Final Fantasy XIV’s beast tribe quests offer players the opportunity to ally with a friendly faction from the various communities��they encounter during story expansions.

Shadowbringers's beast tribes are the Pixies, Qitari, and the Dwarves. The Dwarves will be added as a beast tribe come patch 5.3, which launches August 11th. Here’s our guide to unlocking and progressing these beast tribe quests.

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Players will be able to unlock the Pixies as a beast tribe after finishing the Il Mheg segment of the Shadowbringers main story scenario, which ends with “The Wheel Turns”. Return to the Crystarium and pick up “Manic Pixie Dream Realm” from the Pink Pixie, who can be found near the Pendants.


“Manic Pixie Dream Realm” will kick off a quest chain that’s six quests long, ending with “Forever and a Dream”. The Pink Pixie is named Tyr Beq, who believes that an unknown entity is causing several residents of the Crystarium to suffer terrifying nightmares.

Helping Tyr Beq get to the bottom of this mystery will give players access to the Pixies’ playground and unlock them as an allied beast tribe. The Pixies start off at Friendly reputation and their daily quests mostly involve a little combat and running around to fetch things.

Players can purchase Materia VII and higher with their Fae Fancies tokens, as well the Porxie mount and various Pixie-related furniture items.


The Qitari are rather unique in that unlike every other allied beast tribe that has been added to FFXIV thus far, players don’t get to meet them during their introductory expansion. The Qitari are the First’s version of Qiqirn—you know, the beast tribe known for either being traders or bandits back on the Source?

Unlocking the Qitari as a beast tribe is a fairly involved process, so expect to spend a significant amount of time clearing the unlock quest chains or do them little by little—whatever you prefer. Before players can even access the Qitari beast tribe unlock quest, they must first finish the main scenario quest “Bearing With It” and complete two separate quest chains.

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While these quest chains are somewhat long, players will be rewarded with the Great Serpent of Ronka minion in addition to making progress toward the Qitari beast tribe unlock quest, so it’s well worth doing.

The first quest chain begins with “The Great Deceiver”. Pick it up from Valan, who can be found in Slitherbough. The second quest chain begins in Fanow with “Stand on Ceremony”, which is offered by Lanille. These two chains will intersect with the quest “Protectors of the Wood”. Finish this to receive the Great Serpent of Ronka minion, then head to Slitherbough and speak with the Concerned Mother to start “The Stewards of Note”. Finishing the quest will finally, finally unlock the Qitari.

Players will only be able to start “The Stewards of Note” as a level 70 Disciple of the Land or higher, because—you guessed it—the Qitari’s daily quests are all about gathering. Players can purchase the Behelmeted and Behatted Great Serpent of Ronka minions, gathering materia that is level VII or higher, and the Great Vessel of Ronka mount with Qitari Compliments currency.


The Dwarves, otherwise known as Lalafells back on the Source, mark the first time a playable race has been introduced as an allied beast tribe.

Patch 5.3, which drops August 11th, will add them to the game. This article will be updated once more information is available.

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