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Destiny 2 is filled with dozens of secrets for players to find. Hidden collectibles and quests are just a few things players can find while out in the wild. Arguably what started this trend of adding secrets to every planet was Forsaken's Dreaming City destination, a fantastical Awoken stronghold that rotates secrets weekly.

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One small series of secrets in the Dreaming City is the presence of cat statues. These cats can be interacted with if you have a Small Gift, granting you a random piece of Dreaming City gear. Finding all nine of these statues will grant a unique emblem. For those that are chasing the emblem or are completionists, here is a complete guide to Small Gifts and cat statues in Destiny 2.


Updated August 18th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: The Dreaming City contains dozens of secrets for Guardians to find. Cat Statues are one of the Dreaming City's more unique secrets, requiring a unique currency type before you can claim one. Each cat you interact with grants reissued Dreaming City gear, so hunting down these little statues is more than worth your time. To help with this treasure hunt, we've updated this guide to give more information on where each cat statue is, including an image gallery that showcases exactly where you need to go. We also added a table of contents for easy viewing. Click on any cat statue you're missing to skip to that section. Happy hunting.

What Are Small Gifts?

Destiny 2 Small Gift Cat

Small Gifts are special items that can be redeemed at various cat statues scattered throughout the Dreaming City. Every cat statue you interact with will grant a random piece of Dreaming City loot. Finding all nine will grant the "Remember Your Manners" Triumph along with a unique emblem.

There are nine cats you can give Small Gifts to. Only one Small Gift may be obtained per character per week. Note that cat statues will only take a Small Gift once, disappearing forever once interacted with. Keep track of which cats you've interacted with to minimize backtracking.

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How To Get Small Gifts

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Gear

All Dreaming City activities grant Small Gifts when completed. Since only one Small Gift can be earned on your character per week, it is best to play the activities you enjoy the most.

Here are the following activities that grant a Small Gift:

  • Any public event on the Dreaming City
  • Ascendant Challenges
  • Patrols
  • Lost Sector completions
  • Blind Well completions

Those activities have a high chance of giving you a Small Gift upon completion. To obtain a Small Gift quickly, it is best to either complete a Patrol mission or clear a Lost Sector.

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Every Cat Location

Destiny 2 all cat locations
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There are nine cats to find in the Dreaming City. You'll find each cat statue in the following location:

  • x3: Divalian Mists
  • x4: Rheasilvia
  • x2: The Strand

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Note that some images below do not have a cat statue present. I have created Stasis Crystals where the cat statues normally reside so you know exactly where to look. Also note that if any entries below indicate a direction such as north or south, it is with respect to the Dreaming City map that can be viewed by opening your Ghost. North is facing the top of the map, west is facing the left-hand part of the map, et cetera.

With that out of the way, here are all nine cat statue locations.

Cat Location #1: Spine Of Keres

Destiny 2 Spine Of Keres Cat 2
Image Gallery (6 Images)

Starting from the Divalian Mist spawn location, hop on your Sparrow and follow the dirt path facing north. When it forks, head left and continue down the linear path until you reach the Spine of Keres.

Once you reach a courtyard just outside of the watchtower, take the dirt path to your left instead of walking into the watchtower. Follow this linear path until you cross a bridge with a blue geode. They'll be a broken wall right past it, the center of the wall having a u-shaped hole.

Hop over this wall through the hole. You should land on a small ledge overlooking the Spine of Keres. Hiding beside some foliage will be this area's cat statue.

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Cat Location #2: Spine Of Keres

Destiny 2 Spine Of Keres Cat
Image Gallery (5 Images)

Make your way to the Spine of Keres as you did with the last cat statue. When you reach the courtyard just outside the watchtower, head straight inside.

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From the entrance of the watchtower, climb up the nearby platforms as if you were presenting an Offering to the Oracle. Instead of stopping at the Techeun, look to your left to find a large platform glowing with amber light—positioned north of the tower. Hop over there and follow the hallway until you reach the final window. A cat statue can be found right next to the window.

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Cat Location #3: Divalian Mists

Destiny 2 Divalian Mists Cat
Image Gallery (5 Images)

Head back to the spawn point in Divalian Mists and follow the dirt path north once again. When the path forks, hop off of your Sparrow and look for a series of ledges on the northern cliffside. Hop down each ledge until you find a cave entrance. The end of this cave will house a few Awoken statues standing beside a cat statue.

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Cat Location #4: Rheasilvia

Destiny 2 Rheasilvia Cat
Image Gallery (6 Images)

Travel to Rheasilvia and visit Petra Venj's overlook. Look directly to your left (facing north) to find an Awoken statue covered in vegetation. Right under that statue is a cat statue.

To reach the cat, hop onto the nearby rock platforms perpendicular to the left rock wall. Follow this short path until this ends and look down to your right. You will need to jump down and follow another set of platforms that wrap around the mountain. After you cross a few gaps by jumping, you will need to follow one more set of rock platforms along a rock wall that will lead you south. At the end of this path is the top of the mountain seen earlier along with the Awoken Statue. Head under the statue to claim your prize.

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Cat Location #5: Rheasilvia

Destiny 2 Rheasilvia Branch Cat
Image Gallery (4 Images)

After you pass Petra Venj's overlook in Rheasilvia, take the next left in the dirt path before you cross the Awoken bridge. Travel down the path and jump across the first dirt ramp. A small cliffside made up of rocks should be directly left of you now. Walk next to the rocks to find a tree branch growing horizontally, facing west of the path. A cat statue will be resting on this branch. See the Stasis Crystal in the picture above for the exact location.

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Cat Location #6: Harbinger's Seclude

Destiny 2 Harbinger's Seclude Cat
Image Gallery (4 Images)

From Rheasilvia, head straight into the building north of the region to enter Harbinger's Seclude. Past the first statue should be a descending staircase and a hallway to your right. Head down this hallway and look for a room with a single tree in the center. Standing on one of the tree's branches is a cat statue.

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Cat Location #7: Harbinger's Seclude

Destiny 2 Rheasilvia Cat 2 Perspective 1
Image Gallery (5 Images)

Continue down the first hallway in Harbinger's Seclude to reach a cavern that houses a large building and a statue. Just as you enter the cavern, hug the right wall and follow it until you reach the building. Climb up the pile of rocks adjacent to the building to reach the roof. At the edge of the roof is a cat statue overlooking the cavern.

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Cat Location #8: The Strand

Destiny 2 The Strand Cat
Image Gallery (4 Images)

Travel to the Strand from the Divalian Mists spawn point. Immediately after you enter the zone, turn right and head towards the entrance to the Gardens of Esila. A small overlook will precede the staircase that leads to the gardens.

To the right of this overlook are a group of trees growing from a cliff. Climb up this cliff to find a cat statue hiding behind a tree.

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Cat Location #9: Gardens Of Esila

Destiny 2 Gardens Of Esila Cat
Image Gallery (4 Images)

South of the Strand is the entrance to the Gardens of Esila. After you climb up some stairs and defeat a small pack of Hive, you should be able to see two sets of rock formations on the left side of the path. Climb up the second rock formation in the corner of the zone. At the top of the formation is a cat statue sitting beside a tree.

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