It Takes Two is proof that Josef Fares isn’t all talk and manly men who break out of prison and swear in 99% of sentences. The adorable co-op adventure takes May and Cody through all kinds of Toy Story-like hijinks, all while aiming to ease the split that has widened between themselves and their daughter during a messy divorce.

This story takes you through a variety of locations, all themed around the kind of cooperation you need to make a marriage work. Or a co-op game, coincidentally. Our own Kirk McKeand reviewed the game, and said: “It Takes Two is, without a doubt, the best co-op game you can play right now. It’s much more ambitious and bigger budget than A Way Out, which was still brilliant in its own way. Josef Fares and the team at Hazelight take things to the next level here, and I can only imagine what they’ll do when they’re inevitably given a triple-A budget.”


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In this guide we’re going to run you through how long it takes to beat It Takes Two with your partner, and how many chapters you can expect to adventure through. Just read down below for everything you need to know.

Updated July 18, 2021 by Russ Boswell: It Takes Two has been smashing through sales milestones and entertaining players for almost 4 months now. It's easily one of the best cooperative experiences ever made and it features hours of fun for players to enjoy. It's definitely a title that gamers can go through multiple times (especially by swapping characters) and it's a fantastic adventure to play with multiple sets of people. It's beautifully designed and a ton of fun, offering up great replayability even though it's a fairly linear experience. Many are excited to see where the developers head next and are craving DLC and a new adventure to explore with friends and loved ones. To celebrate the smashing success, this guide has been updated and now includes a sub-section for what else players can do once they've beaten the adventure. Here's a look at all of the It Takes Two chapters.

How Long Does It Take To Beat It Takes Two

It Takes Two spa

According to HowLongToBeat It Takes Two will take you and your partner around 11 hours to finish, although if you’re stopping to find extras, easter eggs, and minigames, then that will be much longer. Although HowLongToBeat claims that a Completionist run of It Takes Two will run at around 14 hours in length, it is in our experience that a first playthrough of around 15 hours is typical.

Here’s a breakdown of how long you can expect to play It Takes Two.

  • Average Game Length - 15 hours
  • Completionist Game Length - 20 hours
  • Rushed Game Length - 10 hours

How Many Chapters Are There In It Takes Two

Characters Cody and May from It Takes Two standing next to the Book of Love
Cody and May from It Takes Two

It Takes Two has a total of seven chapters, each of which has several different game mechanics at play for you to to enjoy. There’s a lot of game to dive into here, especially if you’re going to be completing optional challenges and playing minigames, so take your time.

It Takes Two Chapter List

  • The Shed
  • The Tree
  • Rose’s Room
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Snow Globe
  • The Garden
  • The Attic

Is There Anything Else To Do After You've Beaten It Takes Two?

It Takes Two Cody May Playing Mini Game

It Takes Two is a fairly linear game at its core, with subtle amounts of exploration underlined by the incredibly imaginative and beautiful locations that players will travel through. It's not open world in the sense that there are many collectibles to uncover or collect-a-thon achievements to be had, but players may still want to revisit each area after they've conquered the game. One interesting addition to the release is Mini-Games, which are insanely enjoyable for both players (if done cooperatively) and offer a lot of fun between the tense action of the storyline.

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These Mini-Games are sometimes hidden and "off the beaten path," and there are 25 total for players to experience. Thankfully, the developers added a nifty level-select function that can help players quickly access specific points in the story to find things they may have missed.

Those itching for a little more action should also switch characters with a friend. Cody and May are completely different in terms of gameplay mechanics and it can feel like an entirely new experience if you're controlling the character for the first time. Once players are done with all of the It Takes Two chapters they should definitely consider running through them all again as the opposite character.

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