Alice is a name that is constantly appearing in Genshin Impact. She is being set up as possibly one of the most important adventures in the series, and many players wouldn't be surprised to find out she is a five-star character. There is a lot of mystery around Alice; players don't know if she has a vision, where she is currently located, or even what she looks like.

Despite this, there is a ton of information scattered around Teyvat about the famous adventure. Some players even theorize that she is either an elf or comes from another world, much like the Traveler.

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Updated on September 25, 2021, by Jessica Thomas: While Inazuma has yet to give fans any Alice breadcrumbs, the summer event was loaded with information about the mysterious character. The Golden Apple Archipelago answered quite a few questions about Klee's mom, but it also ended up leaving many fans with more questions about her powers.

Alice seems to surpass most characters other than the Archons that the Traveler has met in the game, and she is speculated to be an upcoming playable character, due to all the information that has been trickled out about her personality and talents. While Klee has yet to officially introduce her mother, the list below has collected some of the most important bits of information that you can find in the game about the witty Alice.

13 She Can Move Through Teyvat Quickly

Riding Dvalin to The Golden Apple

Quite a lot of information was revealed during the Golden Apple Archipelago summer event. You learn at the end that the mysterious letters that invited Klee and friends to the mysterious group of islands were left by none other than Alice herself.

In fact, Alice seems to regularly keep watch on everyone and can easily slip in and out of Mondstadt without a single soul realizing that she was there.


12 She Is Likely Part Of A Previously Unmentioned Race

klee story quest in genshin impact

There has been quite a bit of speculation about Alice, especially after her relation to Mona's master was explained. Fans couldn't quite wrap their head around Alice's age or the fact that she had Klee during her later years of life.

As it turns out though, Alice is still youthful, during the grand reveal of the Golden Apple questline, Alice states that she and Klee are from a long-lived race.

11 She Created An Entire Playground For Klee

Summer-Barbara-Genshin-Impact Cropped (1) Cropped

While it was previously stated in the game that Alice was incredibly powerful, this was brushed off by many fans until the Golden Apple Archipelago. It turns out that the games at the island, along with many of the strange events that occurred there, were due to Alice's tinkering.

She simply wanted to give Klee a memorable summer and went to great lengths to do so, making her appear much more powerful than some of the other vision bearers.

10 She Is Klee's Mother

Klee Happy

One thing that is made extremely apparent is that the reason the Knights of Favonius are watching Klee is because Alice entrusted her to them. In particular, she was entrusted to Albedo, who is pretty much her adopted brother. Klee doesn't seem to have any other biological siblings, though.

It is also mentioned that Klee takes after her mom, and Alice is the one who helped her design her cute explosives.

9 She Encourages Barbara

Barbara attack

When Barbara was just starting to get a grasp on her wants, Alice came to the rescue. Barbara was already in an idol group, but she didn't understand the implications or any of the things that went into being an idol. In an attempt to help Barbara with her newfound passion Alice gave her a magazine.

The magazine introduced Barbara to the idol concept and inspired her to pursue her dream even more.

8 She Can Detect Magic

Liyue-Village-Genshin-Impact Cropped

Alice seems to have a much stronger elemental sight than the average person. In fact, Alice was even able to sense that there was evil bubbling under the surface of Liyue. This just goes to show how talented she is with her abilities and likely points to her having a sixth sense.

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This leads many players to theorize that she does, in fact, have a vision that assists her with her gifts.

7 She Doesn't Like Hilichurls

Hilichurl friendship meter

Alice seems to take issue with the poor hilichurls, or at the very least doesn't view them as important. Alice once suggested using hilichurls to help give the windmills energy. The plan was rejected by those around her, but Alice had a tough time feeling sad for her enemies.

While it's possible that her attitude has now changed, she may be a fan of wiping out camps for treasure.

6 She Traveled With Zhongli

Zhongli HP Build 51k

It's no secret that Zhongli has been wandering around in human form for quite some time now. In fact, he tended to take on a mortal form whenever he wanted through history. As fate would have it, Zhongli actually met and traveled alongside Alice for a bit while she was in Liyue.

Apparently, Alice thought that Zhongli was incredibly stern and may have tried to help him have more fun.

5 She Wrote The Travel Guide

Library Rules

The travel guide is one of the first things the Traveler gets in Mondstadt and looks for in Liyue. These guides were actually written by Alice, who apparently has made her way all around Teyvat. As one can find out in Liyue, though, not everyone is a fan of her style of writing.

It seems that Alice specifically wrote the guide for adventures without taking locals into consideration.

4 She Is Likely Over 50

Klee Drawing in Genshin Impact

One of the more confusing facts about Alice is her age. Just on the information that players have been given, Alice can be placed anywhere between 50 years old to 70. This could be even older, though, as it is apparent that Alice has been adventuring for quite a long time.

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The most confusing thing is that Klee is likely no more than twelve years old at the very most.

3 She Is Mona's Masters Rival

Mona Still Animation in Genshin Impact

Mona mentions in her story that she is looking for the disciple of her master's rival. After arriving with her in Mondstadt, though, the player soon learns that the disciple she is looking for is none other than Klee. Mona is confused due to the fact that Klee is so young and Alice should be elderly.

It is proven that Alice was incredibly talented in astrology and even rivals Mona's powers.

2 She Has Proposed Several Inventions

Jean Genshin Impact

Alice is skilled in both alchemy and science. She has proposed tons of unconventional yet creative inventions that Mondstadt and Jean has had to veto. Some of these included a launching device, a seashell boat that could propel itself, and a way to take control of the ruin guards.

Sadly the launching pad involved testing it with hilichurls, and the boat meant taking someone's home.

1 She Is Free-Spirited

klee genshin impact

Alice is said to have a personality much like her daughter, which can be seen from her scientific research and general attitude towards rules. It seems that Alice will go for anything that interests her and even once went on a gliding spree where she showed off never before seen tricks.

Alice also doesn't seem to be against delving into research as long as it doesn't hurt any of the people around her.

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