pieces in Helmet, Body Plate, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate slots. It has the best Helmet and Body Plate in the game. It is also the second-best in Arm Armor and Leg Plate.

Admittedly, Zoul does require other sets to round it out, in fact, either the Lords of Leipa or Warhorse are good candidates for this. However, considering it is the best in two slots and the second-best in the other two, the Zoul armor is the best overall set in the game.

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