If you've spent any significant amount of time playing Horizon Zero Dawn, then you will be familiar with the various types of outfits and armor you can get in the game. They're very important, if not equally as important, as the weapons.

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It's hard to fight against a group of machines with a weapon when your body isn't being protected from the stray attacks. The great thing about the armor in the game is there are different varieties depending on what you're fighting against, the conditions, and if you prefer melee attacks or stealth. We're taking a look at the best outfits in the game.

Updated August 28, 2021 by Jessica Filby: With the upcoming introduction of Horizon Forbidden West, many new and old players have found themselves falling in love with Aloy all over again. After all, this game is just incredible to play and is one you can just come back to again and again, always learning something new about it.

One of those new things you may find yourself learning is the use of armor. It can dramatically change your gameplay and help with the parts you're struggling with. So come find the best outfit for you and where to find it.

15 Outcast Outfit

Aloy's Nora Outcast outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

Not many people would consider this to be one of the best outfits in the game considering it is the default outfit that Aloy wears before her journey really begins. But since it's one that she gets so early on in the adventure, it feels like it's worth at least a little bit of appreciation.

It does get Aloy through several rough fights, after all. It's created out of materials found in the Embrace. Unfortunately, you can't add any protection to it, and you won't be able to sell it either, since Aloy always needs to have at least one costume available so she's not killing machines in her undergarments.

Due to this outfit being there from the beginning there isn't a specific way to get hold of it but it's a great starter, as long as you keep an eye out for better outfits when they come around.


14 Carja Silks

Aloy wearing Carja Silks in Horizon Zero Dawn

There are multiple versions of the Carja Silks that look quite stylish. One of the nice things about the Carja Silks is they come with a lot of modification slots that let you enhance the armor.

One of the best versions of it can only be accessed when you begin New Game+ and it's called the Adept version. It replaces the Heavy variant, so you'll want to buy that before you start a New Game+ if you want to own all versions of the outfit. To get the Adept version you'll need at least 2 Rockbreaker hearts and 2 Longleg hearts.

To get hold of the beautiful but heavy Carja Silks you'll need to trade 770 Metal Shards and 1 Longleg Heart at the Hunting Goods Merchant in Daytower. The Carja Silks Medium Outfit requires you to trade 220 Metal Shards and 1 Glinthawk Lens from the Hunting Goods Merchant in the Meridian. Lastly, the Light version means you need to grab 65 Metal Shards and 10 Sparker and give them to the merchant at Daytower.

13 Banuk Trailblazer

Aloy concept art wearing Banuk Trailblazer outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn

Banuk Trailblazer is a great outfit in the game. At first, you could only obtain the outfit by pre-ordering the game or buying the deluxe DLC pack, but since then it has been released on the complete edition of the game.

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As a Banuk outfit, it boosts Aloy's resistance to everything from Corruption to Fire, also including Freeze and Shock. It comes with two modification slots and it is primarily made out of machine parts with a large piece of headwear, and what appears to be a very comfortable skirt to keep Aloy warm.

If you have the Complete Edtion then you should find you can pick up the Banuk Trailblazer outfit from any merchant just outside Nora, The Embrace, and The Cut. If not, check the menu and look under Buy then click Treasure Boxes.

12 Nora Lookout

Aloy concept art of Nora Lookout outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Nora Lookout is a variation of the Nora outfits that is only obtainable by using a pre-order code. It's one of the best outfits in the game if you're someone who values fighting with stealth.

Figuring out your preferred form of combat will obviously help you decide what the best course of action is in regards to armor. The great thing about the Nora Lookout outfit is that it can easily camouflage Aloy and allow her to hunt for machines hidden in the foliage.

Unfortunately, while a lot of other outfits slowly became available to everyone, the Nora Lookout outfit never got the same treatment. It's still only available through a code which is a little disappointing when looking at its popularity.

11 Carja Storm Ranger

Carja Storm concept art from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Carja Storm Ranger is yet another of the many different types of Carja outfits. It offers high resistance to melee fights and ranged combat, which can definitely come in handy when you're fighting against human opponents or machines that fire machinery toward their victims.

The layers of metal and leather will protect Aloy from blades and arrows. The outfit was first only available through a pre-order special, but it is available in the complete edition of the game now, too.

Due to this outfit being pretty similar to the Banuk Trailblazer in its popularity and its availability, you can get hold of the Carja Storm Ranger in the same way. Head to any merchant outside Nora, The Embrace, and The Cut or check the menu and look under Buy then click Treasure Boxes.

10 Banuk Ice Hunter

Banuk Ice Hunter concept art from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Banuk Ice Hunter outfits were created and perfected by the Banuk tribe. It's best to wear this style when you need resistance to freeze damage from machines that are most prone to issuing projectile freeze attacks such as Freeze Bellowbacks, Frostclaws, Snapmaws, and Glinthawks.

