Dating back to 1990 with the release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, the Fire Emblem series is one of the most iconic and definitive tactical RPG franchises around. With sixteen core entries having been released in the series, every installment under the Fire Emblem banner brings something new to the table. Whether it be through its story, characters, or mechanics, it always remains authentic to the franchise's core tactical gameplay.

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However, for those who have played every entry the series has to offer, there is a multitude of fan-made entries to the series in the form of ROM Hacks. Using the GBA Fire Emblem Engine, there are countless fantastic ROM hacks and Fire Emblem fan games that can scratch itches for those looking for new and different experiences not found within the core series. So, today we're going to explore the vast array of Fire Emblem ROM hacks and see which are the best!

Updated December 7, 2021 by Paul DiSalvo: While Fire Emblem Heroes still sees regular updates, there hasn't been any word regarding a new Fire Emblem game since the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2019, creating the largest gap in brand new Fire Emblem releases in many years. Luckily, even for those who have played all of what the main series has to offer there are a wide range of great ROM hacks available, each bringing something new to the table. Whether a player is looking for difficult map design, new classes, or even a high-effort playable joke, there's a ROM hack for you.

12 Legends Of Avenir

fire emblem Legends Of Avenir character creation

Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir is an incredibly distinct ROM hack that uses elements not utilized by the core series until later entries in the franchise such as Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most notably, prior to beginning the first chapter, a player is able to create their protagonist, choosing not just their gender and class, but also their background, altering the course of the game's story! Additionally, as this hack is filled with decisions for the player to make, the game features several route splits that greatly impact the trajectory of a player's experience, truly making your choices matter.

This ROM hack can be found here.


11 Souls Of The Forest

fire emblem souls of the forest rom hack conversation

Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest is a polished ROM hack that puts a major focus on its fundamental gameplay and map design. While many entries in the core series utilize the weapon triangle, it is a major focus with Souls of the Forest, altering the impact of the weapon triangle to have a more drastic effect on combat.

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Additionally, each class in this hack has been altered so that each unit only has access to a single weapon type, further incentivizing players to consider their units weapons when making tactical choices.

10 Dorcas Emblem

doracas emblem dorcas talking to dorcas

While many of the other entries on this list feature impressive mechanical additions and map designs, Dorcas Emblem is little more than a new coat of paint applied to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

However, this coat of paint is absolutely hilarious, embracing the cult classic meme of the game's character of Dorcas, replacing every character and weapon in the game with Dorcas, even including several custom battle animations.

This ROM hack can be found here.

9 Sacred Echoes

sacred echoes berkut fire emblem

Though currently still in the midst of development, Sacred Echoes is a Rom hack that is converting the entirety of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia into the GBA engine of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.

Including key features from Echoes such as its branching promotion trees and the full original cast, Sacred Echoes adds additional features that blend the strengths of Sacred Stones and Shadows of Valentia. This makes the hack a great choice of fans of GBA Fire Emblem games and fans of Echoes alike.

This ROM hack can be found here.

8 Storge

fire emblem storge dialogue

Structurally, Fire Emblem: Storge is one of the most unique Fire Emblem ROM hacks around, utilizing a gameplay structure unlike anything the main series has attempted. Rather than providing a player with more characters as the story progresses, you begin Storge with a set amount of gold that you can use to hire various mercenaries into your army.

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This allows you to immediately make choices, equally distribute your funds to hire several units, or put all your eggs in one basket on a smaller number of potent units. While the hack is quite short, only toting five chapters, this recruitment structure provides that hack with incredible replay value.

This ROM hack can be found here.

7 The Last Promise

fire emblem last promise kilik

One of the older entries on this list, it's hard to talk about Fire Emblem ROM hacks without discussing The Last Promise. Completed in 2013, The Last Promise is a full-fledged Fire Emblem game in its own right, boasting over thirty chapters, including paralogues and alternate routes.

While the vast majority of ROM hacks are left unfinished or are on the shorter side, The Last Promise truly stands out through its scope alone. While the plot and writing may come off to some as overly simplistic or cliche, it is an impressive fan game, regardless.

