Stealth builds take what was previously a straightforward shooter and turn it into a tactical and complex style of play. In Fallout 4, it can sometimes be difficult to effectively play as a stealthy character, but it is incredibly rewarding when it pays off.


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Whether you’re looking for a silent assassin operating in the cover of night or a long-range sniper waiting for the perfect shot, these stealth builds are sure to make your next playthrough much more interesting.

Updated September 15, 2021 by Ben Baker: Surprisingly a Fallout 4 stealth build is one of the more effective ways to play through the game. In fact, the Infiltrator is one of the best builds period, not just the best stealth build in Fallout 4. To give you a little more variety when it comes to playing this great game, it seemed appropriate to add a few more unique Fallout 4 stealth builds. One roleplays really well into the Railroad faction, another sees the player fighting unarmed, and one is even a pacifist approach. If the other stealth builds have started to feel stale, then seriously give some of these news ones a run, you might be surprised.

13 Cowardly Scrounger


Fighting isn’t always the answer. Granted in the post-apocalypse it often is, but you’d be surprised what you can do without getting your hands dirty. The Cowardly Scrounger uses stealth to evade fights as much as possible.

As a Fallout 4 sneak build, you need lots of Agility and max Sneak. Your goal is to creep around the Commonwealth getting a stockpile of supplies and caps to buy better supplies. High Intelligence can help with leveling or running with lots of luck for idiot savant can be just as feasible. Once you have a warehouse of Stimpaks and ammo you can fight if you want to, or keep sneaking around.


12 Synth Operative

Fallout 4 XPN-20A Synth

The Synth Operative bears a lot of similarities to the Spy build. This Fallout 4 stealth build has your character pledging loyalty to the Railroad. Laser weapons are the primary choice, though any silenced weapon is a good secondary. Having a high Agility for Moving Target does wonders if stealth goes out the window.


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A high charisma can also help avoid fights, get better deals on gear, or even turn enemies against each other. You could work alone or bring Deacon along. The idea is to talk first and shoot if necessary while spreading the agenda of the Railroad.

11 The Adjuster

Fallout 4 Killing Raider With Power Fist

The Adjuster is basically a Fallout 4 ninja build without traditional weapons. Instead of slicing enemies with swords or putting two in the head with a silenced pistol, you’ll fight unarmed. It’s a trickier style of play but leaves more points open to spending on other SPECIAL stats.

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Like any stealth build, high agility for Sneak is a must and Strength is key for unarmed damage. Rooted synergizes well with sneaking up on someone and smacking them over the back of the head. To milk a few more damage points you could use a weapon like Deathclaw Gauntlet or Power Fist as they count as unarmed weapons.

10 Sneaky Fatman

Fallout 4 character holding the Fatman

The Explosive Stealth build is a lot of fun and far from your traditional stealth character. Your main weapons are mines and the Fatman Launcher. Basically, what you do is stealthy place mines in key areas, launch a mini-nuke, and the enemies will either die from the initial barrage or run into the mines.

High Agility and Perception are key for the perks you need. The critical perk Sneak should be as high as you can get it, and Demolitions Expert will raise the damage of your mines and mini-nukes. Night Person helps with stealth, Scrounger will help you find more mini-nukes, Lock Picking to help you reach areas. From there, pick whatever else you want.

9 Ninja

Character in fog in Fallout 4

The Ninja is a sword-based melee fighter that relies on stealth damage multipliers to finish enemies off in one hit without getting noticed. Agility and Perception are key, Luck helps with criticals, and Sneak is an absolute must.

You’ll obviously want the Ninja perk to boost melee sneak attacks, Mister Sandman to kill people in their sleep, Night Person to see better at night and improve your effectiveness, and Big Leagues to raise your melee damage.

8 Puppet Master

Conversation in Fallout 4

The Puppet Master is difficult to use and can get very annoying as it’s heavily RNG based, but, when it works, it's addictive enough to make you keep trying. You won’t be the one doing the fighting, your enemies will fight each other through your manipulations, so you better have a high Charisma and Luck.

