For players looking to get an edge in Fallout 4 so they can tackle some of the more difficult missions, they should consider earning one or more of the Companion perks available in the game. These perks give the Sole Survivor some kind of bonus, depending on the companion's skills, personality, and backstory.

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All companion perks in Fallout 4 are earned by achieving maximum affinity with a particular companion, and each one is unique. The player should talk to their companion once the game indicates that that companion "idolizes you" to unlock the perk. Once the Sole Survivor has earned their perk, it's permanent; they can't lose it even if the affinity level with that companion changes or they have another companion follow them.


Keeping Track of Affinity

Unfortunately, a companion's affinity level is hidden from the player and can only be seen through console commands. However, there are a few tools that can be used to keep track too. Usually, companions will begin with an affinity level of zero. The maximum possible affinity is 1000 points, and the lowest possible is -1000 points.

If the player isn't sure where they sit on the Companion's affinity scale, they can work towards earning affinity and wait for the game to let them know when they've hit a major milestone.

-1000 Affinity: Hatred

  • The game says that the Companion "hates you"

-500 Affinity: Disdain

0 Affinity: Neutral

  • The game says that the Companion "tolerates you"

250 Affinity: Friend

500 Affinity: Admiration

  • The game says that the Companion "admires you"

750 Affinity: Confidant

1000 Affinity: Infatuation

  • The game says that the Companion "idolizes you"

When players know how much affinity they need to get, they can keep track of said affinity through the Companion's reactions to what the Sole Survivor says or does.

  • The game indicates the Companion "liked that": +15 Affinity
  • The game indicates the Companion "loved that": +35 Affinity
  • The game indicates the Companion "disliked that": -15 Affinity
  • The game indicates the Companion "hated that": -35 Affinity

Console Commands

If the player can use console commands, they can use the "GetAV CA_Affinity" command to check and see where their Companion's affinity is at. Players can also use console commands to raise, lower, or reset a Companion's affinity, but should be cautious — some console commands can permanently affect or change the player's save file.

Accruing Affinity

Fallout 4 One Punch Power Fist

The player can earn affinity with different characters by performing actions or choosing dialogue options that they agree with. Every action or dialogue line, big or small, could have an effect on the companion's opinion of the Sole Survivor.

A few things to keep in mind...

  • Romance: Flirting with the Companion will help increase their affinity, and the player can romance more than one Companion at a time
  • Speech: Having a high speech skill may help the player flirt, get out of awkward situations, and more
  • Dialogue: Each dialogue option counts as its own action, so each option over the course of a conversation can provide affinity points
  • Cooldown: Some actions are "repeatable," so they'll earn affinity points every time the player does them (like healing Dogmeat, drinking alcohol, hacking, murder, lockpicking, and more), but they have cooldown periods, so they can't be repeated over and over again in one go
  • Modifiers: When a player receives or loses affinity points, the game may assign a modifier to it, meaning, for example, when a Companion "liked" a player's actions, it may be slightly more or slightly less than +15 affinity — but it's a good estimate if the player can't use console commands

Cait - Trigger Rush

Cait Speaking to Sole Survivor

Cait grew up in an Irish household and was abused by her family members. Cait's perk, Trigger Rush, is a skill that means the Sole Survivor's Action Points regenerate 50% faster whenever the player falls below 25 Action Points. It's possible to earn maximum affinity with Cait after her personal quest, Benign Intervention.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Being generally mean and violent
  • Threatening people
  • Deciding not to join the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Generally approving of alcohol and drugs
  • Choosing sarcastic dialogue options
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Stopping the Institute
  • Taking odd jobs
  • Inciting, enjoying, and approving of chaos
  • Being brutally honest

Codsworth - Robot Sympathy

codsworth feature image

Codsworth is a butler robot from the Sole Survivor's pre-war life. His perk is Robot Sympathy, which means that the Sole Survivor gets +10 Damage Resistance against any mechanical enemy's energy attacks.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Modifying weapons or armor at the workshop
  • Helping others (especially the less fortunate)
  • Preventing unnecessary death
  • Obeying the law
  • Acting responsibly
  • Finding peaceful resolutions to problems
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Showing empathy to others