They can be obtained in light, medium, or heavy in the main game and an additional master version of the outfit becomes available in the DLC. It's made from cured hide and fur woven together around various machine plates. Appearance-wise, the heavy variety looks the coolest with the horned headpiece being a special attribute.

The heavy version of the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit isn't as easy as the other outfits when you want to get hold of it. First of all, you'll need to visit the Hunting Goods Merchant near the Main Embrace Gate and trade 800 Metal Shards, 1 Strider Heart, and 20 Metal Vessels to get the outfit. However, before you even do that you need to defeat the Corruptor boss in the Main Questline to even get this outfit to be available. The medium version costs 150 Metal Shards and 1 Shell-Walker Lens and is achieved in the same way. The light version of the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit takes 40 Metal Shards and 1 Metalburn.

9 Banuk Sickness Eater

Banuk Sickness Eater concept art from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Banuk Sickness Eater outfits are another Banuk specialty. They are a little bit similar in appearance to the Banuk Ice Hunter outfits, particularly in the headpiece variety. But they are more modeled after the Banuk Shaman clothing choice. The cloth is steeped in machine oils to help protect the wearer against Corruption.

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You'll need one in the main game as you will frequently come up against corrupted machines, especially when you want to go clear out Corruption Zones. The varieties for this outfit include the standard light, medium, and heavy. Each upgrade has more modification slots than the one preceding it to make it even stronger.

Much like the Ice Hunter outfit, the Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy Outfit requires you to kill the Corruptor boss in the main quest before you can trade 760 Metal Shards and 1 Grazer Heart from the Hunting Goods Merchant near the Main Embrace Gate. The Medium is pretty much the same, it just needs 150 Metal Shards and 1 Scrapper Lens. The light needs 60 Metal Shards and 2 Fatty.

8 Banuk Werak

Aloy wearing Banuk Werak out from Horizon Zero Dawn

You'll be able to get the Banuk Werak outfit in the Frozen Wilds DLC. The initial version of the outfit is the runner, but you can also unlock the werak chieftain costume. This is fitting since there is a pivotal question in the DLC where Aloy actually does become a werak chieftain for a while.

It's fun to wear the costume during that period to truly immerse yourself in the role! Like other Banuk armor, this one has been treated with special oils. The chieftain outfit even helps you recover your health over a period of time. There is also an adept version in the New Game+ which has an extra modification slot on it.

There are two ways to grab this outfit. The first, of course, is to buy it using 2200 Metal Shards, 1 Squirrel Skin, 1 Goat Skin, and 1 Badger Skin. Alternatively, you could complete the main quest for DLC and you'll get it given to you by Aratak.

7 Carja Blazon

Aloy wearing Carja Blazon outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

Let's be honest, some of the armor in Horizon Zero Dawn isn't all that aesthetically pleasing. The Carja Blazon outfits are some of the most fashionable and pleasing to look at in the game. They're definitely a fan favorite as many of the edits you'll see of Aloy in the fandom and online are of her wearing this outfit or one of its varieties. The heavy version is most popular with the master version coming in after.

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You won't be able to get the master one until you reach the Cut and begin the DLC. You'll then have to trade 16 Bluegleam to get it from a merchant. However, it will protect you against fire damage.

The heavy outfit can be grabbed from the Hunting Goods Merchant at Daytower for 780 Metal Shards and 1 Charger heart. The Medium will set you back 220 Metal Shards and 1 Glinthawk Lens at the same place. The light set will cost you 65 Metal Shards and 10 Sparker, so nothing too challenging.

6 Nora Protector

Nora Protector concept art from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Nora outfits in the game are the ones available to you at the earliest. You will probably be able to get an upgraded version of the Nora protector fairly early on. It comes in light, medium, and heavy. But when you start the New Game+ the heavy version is replaced with the adept version, which has an extra modification slot.

This armor is best at protecting Aloy from melee damage. It has metal attributes to help protect her from brunt force attacks. Early on in the game when you're facing a lot of Striders and Watchers, this is good armor to wear for when you are swarmed or fighting in close quarters.

The heavy outfit will set you back 1000 Metal Shards and 1 Shell Walker Heart. You'll need to trade it in for the outfit at the Hunting Goods Merchant near the Main Embrace Gate. However, you'll need to defeat the Corruptor boss to do so. The medium is much the same, 190 Metal Shards and 1 Grazer Lens to the Hunting Goods Merchant. If the light version is the one you're looking for then you'll need to get 65 Metal Shards and 5 Sparker and trade them with Karst when you reach Mother’s Heart in the Main Questline.

5 Nora Silent Hunter

Aloy wearing Nora Silent Hunter outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

Another outfit that you'll be able to get early on in the game is the Nora Silent Hunter outfit which, as usual, comes in light, medium, heavy, and then the best version, master, in the DLC. There is also an adept version in New Game+. The Nora Silent Hunter is an excellent addition to the game if you are a fan of stealth hunting and kills.

