One of the biggest problems you will run into while playing Graveyard Keeper is trying to earn blue tech points. Blue points won't even be accessible until you've unlocked the church and can't be earned quickly until you're in the mid to late game. Even then, earning tons of blue points to unlock all the technology blueprints can be difficult.

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Some players even find themselves going through every method imaginable to try to learn how to earn the coveted blue points. To help save you a lot of time, we have compiled a list of ten ways for you to earn blue points in Graveyard Keeper.

Updated December 13th, 2020 by Meg Pelliccio: Graveyard Keeper recently received another batch of DLC called Game of Crone, which added new story content, new recipes, allows players to build a refugee camp, includes vampires, reveals old secrets, and you can even join a revolution.

With this recent addition, players have been flocking back to their old save files to take up the mantle of being the Graveyard Keeper once more. As always, the challenge of earning enough blue points to unlock new technology is ever-present, so we've added some additional ways to earn those blue techpoints.

15 Buying Books

An easy way to get blue points is simply by buying books. These can be bought from the Astrologer in exchange for silver pieces. These books can be studied to give you a quick point boost and come in two different varieties. Be warned though, you won’t be able to buy the first one until you hit shop tier two, and the second one is locked until you raise the shop to tier three.

Keep in mind that these are sold in limited supply, so you won’t be able to farm experience this way and will still need to use other methods.


14 Studying Body Parts

Once you build the study table, you can earn science by consuming paper to take a closer look at in-game items. This can be a quick way to earn blue points, as many common items can be studied. Blue points can be earned by looking into body parts such as the heart or the intestines.

Since blue points are harder to come by, studying certain items such as dark organs will award you one hundred points at once, enough to easily unlock a few new blueprints.

13 Writing a Note

Another way to quickly earn blue points is by building a desk that you can write on. For this, you will need to gather a few items. First, you will need to create paper from pigskin or bat wings, next you will need to gather up stories, and third you will need to make or buy a pen and ink. If you can't yet make a pen and ink, then you can simply buy supplies from the astrologer.

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Afterward, you will need to go to the desk and use one of your stories to craft a note, each time this is successfully done; you will earn a few blue points.

12 Studying Grave Items

Graveyard Keeper Study Table

Studying other items can earn you blue points too, such as grave items. The lower end of the scale will earn you 20 points, such as studying a Gravestone or Wooden grave fence. However, the better the grave item, the more blue points you will earn.

Items such as the Marble sculpture and Marble sculpture II will earn you an easy 100 points each, while slightly lesser items such as the Marble Plinth and Marble cross II will earn you 90 blue points.

11 Crafting Prayers

Graveyard Keeper Prayer for Faith

Once you reach Preacher status, you can give sermons one day of the week that will give varying buffs. By default you'll have the Casual Prayer unlocked, which doesn't do much other than give you some faith.

For other prayers, you'll need to unlock their recipes and craft them. In doing so, you can earn yourself some extra blue points. Crafting any prayers will reward you with five blue points each time. You'll be wanting to give sermons for those extra buffs, so the blue points earned are an added incentive to remember to do this.

10 Circumspect Buff

Graveyard Keeper Baking Cake

Another way to earn blue points, though not a great deal of them, is to utilize the Circumspect buff. Circumspect lasts for two minutes and during that time you will earn an additional single blue point for every item you study that requires Faith.

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You can get the Circumspect buff by consuming Cake, Grape Pie, Fancy Lentil Soup, Lentil Cutlets, or Cheese Cake. All of these can be cooked in your home, once you have the required recipe of course.

9 Crafting Steel Items

Graveyard Keeper Furnace III

You can also earn blue points by crafting certain steel items, though you don't earn many at a time. Creating steel parts in furnace III will earn you one blue point for each one crafted.

Additionally, crafting a Steel chisel via any of the three possible recipes on the Carpenter's workbench II will earn you a single blue point each time too. It's not the most lucrative way of earning blue points, but you'll find yourself having to make these items often, so it's more of an added bonus.

8 Craft Fences

Crafting fences is an easy way that you can make blue points early on. Each time you craft a stone fence, you will earn a couple of blue points. Crafting a fence will only take two stones and can be done multiple times in succession. As a bonus, this will also help you increase the quality of your graveyard as stone fixtures are worth more points than wood ones are.

If you need headstones, you can also earn blue points for making more of the stone variety. In addition, there is also a tier II for the stones fixtures that also earn blue points when made by the player.

7 Making Flasks

If you're a little farther in the game and want a more passive way to make blue points, then you can use your furnace. To earn blue points, you simply need to make a ton of glass and have some patience. Once the glass is made, set your furnace to produce as many flasks as possible with your current amount of glass. Afterward, leave the area to do other activities while the flasks are being produced.

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If you can, leave the furnace alone for a few days to let the number of blue points pile up around your workspace.

6 Study and Craft Church Items

Graveyard Keeper Alchemy

There are plenty more items that you can study to earn yourself some more blue points, such as church items. When it comes to the more common items, such as Incense, studying this will earn you 15 blue points.

On the other end of the scale, studying Incense II will earn you 45 blue points. Other church items you can study include urns, which can earn you 30-50 blue points depending on which one it is. Additionally, crafting church items such as candles and urns will also get you some extra points.

5 Make Hemp Ropes

While you won't need too many ropes in the game, but since they can earn you blue points, it won't hurt to make them. To make hemp ropes, you will either need to grow or buy hemp from dig when he reaches level II. Hemp is easy to grow, as you don't have to water plants in the game and will have a stock of hemp for rope-making within a few days. Unlike other, in-game plants, hemp doesn't have a quality level for you to worry about.

To craft the hemp rope, you will need the church workbench and to sacrifice four hemp at a time.

4 Sculpting Marble

Once you get later in the game and earn some blue points from other methods, you can unlock marble sculptures. These sculptures help to greatly increase the points each grave is worth in your graveyard, making earning blue points from marble sculptures a double win for players. If you have the Breaking Dead DLC, then you can use zombies to mass harvest marble for you.

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If you have a surplus of marble from the DLC, then it is easy to churn out statues to gain hordes of blue points quickly.

3 Creating Books

If you're further in the game, then you can probably write full books. Not only is this important for a few questlines, but it can net you blue points quickly. Crafting books does take a bit as there is a process you need to go through, and it will require a lot of items. In order to craft a book, you must first craft enough notes to make a chapter and then a cover to create the book.

The higher the quality of the chapter, the more likely you are to create a more quality book. The good news is the whole process will earn you blue points all the way through.

2 Golden Apple

Acquiring a golden apple won't always get you a ton of blue points, but there is a way to use the item to help you out. To get the golden apple that gives you blue points, you will need to unlock the Snake questline and do the first few quests to unlock the full dungeon. You will then be tasked to make it to the dungeon's final floor, floor fifteen, where you can pick the golden apple from the tree.

After giving it to Snake, he will offer you a taste of the apple. If you choose to accept tasting the apple, you will instantly be awarded one hundred blue points.

1 Make Injections

The final way you can earn blue points is to make injections. Injections can be unlocked in the mid to late game and greatly assist you in earning points in the graveyard. The injections can be made from crafter alchemy items and help to increase the number of white skulls a body has or even decrease the rate at which the body is decaying. There is even an injection that can restore a body up to 50%.

Making a ton of injections can both help you gain a ton of blue points and quickly increase the quality of bodies that you are placing in your graveyard.

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