Curie - Combat Medic

Fallout 4 Curie

Curie is a state-of-the-art robot that was designed to protect Vault 81. The Combat Medic perk that she provides at maximum affinity means that the player can heal 100 hit points once per day (as long as their health is under 10%). It can be unlocked after completing her quest, Emergent Behaviour.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Resolving problems and arguments peacefully
  • Acting selflessly
  • Using a stimpak on Dogmeat
  • Passing speech checks
  • Being honest
  • Expressing sympathy for others
  • Encouraging others not to lose hope
  • Helping others
  • Protecting human settlements and rescuing people

Paladin Danse - Know Your Enemy

Paladin Danse

Danse is the commanding officer of a unit in the Brotherhood of Steel. His perk, Know Your Enemy, means that the Sole Survivor will deal 20% more damage against ghouls, super mutants. To earn this perk, the player needs to complete his personal quest, Blind Betrayal, as well as reach maximum affinity with him. If the player joins the Minutemen or the Railroad before completing Blind Betrayal, the perk will be permanently locked.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Supporting the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Completing the repeatable quests from the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Being reasonable in conversations with others
  • Helping the less fortunate
  • Agreeing to become the General of the Minutemen
  • Being sarcastic with members of the Church of the Children of Atom
  • Asserting that a civilized world needs rules to function
  • Crafting weapon, armor, or power armor upgrades

Deacon - Cloak and Dagger

Fallout 4 Deacon

Deacon is an agent for the Railroad, an organization looking to liberate so-called "synths." His perk means that the Sole Survivor has an extra 20% damage when sneaking, and any effects from Stealth Boys is increased 40%. This perk is known to have a few bugs associated with it.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Lock-picking
  • Hacking terminals
  • Bribing when needed to avoid conflict
  • Promising to help others in need
  • Using a stimpak on Dogmeat
  • Successfully finding peaceful ways to solve disputes and problems
  • Helping synths
  • Talking positively about and vocally supporting synths
  • Joining the Railroad

Dogmeat - Attack Dog


Dogmeat is a German Shepard the Sole Survivor can recruit in the Commonwealth toward the game's start. His perk, Attack Dog, is the only companion perk that must be unlocked via leveling — all the others rely on affinity. It should be unlocked through the player's perk chart and has four ranks (the final one can be unlocked at level 31).

John Hancock - Isodoped

FO4 John Hancock

John Hancock is a ghoul, someone who has been mutated or otherwise affected by prolonged exposure to radiation. When the player unlocks his perk, Isodoped, their critical hit value increases 20% faster, so long as they also have 250 Radiation points (about a quarter of the player's health bar).

Earn Affinity By...

  • Using chems, and becoming addicted
  • Giving other people chems
  • Being nude
  • Delivering justice to (harming) those who deserve it based on their actions
  • Joining the Minutemen
  • Talking down potential killers
  • Advocating for rights for the ghouls
  • Defending innocent people
  • Disavowing slavery

Robert MacCready - Killshot

Smiling Robert Maccready

Robert MacCready is a mercenary who used to be the mayor of a town called Little Lamplight. The player can unlock his perk, Killshot, after completing his quest Long Road Ahead. Killshot means that the Sole Survivor has a 20% greater chance to strike the enemy's head in V.A.T.S.

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Earn Affinity By...

  • Stealing things
  • Picking locks
  • Lying, threatening, or asking for more money by passing a Charisma check
  • Behaving like a mercenary
  • Doing criminal actions
  • Choosing sarcastic, threatening, or cynical dialogue options
  • Taking bribes
  • Only working for money, never for free

Nick Valentine - Close To Metal

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is a private detective and a synth who lives in Diamond City. To earn Close To Metal, Nick's perk, the player must reach maximum affinity with him and complete his personal quest Long Time Coming.  The perk means that the Sole Survivor will have an extra guess the dial the password into terminals, and the terminals take 50% less time to reset after a failed hack attempt.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Hacking computer terminals
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Doing selfless or kind things for others
  • Not choosing the Institute at the end of the main quest
  • Refusing bribes
  • Sympathizing with others
  • Supporting the Railroad
  • Vocalizing support for synths and comparing them to slaves
  • Killing super mutants threatening Diamond City
  • Abiding by the law and encouraging others to do so