You’ll want Intimidation at five stars to convince enemies to fight each other, Lady Killer/Black Widow helps with this, Animal Friend convinces animals to turn on each other, Robotics Expert to hack robots, and Wasteland Whisperer convinces creatures to fight. Start by using stealth with a Syringer loaded with Berserk syringes, and, if that fails, use your words. If that fails, then it’s just a standard fight.

7 Spy

Character holding gun in Fallout 4

The Spy is a pacifist who uses stealth to avoid conflict but isn’t afraid to resort to a silenced pistol if they need to. Perception, Agility, and Intelligence are key to this build. Essential perks are Hacker, Locksmith, Sneak, and Mister Sandman.

Creep around enemies, turn security robots on if you need to, and put a bullet in your target's head while they sleep. You’ll want Gun Nut early so you can craft suppressors on your gun. The idea is to never be seen while leaving as few bodies as possible.

6 Human Deathclaw

Character dressed in Deathclaw trappings in Fallout 4

The Human Deathclaw is a quirky build that can be a lot of fun. Your weapon is the Deathclaw Gauntlet and Raider or Leather armor for the aesthetics. Iron Fist applies with this weapon and Blitz is an absolute must. The playstyle has you sneaking in range on enemies then using Blitz to teleport to your opponent with VATS and gut them with the claws.

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High Agility is needed to get Blitz, Ninja, Action Boy/Girl, and Sneak. After that Strength with a little Endurance can help and any perk that boosts damage or durability.

5 Serial Killer

Zombie character in Fallout 4

Serial Killer is a roleplay build with strong combat abilities making it viable. With a high charisma and perks like Lady Killer/Black Widow, you can charm anyone. Yet, at night, you are a killer using perks like Night Person, Sneak, Ninja and Mister Sandman to kill people in their sleep with a knife or similar bladed weapon.

The Cannibal perk is optional, as it fits the roleplay, but isn’t necessary for someone who can get good prices on healing goods thanks to the Charisma.

4 Stealth Rifleman

Character with hat in Fallout 4

Stealth Rifleman is sometimes called the Black Ops Specialist. It utilizes stealth in combination with a suppressed assault rifle to take out targets. High Agility and Perception are needed for essential perks like Sneak, Rifleman for semi-auto or Commando for full auto weapons, and Basher for when you want to conserve ammo.

Gun Nut is also essential to squeeze out more damage and to install a suppressor. After that get durability stats. The nice thing about this build is it’s more than viable if you’re discovered and get dragged into a typical gunfight.

3 Stealthy Boy

Power armor in Fallout 4

You’ll often feel like a bull in a china closet with this build, but it can be fun and do what most stealth builds don’t, let you use Power Armor. You’ll want high agility and perception for stealthy stats like Sneak, Night Person, and Ninja.

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You’ll also want a high Intelligence to five-star your Science perk to put Stealth Boys on your Power Armor which allows you to become invisible when crouching in it. Then, you tiptoe to your enemies and kill them quietly if you can or start brawling in your Power Armor.

2 Sharpshooter

Character holding sniper rifle in Fallout 4

Sharpshooter is essentially the Ninja customized for sniper rifles and the killing is done quietly from a distance. Hunting rifles or any long-range weapon that can get you headshots will be your tool of choice, if you do go hunting rifles get the Rifleman perk and possibly Basher if you need to get your hands dirty up close or switch to another weapon.

You’ll also want decent Intelligence to get Gun Nut to make the modifications to create a sniper rifle such as a long barrel, suppressor, scope, and so on. High Agility is required to give you Sneak, Ninja, and Quick Hands to reload faster.

1 Infiltrator

Character holding silenced pistol in Fallout 4

The most powerful stealth build is the Infiltrator, and it’s a lot of fun. You start by methodically taking out the enemy one at a time with a suppressed pistol using VATS, and, if noticed, you start blowing out legs to cripple your melee foes like Mr. Reese from Person Of Interest or arms and heads if they’re packing a firearm.

The Deliverer is a great weapon for this build as it consumes very little AP in VATS and any quiet armor like modified leather will do. You’ll want high agility and luck, with decent Intelligence and perception. Perks are Locksmith to get around, Sneak, Ninja, Action Boy/Girl, Gunslinger, Mister Sandman, and Gun Nut to modify your pistol.

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