This ROM hack can be found here.

6 Elibean Nights

elibean nights lyn and eliwood

Rather than using a traditionally linear Fire Emblem structure, Elibean Nights is a fan-made sequel to The Blazing Blade that takes place prior to the events of The Binding Blade, taking the form of several short stories that follow various characters of Elibe. This ROM Hack allows players to tackles stories in the order they choose, prioritizing what engages them through the unique inclusion of a hub.

These stories offer a great deal of variety, allowing you to experience routes such as Karel's, that only contains a single playable unit, or Zephiel's, a route from the perspective of antagonists. For fans of The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade, Elibean Nights is a must-play!

This ROM hack can be found here.

5 Bloodlines

fire emblem bloodlines dialogue

This ROM hack was notably made by Fire Emblem YouTuber, Faerghast, and includes many features and classes not found in the core series, namely a sizable focus on non-human characters. This is a hack that lets you use the protagonist's dog as a playable unit!

With unique units and solid map design that frequently adds additional mechanics, Bloodlines is great for those who've played many other entries in the core series. While the hack is still unfinished, in 2020 a new trailer was released showing off new progress on its development.

This ROM hack can be found here.

4 Justice And Pride

fire emblem justice and pride combat

Like The Last Promise, Fire Emblem: Justice And Pride is a sizable and fully finished ROM hack that offers a substantial amount of content. While far from the most balanced hack, Justice and Pride provides players with tons of fun and unique units to experiment with when playing.

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Through the game's use of character-specific special skills that provide each unit with additional utility and benefits, and the hack's branching promotion trees that feature several custom classes, you're able to train notably deadly units in your armies, making Justice and Pride an excellent choice for those who love raising overpowered units.

This ROM hack can be found here.

3 Staff Of Ages

fire emblem staff of ages eagle

Fire Emblem: Staff of Ages is a stellar ROM hack that features elements of several other hacks on this list, with its only major downside being the fact that it is currently unfinished. With above-average writing as far as ROM hacks are concerned, the game features three lords, much like Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, going as far as to feature a route split that allows you to control your favorite of these lords.

The game makes stellar use of its addition of skills, using them to flesh out units with additional utility and abilities in a way that helps define the characters at a player's disposal. Furthermore, the map design desplayed in Staff of Ages is quite solid, featuring several memorable chapters. Between added skills, branching promotions, paralogues, and great map design, we can't wait to see more from this hack's development.

This ROM hack can be found here.

2 The Immortal Sword

fire emblem immortal sword combat

Rather than being a ROM hack, Fire Emblem: The Immortal Sword is a fan-game that uses the engine of a GBA Fire Emblem game. It has its own impressive interface with GBA sprites, but with various improvements such as better music capabilities.

While Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade served as a prequel to The Binding Blade, The Immortal Sword's story moves further backward in time, functioning as a prequel to the former, putting the spotlight on characters such as Hector's older brother and Lyn's mother. Like Staff of Ages, the biggest fault with The Immortal Sword is the fact it is unfinished. Otherwise, it is among the most impressive Fire Emblem fan projects around.

In regards to gameplay, the Immortal Sword is home to solid map design with difficulty that is often challenging without feeling unfair. Additionally, the game's use if skills provides it with an additional layer of depth originally absent from the GBA Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem: The Immortal Sword can be found here.

1 Vision Quest

fire emblem vision quest dialogue

Released in 2018, Fire Emblem: Vision Quest is by and large the most well-rounded and impressive ROM hack that has actually been finished. Toting incredible and memorable map designs alongside fully written supports, Vision Quest's story, worldbuilding, and characters feel as though they're from an officially released entry in the series.

Paired with its massive size of forty-one chapters and sixty-two recruitable units, it's hard to find an area where Vision Quest falls flat. It's safe to say that few ROM hacks feel as polished and complete as Vision Quest, making it a great place to start for those new to Fire Emblem ROM hacks.

This ROM hack can be found here.

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