Genshin Impact has been all the rage since it laucnhed, and it seems that players just can't get enough of the game. A bustling online community has now formed around the game filled with player tips, co-op groups, and of course, tons of memes.

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From making fun of Paimon to trying to convince players that Amber is a viable party member, just about every character in the game has been brought up in a meme of some sort. In fact, the emergency food dialogue from the first few minutes of the game has become its own line of memes that fans just can't get enough of.

Updated on August 20, 2021, by Jessica Thomas: Genshin Impact has kept players entertained through frequent updates and introducing new characters. With the introduction of Inazuma, there is now more content than ever for fans to have fun with. This means tons of Inazuma-themed jokes, many of which poke fun at the Traveler's ordeal with trying to meet the Shogun. There have also been tons of changes made in the past few months that have caught the community off guard, like changing Barbara's voice lines to sound less cheerful and adding in the mischievous Klee to the game. To celebrate the game, the list below contains some of the best memes about the game.

20 The Archon of Freedom

Archon Meme

Out of the three archons that have been introduced in the game, both Zhongli and the Raiden Shogun have been shown to take the protection of their region seriously. They are both quick to react to anyone who poses a threat to their people and have a strict set of rules.

Venti, on the other hand, is more worried about draining the Dawn Winery of their Dandelion Wine.


19 A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome in Inazuma

A lot can be said about the Traveler's luck in Inazuma; just about everything that could go wrong has. They got wrapped up in a civil war, Baal tried to kill them, and everywhere they go in Inazuma, there is a samurai waiting to try and kill them.

The picture above correctly details how most players feel while trying to navigate their way through the game's story.

18 Betrayed By Pity

Betrayed by Pity

If you are a free-to-play player, then you know just how hard it can be to save up for your favorite characters. This becomes even more difficult when four stars like Sayu are released. Many fans with low pity have been known to pull for a four-star but accidentally end up getting the banner character.

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While this should feel like an easy win, it's not if you were saving for Ayaka and got Kazuha instead.

17 Bridge to Inazuma

Icy Seas Ahead

Fans of Genshin Impact weren't too keen on having to wait to visit Inazuma. Instead of doing story quests to unlock the region naturally, groups of Kaeya's clamored together to build a bridge from Liyue to Inazuma in an attempt to get around the game's natural progression.

Sadly, when you get close to Inazuma, a storm will appear, and the game will send you back.

16 Beidou Has Her Ways

Beidou Getting Into Inazuma

Beidou is the woman you want to go to when you're in trouble or need a ride to a dangerous closed nation like Inazuma. How exactly does she get you there, though, simply by breaking the law and forcing her way into the closed region?

Beidou even has an electro vision that was likely sent to her by the Raiden Shogun, making the situation even more comical.

15 The Power of Klee

Klee is known for being the youngest member of the Knights of Favonius. In her spare time, though, she loves to run around Mondstadt and use her bombs to fish. As many know, she is the daughter of a famed adventure, got her vision incredibly young, and is an unstoppable force in battle.

It's likely that she could even take on the Fatui if need be.

14 Barbara Voice Change

Barbara, along with a few other characters, had some changes made to their dialogue. Because of this, Barbara now sounds less enthusiastic, and the fanbase doesn't know how to handle this. Many even think that the change may be related to an upcoming story quest featuring her.

Whatever the reason may be, players still seem to love playing as her.

13 Wangshu Mystery

This meme really makes players stop and think as the Wangshuu inn is entirely open for exploration. Players can go up and down all the ramps they want, but there are no extra doors that could lead to rooms. This is strange as the inn has NPCs that admit to sleeping there overnight.

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Just where are these guests saying, and why can't the Traveler find it?

12 Fischl's Name

There is an obvious reason why poor Oz has to translate everything Fischl says. Fischl speaks in fantasy languages that she read in books that no one else seems to know. She does this so well that poor Bennett even believes she comes from another world.

Those who can pronounce the words she says are the true champions of the game.

11 Mona Can Glide on Water

Mona is a five-star with the ability to run across the surface of the water. The worst thing any player can do with her is not use this ability. Not only does it make getting across bodies are water much faster, but it can help apply the wet effect to enemies when she turns back into her normal form.

It's understandable that the community is confused by the choice of making Mona swim.

10 Poor Amber

Amber is probably the most misunderstood character in the whole game. Most players will switch her out of their main party the second they get another pyro character, only to bring her back in for small tasks. Many players even create a second team with Amber just for lighting torches.

This adorable comic by Ikazu4ol shows the state of poor Amber as a source used to only light pots and solve puzzles.

9 Emergency Food

While getting a Netflix adaptation of the game isn't likely to happen, fans can't help but dream. In this meme, fans speculate what Paimon will look like when she finally makes her way into a live-action TV show. Strangely enough, she seems to look a lot like food rations for some reason.

While players aren't fully sure that Paimon is edible, the dialogue in the game seems to point to her species being a possible delicacy for some.

8 Switch Players Feel Forgotten

The fact that Genshin Impact hasn't yet made its way onto Nintendo Switch consoles is pretty heartbreaking. While the game will likely appear on the console in the future, Switch fans can't help but feel like they are a little bit left out, especially since the game is so popular.

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Hopefully, fans of the game will be able to play with their friends on Switch soon, but for now, everyone just has to wait.

7 5-Star Obsession

With characters like Diluc, QiQi, and Keqing, who wouldn't want to pull a five-star character to add to their team? The only problem is that five-star drop rates are incredibly low, and most players will only get one after they hit the pity timer, which will take 90 wishes to do.

There is also a chance that the 5-star drop will be a weapon instead of a character which is driving the fanbase insane.

6 Mora Problems

Not only is there usually a resin deficit in late games, but players run out of mora faster as well. Without mora players can't upgrade their characters or weapons, which is an essential part of enjoying the game. To top it off, gathering mora can be quite slow once resources and quests are used up.

If trading were available, we would likely see a lot of people standing around in servers asking for mora.

5 The Water is Deadly

There has been a staggering number of in-game deaths, but monsters aren't the ones that are killing players. Instead, many player-related deaths are attributed to falling into a patch of water once a gamer's stamina hits zero. Once this happens, the character will instantly drown no matter what.

As many players have pointed out, the amount of strength it takes to mountain climb is pretty impressive, but for some reason, that same strength can't be used to stop yuorself from drowning.

4 Overdue Books

Lisa is not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her library. This is seen when players do her first character mission, where she pretty much tricks them into helping her hunt down overdue books. She even chooses to go into a dungeon in order to retrieve a book stolen by a mage.

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It's safe to say that borrowing a book from the library in this game could be a bit more dangerous than normal.

3 Jumping Favorites

Players have been getting obsessed with one game after another this year. First, there was Animal Crossing, then there was Fall Guys, and lastly, Among Us gained popularity seemingly out of nowhere. Now players have abandoned being crewmates in favor of traveling Teyvat.

Only time will tell which game will truly stick around in players' hearts for the longest.

2 Katherine!?

The Nurse Joy epidemic seems to have finally made its way into another game as there seems to be several Katherine's handling the Adventurers' Guild. This even confused the Traveler, who couldn't figure out how an NPC could be in three places at once after adventuring to Liyue and Inazuma.

It's safe to say that there is a huge family of similar-looking girls that are all named Katherine.

1 Distractions Everywhere

The main goal of the game is for the Traveler to find the whereabouts of their lost sibling. Sadly, there is just too much going on in the world to really focus on their family. From random quests dealing with cooking to trying to open every single treasure chest on the map, it's quite hard to stay on task.

For this reason, some players may never end up finding their missing family member anytime soon.

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