In Nintendo's brand-new Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are sent to a deserted island to start a new life. From fishing, catching bugs and planting flowers, the island getaway offers a ton of new relaxing activities to take one's mind off of real-world issues.

One of the best ways to spend time in Animal Crossing, however, is designing and decorating one's own island. This is also one of the major tasks the player must undertake as the game's loose story progresses. Here's a bit of inspiration when on the road for that perfect five-star island.

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Updated on July 4th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: Now more than ever is the best time to build a dream island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With so much more content out after its release, players have been able to discover more custom designs and furniture, as well as experiment with the terraforming tool.

As one would expect, the community of dedicated and super talented creative fans doesn't disappoint with its cool island design ideas. If the game is starting to feel boring or a lack of ideas is a problem, getting inspired by some of these insanely well-made designs might just be the answer when it comes to creating an island that truly feels special.

15 Crater

It's insane just how beautiful the world of Animal Crossing looks, even at night time. Players have been trying to take advantage of this by making all sorts of designs that benefit from low lighting, and this crater design in particular is just gorgeous.

Reddit user lalaOHANA decided to make this gorgeous, surrounded by a bunch of beautiful hyacinth lamps all around it. Not only does it look like a romantic getaway, but it also has that magical vibe thanks to fireflies being in the game for the summer season.


14 Bear Picnic

When it comes to some of the best popular designs, no one can deny the power of pink and pastel aesthetics. It just has something special that looks good in the world of Animal Crossing, as proven by countless gorgeous designs similar to this one.

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What's unique about Reddit user Sloomywy's design is that every element really helps to bring the whole look together. From plants to the tiny cups and cakes on the table, they thought of everything when creating this peaceful yet adorable and playful picnic area.

13 Classic Museum Garden

The museum is one of the most important buildings on the island, and that's why players often want to make sure its entrance is worthy of a wow. From placing down fossils to various statues and sculptures, people have been getting very creative.

Reddit user 99accy99 has implemented a classic, fancy garden look all around her museum. The terraforming is very impressive as well, with the statue sat in the middle on its very own pedestal. Blathers would be really touched by this design if he ever walked out of the museum to see it!

12 Library

Unfortunately, the game still hasn't introduced a ton of public services like libraries, spas, or gyms, which is why players have been getting extremely creative with implementing these places on their islands in other ways. With terraforming, creating fake rooms and buildings becomes possible.

Reddit user madvilIainy was inspired by the rest of the Animal Crossing subreddit and made their very own outdoor library. Even though the area is outside, it looks very believable, and the moon at the center is especially stunning.

11 Jungle Vibe

Every island has its own unique theme. Whether it's a northern forest, a Japanese bamboo forest, or even a tropical getaway, there's so much room for creativity as long as the player has all the plants and trees at hand to complete the look they want.

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Reddit user PewPewPop wanted to go for a super summery, warm, and tropical jungle look, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Combined with orange trees, orange flowers of various species, and bamboo trees, their island really does look like a hidden paradise.

10 Beach Cafe

With a bit of imagination, anything is possible in this game, including creating a marketplace, a small shop, or even a cafe. Effeng93 created this super adorable beachside cafe, complete with a pizza oven, a stall and a bunch of tables fully set for dinner.

When in doubt, just create a cafe or an outdoor restaurant that fits the vibe of the island. With fences, the place is easy to mark as a separate area.

9 Double Waterfalls

While at first players won't be able to actually change the terrain of the island that much, as they progress through the game, they'll eventually unlock terraforming as a gameplay option. This allows for a ton of creative and exciting builds and designs.

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SailorKelsey created this incredible entrance to their island by positioning two waterfalls on both sides of a pathway. There's nothing dreamier than this!

8 Infinity Pool

While the beach in Animal Crossing technically offers a ton of vacation and resort vibes, it would be cool to actually have a pool of sorts. TheRealRedViper had the brilliant idea of creating this incredible-looking infinity pool to the very back of their island.

The effect definitely works. That being said, players who want to create something similar will need to wait until they get their hands on terraforming.

7 Japanese Town

There's a ton of different themes in Animal Crossing, from traditional camping stuff to cute Japanese-style items. It's pretty easy to get sucked into the latter, given how much is available to turn any island into a gorgeous Japanese-style island.

TvirusPlague decided to make their very own Japanese town, with appropriate fencing, streets and even the cute soda and snack machines to top off the look.

6 Mushroom Glow

Unfortunately, there isn't any actual magic in Animal Crossing—at least, not in the traditional sense. That doesn't mean players can't bring in a bit of their own magical vibe on their islands. That's certainly what SimSativa did, after discovering a recipe for a mushroom lamp.

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This magical and mysterious look is a breath of fresh air among a lot of the Japanese and camping themed islands. Few islands look as good as this during night time!

5 Hot Springs

Another beautiful natural island idea, durotos decided to create a Japanese style hot spring or onsen on their island. There's a nice variety of decoration here, from the three types of trees that really bring the whole natural look together, along with the flowers and garden lamps. This is a fairly simple yet super adorable addition to any island, and could probably be tailored to fit different styles of islands, as well.

4 Hiking Resort

Those looking for a more traditional camping style look for their island, look no further than Powertato's island. If the idea of Japanese-style gardens and hot springs is tempting, give this cozy wooden lodge-style look another chance before committing.

It actually uses some of the more simple decor to perfection and looks absolutely gorgeous with cedar trees. Just wait for winter, and the lodges will be the perfect backdrop for a holiday photoshoot.

3 Bamboo Gardens

Everyone seems to have gone absolutely crazy for cherry blossoms, and it's hard to blame people, given how cute and colorful they look in the game. However, has anyone stopped to admire just how good and vibrant bamboo looks in the game?

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Paired with red zen fencing, the bamboo and stone steps look particularly gorgeous in this design by watermelonpug7, who made this the entrance to their museum. It's an ambitious project which definitely paid off!

2 Mini Islands

Another great way to find inspiration is to visit a friend's island, which is exactly what beastnunicorn did. The river here looks very interesting, with stone paths that players can jump to in order to traverse the rapids. The double waterfall absolutely breath-taking as well, a testament to great terraforming. Paired with all the cherry blossoms, sometimes all an island needs is just a bit of simple terraforming rather than a whole bunch of decoration objects.

1 Zen Garden

Many islands seem to have a very organized look to them. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. In fact, pigscanflyy decided to just let the plants do their thing and let nature shine. As a result, she was able to create this selfie-worthy zen garden perfect for the current spring cherry blossom season.

The main interest here is the combination of bamboo trees with cherry blossom trees, which looks surprisingly good!

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