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It will help you run and hide without being detected by nearby machines. The stronger version of this armor you have the more silent you can be, especially when coupled with some of the stealth skills.

As it seems to be with most of the Nora outfits, you need to defeat the Corruptor boss before you can get your hands on the Nora Silent Hunter. Even then, to get the heavy version you'll need to trade 800 Metal Shards and 1 Bellowback Heart with the merchant near the Main Embrace Gate. Interestingly, the medium version can be found just after you reach the Meridian. Bring 200 Metal Shards and 2 Watcher Lens and hand them to the Hunting Goods Merchant to get the outfit. As for the light outfit, you'll need to get 50 Metal Shards and 3 Blaze then hand them to Karst in the Mothers Heart

4 Oseram Arrow Breaker

Aloy wearing Oseram Arrow Break outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

For as hardcore as the Oseram are, you can anticipate that their armor is going to be particularly heavy and reinforced. Their armor is best to wear for when you're fighting against any machines with strong projectile attacks, as it will be a great asset in protecting Aloy against anything that comes from a long range.

The Oseram are known for being brutal, tough, warrior fighters. They don't remove arrowheads from their armor as a way to show the fight they've gone through and won. Obviously, in-game, that won't occur but you can tell by how the armor appears, it looks incredibly sturdy.

Grabbing the heavy version of this outfit will require 1100 Metal Shards and 1 Crystal Braiding. Give all that to the Hunting Goods Merchant at Daytower and this awesome outfit will be yours. The medium can be grabbed in the same way but only requires 280 Metal Shards and 1 Ravager Lens. The light version is only 70 Metal Shards and 2 Desert Glass and can be grabbed at Daytower, just like the others.

3 Oseram Sparkworker

Oseram Sparkworker concept art from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Oseram Sparkworker outfit is designed to make you look like you're a member of the Oseram tribe, perhaps the right-hand woman of Petra Forgewoman herself! The outfit is especially good to wear while you're facing off against Shell-Walkers and Stormbirds because of their penchant for using shock-heavy attacks.

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The Sparkworker armor will keep you protected by shock attacks and damage inflicted. The outfit can also be helpful to wear when yielding the Stormslinger, although there are better outfits to wear in that case. Oseram Sparkworker is made with hard leather to protect Aloy.

If the heavy version of this outfit is what you're looking for then you'll need 800 Metal Shards and 2 Luminous Braiding. When you have that head over to the Hunting Goods Merchant at Daytower and it'll be yours. Annoyingly, the medium version is found just after reaching the Meridian with the Hunting Goods Merchant over there. Bring 230 Metal Shards and 1 Lancehorn Lens and you'll be able to afford it. As for the light, it's a lot cheaper and can be brought for only 50 Metal Shards and Slagshine Glass with the merchant at Daytower.

2 Shadow Stalwart

Aloy wearing Shadow Stalwart outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

This is another one of the appealing outfits in the game. Wearing it actually makes Aloy look a bit like a superhero or a masked vigilante. It is Kestrel armor so she can blend in at the Shadow Carja base of Sunfall during a section of the main game.

But the armor is more than just for aesthetics, it makes Aloy immune to certain status effects too. It comes in the same varieties as other outfits in the game and it is very customizable and can be modified. It will defend you against sonic effects which are helpful against machines such as the Watchers.

Getting hold of the heavy version of the Shadow Stalwart will cost you 680 Metal Shards and 1 Stalker Heart from the Hunting Goods Merchant in the Meridian. The medium costs 230 Metal Shards and 1 Trampler Lens and can be found in the same place. Luckily, the light version will already have been unlocked if you're looking for the heavy or medium version, if you haven't then keep going with the main quest line and wait until you find the Sylens, then it'll be given to you.

1 Shield-Weaver

Aloy wearing Shield Weaver outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn

The Shield-Weaver armor is easily the best in the entire game. You won't be able to get it until close to the end of the main game due to the fact it is the reward for a pretty long and involved side quest.

You'll have to find five Power Cells which are spread out across the entire land and are only available in specific areas that will be found as you progress through the main storyline.

However, the Shield-Weaver armor makes Aloy virtually invincible. It essentially covers her health bar up and even if you are attacked, the armor recharges to keep you protected. Her only weakness while wearing it is the Control Towers in the DLC which will lessen its power until you destroy them.

Getting hold of this armor isn't like the others, after all, there isn't any other outfit as cool as this one. You need to follow the Ancient Armory questline and head down into the bunker. After that, you'll need to complete the puzzles and insert the Power Cells into the missing cylinders. Once all that has been completed return back to the main room and the outfit will be available to loot. Then your game will never be the same.

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