Don’t Starve Together is a fun but often-punishing survival game where you work with your friends to forage, craft, and fight off the shadows. As you attempt to survive each day, you could probably use an occasional pick-me-up. That might mean shuffling players around, making sure your stats are up, or messing with the flow of time itself.

That’s where console commands come in handy! This introductory list of commands will help you—and your friends—survive everything from an empty inventory to harsh winters.

The Command Console is usually enabled by default, so simply press the tilde “~” key to get started!

10 10. Keep Up Your Stats

A great place to start is making sure all of your stats—including health, sanity, and hunger—are in top condition. To set each individual stat to maximum, you can use this line of code:


If you’d like to set a different stat, simply replace “health” above with “sanity” or “hunger.” Some folks would prefer to use a specific percentage, so in that case, this line’s your go-to:


Just like the first line, replace “health” with “sanity” or “hunger” to set those separately, too. Make sure to write the “percent” here as a decimal, like 0.90 for 90%, as well.


9 9. Fill Your Pockets With Items

You can never have too many items, right? Or creatures, either—living among the Beefalos sounds pretty great! These lines of code will get you the items, props, or creatures you crave. That even means Tallbirds or Spider Queens, too!

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To spawn a specific item, write up this line:

c_spawn("item", amount)

“Item” can be replaced with any animal, monster, character, item, or environment object in the game. “Amount” is simply how much of it you want. Just be careful not to spawn too many Terrorbeaks! You can also replace “spawn” with “give” if you’d like the items to show up in your inventory.

8 8. Turn On God Mode(s)

A true classic for any good console command system. Turning on God Mode will ensure your stats stay right where they are and you get reincarnated if you happen to die. Pretty neat!

Don’t Starve Together even comes with a Super God Mode that’ll bring your stats up to max, no matter what.

Each of these modes can be turned on separately using the lines below:




That last line’s a little more complex-looking, but never fear—that’s Creative Mode! Just like any good crafting game, Creative Mode can come in handy when you want to craft just about anything.

7 7. Fellow Players

Sometimes, you need to hop across the map to your friends—or you just want to teleport them to you. To get started, you can grab a reference list of player’s numbers by typing in:


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To move someone, make sure to replace “number” with the specific player’s number in the following line:


Or, if you’d prefer to teleport to them:


Killing or resurrecting a player is also possible—just be wary of that kind of power! You never know when your friends could turn against you. To kill them:


Or to bring them back and make amends:


6 6. Time and Seasons

Didn’t we mention messing with the flow of time earlier? That’s why these commands exist!

Want to skip a whole day? Simply type:


Or maybe you’d prefer to start summer right away. That's possible with:

TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_setseason", "summer")

You can start winter, too, if that’s more your cup of tea. Simply replace “summer” with “winter” in the line above!

Or, if you’re looser with how far you’d like to skip, you can plug in:*30*days)

“Days” can be replaced with the number of days you’d like to skip. Be extra careful, though: too many skipped days can slow your game down.

5 5. What’s The Weather?

If you can change the fabric of time itself, then of course you can alter the weather, too. No more rain to worry about! Or lots of rain to deal with, if that’s more your speed.

Let’s set the temperature first:


“Degrees” works the same as the lines for stats, where you need to use a decimal like 0.90 for 90%.

You can start up some rain with this:


Or stop it immediately with this:

TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_forceprecipitation", false)

You could also cause a lightning strike!

TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_sendlightningstrike", ConsoleWorldPosition())

Or a meteor strike, for those who prefer crazy weather:

c_spawn("shadowmeteor", 1)

4 4. Networking, Networking, Networking

Then there’s the more tech side of things that’ll allow you to remove objects from the world or change server properties.

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These two lines will let you delete the item positioned under your mouse:



If you come to the unfortunate situation where you need to kick or ban a player from your server, these lines will help you out:



And if you'd like to close your server and ensure more players don't arrive during a game, this line will serve you well:


Changing “false” to “true” will allow you to open your server up again.

Every once in a while, you’ll need to make sure your server is running in tip-top shape. That’s where reloading comes in handy!

Regenerate the world with this:


Saving the server manually is pretty easy:


But if you need to shut down the server, that’s simple, too:


Using “true” above allows you to save and exit. Setting it to “false” will make you exit without saving. Keep a close eye on which one you use!

If you want to jump back a few saves, that’s possible as well:


“Number” can be replaced with the number of saves.

2 2. Even MORE Stats!

You thought we were all set with stats? Not quite—these lines are fun add-ons that you can use to move around quickly and fearlessly through the world of Don't Starve Together.

Pausing hunger is possible with this:


You can also make yourself a powerful opponent by upping your Damage Multiplier:

GetPlayer().components.combat.damagemultiplier = number

“Number” can be replaced with the amount of damage per hit.

What about changing your running speed so that you can quite literally walk on water? But of course!


Normally, your character’s speed is 1, so have fun setting that up way higher than usual!

1 1. Miscellaneous Shenanigans

Finally, there are the commands that don’t quite fit under any other umbrella. These two commands are pretty useful when it comes to the more specific situations you could run into.

If you’d like to clear the Morgue, or the list of characters that have died, this line will help:


You’ll have to re-open the game afterward to see the changes to the Morgue.

And if you’re playing as Woodie and you want to immediately turn into the Werebeaver? Entirely possible with:


Simply change the “0.1” to “1” if you’d like to go back to your usual Woodie self!

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