Piper Wright - Gift of Gab

piper wright

Piper Wright is a journalist in Diamond City who runs her own newspaper, "Publick Occurrences." When the player earns maximum affinity with her, they gain her perk: Gift of Gab. This doubles the amount of experience the Sole Survivor earns when they persuade someone or discover a new place.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Helping innocent people
  • Joining the Minutemen
  • Recruiting others into the Minutemen
  • Picking locks, so long as they're unowned
  • Joining the Railroad
  • Sarcastic dialogue choices
  • Killing super mutants threatening Diamond City
  • Encouraging people to come together and fight for a better world

Preston Garvey - United We Stand


Preston Garvey is a leader in the Commonwealth Minutemen, a volunteer militia that defends the people in the Commonwealth. His perk is called United We Stand. It increases the player's damage resistance by 20 points and causes them to deal 20% more damage when they're outnumbered (by at least three to one).

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Earn Affinity By...

  • Evacuating the Institute survivors
  • Offering to help the less fortunate
  • Choosing sarcastic dialogue options (so long as the player doesn't insult anyone)
  • Recruiting people for the Minutemen
  • Customizing weapons
  • Putting a Radio Freedom radio into settlements
  • Ending conflicts peacefully when possible
  • Helping Diamond City security officers
  • Never stealing
  • Letting Virgil live
  • Turn down bribes

Strong - Berserk

Strong from Fallout 4

Strong is a super mutant, a person who developed huge muscles and has become immune to radiation or disease because they were exposed to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. When the player reaches maximum affinity with Strong they receive his perk, Berserk. It means that the player deals 20% more melee damage if their health is less than a quarter full.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Killing enemies
  • Completing radiant quests (if the player chooses the bottom dialogue when accepting them)
  • Eating corpses
  • Threatening people
  • Never pickpocketing
  • Never stealing
  • Not using power armor
  • Buying dogs, wolves, or mutant hounds from Erickson
  • Being generally violent and threatening
  • Killing the Railroad

X6-88 - Shield Harmonics

Fallout 4 x6-88

X6-88 is a synth working for the Institute that was specifically designed for high-risk missions. His perk, Shield Harmonics, increases the Sole Survivor's energy resistance by 20 points.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Accepting side-missions from the Institute
  • Entering power armor
  • Helping Institute scientists
  • Hacking computer terminals
  • Modifying weapons and armor
  • Asking for more money from quest-givers via successful Speech check
  • Threatening others
  • Not killing Virgil
  • Not using chems or becoming addicted
  • Not entering Diamond City
  • Turning Acadia into the Institute

Old Longfellow - Hunter's Wisdom

Fallout 4 Old longfellow

Old Longfellow is an experienced hunter living out of a cabin near Far Harbour. When the Sole Survivor reaches maximum affinity with him they will unlock his perk, Hunter's Wisdom. It means that the energy resistance and damage resistance of all animals and sea creatures goes down by 25%.

Earn Affinity By...

  • Drinking alcohol (but not beer)
  • Requesting more money from quest-givers
  • Not using chems, and stopping/discouraging others from using them
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Doing good deeds
  • Not being a cannibal
  • Accepting Minutemen quests that help out settlements
  • Buying a guard dog from Erickson
  • Being sarcastic
  • Killing raiders

Porter Gage - Lessons In Blood

Fallout 4 porter gage

Porter Gage is a raider who grew up on a small farm with his parents. The perk that Porter Gage provides at maximum affinity is Lessons In Blood, which means that the Sole Survivor gets an extra 10 points of damage resistance and earns 5% extra experience per kill. This perk is also associated with a few bugs in-game.

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Earn Affinity By...

  • Picking locks
  • Stealing items
  • Modifying weapons
  • Building settlements
  • Asking quest-givers for more money
  • Choosing sarcastic dialogue options
  • Wiping out the Railroad
  • Killing synths
  • Being generally violent
  • Refusing radiant quests from settlers
  • Not joining the Minutemen
  • Not using chems

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