With each new Call of Duty, instalment comes the inevitable discussion over which weapons are the best and most viable to use in multiplayer. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different, as players have a vast array to choose and build loadouts from.

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From submachine guns to shotguns and assault rifles, players need to know which is best suited for them and their playstyle if they want to make the very best builds. Here are the best guns in Cold War multiplayer, as well as some attachment recommendations to make the most of these powerful weapons.

Updated July 21, 2021 by Thomas Heath: With Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War receiving constant updates and content drops it is only natural that the game's meta will continue to change throughout the year. As a result, this list reflects the latest changes seen in the Season Four update to the game, with updates being made to highlight the current best guns in the game.

10 Stoner 63

The Stoner 63 from Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: LMG

Recommended Attachments: 100 Round Magazine, Speed Tape, Tactical Stock & Field Agent Grip

The Stoner 63 stands out as the best LMG in Cold War's multiplayer, especially in the objective modes, due to its ability to hold down areas of the map with its large magazine and high fire rate. It's accurate too, meaning that the bullets you are firing won't be missing as long as you can control its recoil.

It's also lighter than most of the other LMGs allowing you to move around the map much quicker and react dynamically as the situation within a match changes. Attachment wise you should focus on reducing recoil and increasing the Stoner's magazine.


9 Swiss K31

Swiss K31 Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle

Recommended Attachments: Tiger Team Barrel, Airborne Wrap & Raider Stock

The Swiss K31 is the best sniper rifle in Cold War, combining excellence at both short and long range into one powerful weapon. It has the quickest ADS speed in its class, making it the de facto choice for those looking to quick scope, but maintains enough power and range to be effective at longer distances too.

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Using the Tiger Team barrel increases the K31's damage to the point where nearly every shot will be a one hit kill as long as you hit the chest upwards. We'd also recommending using the spotlight in order to increase reveal distance if you're looking to use the Swiss K31 as a long range weapon.

8 AMP 63

AMP63 from Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: Pistol

Recommended Attachments: Dual Wield, Salvo Fast Mag & Laser Sight

Any Call of Duty fan will be familiar with the idea that it's faster to switch to your sidearm than reloading, so ensuring you have a weapon like the AMP 63 is important to winning any gunfight. The AMP was buffed in Season Four to improve its damage so combining this increased damage rate with the dual wield attachment is a winning combo as long as you can keep your shots on target.

It is often outclassed by primary weapons, but it is still a fantastic choice for a secondary and in smaller maps is a powerful weapon to dash around with. Using the laser sight will increase accuracy, and the Salvo fast mags increase both magazine size and reload speed.

7 Gallo SA12

Gallo SA12 Call of Duty Cold War

Weapon Class: Shotgun

Recommended Attachments: Duckbill Choke, Wire Stock & 9 Round Tube

The franchise struggles with shotgun balance, as is evident from the overpowered, effective-at-range shotguns of 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Black Ops Cold War attempted to rectify this by only including two shotguns at the game's launch. Even as a secondary weapon though the Gallo stands clear as one of the best close quarter weapons in Cold War.

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On that note, the Gallo SA12 beats out the Hauer 77, as its devastating power, full-auto fire rate, and superb range outperforms the other shotgun by a considerable margin. While its range is nowhere near that of the shotguns of its predecessor, it'll still help players in a mid-range fight and wipe out any enemy in close quarters.


AUG Call of Duty Cold War

Weapon Class: Tactical Rifle

Recommended Attachments: SAS Combat Stock, Serpent Wrap & Field Agent Grip

The AUG was one of the best guns in the game at launch, and even after a few nerfs, it still remains one of the most dangerous weapons in the right hands. In just two bursts, a player could be taken down, before they even had a chance to react to the DMR's incredible speed.

It's incredible accuracy, and at long range is able to go up against almost every other gun in the game and come out on top. The biggest issue with the AUG is its recoil, but a few attachments and a decent player can easily deal with this problem and have great success with it.

5 AK-74u

AK74u Call of Duty Cold War

Weapon Class: SMG

Recommended Attachments: Spetsnaz Grip, VDV 50 Round Fast Mag & Elastic Wrap

The second best submachine gun in Black Ops Cold War is the AK-74u. It can pack quite the punch considering its low starting ammo, and its mobile nature makes it navigate around the map. It's a great choice for gamemodes where you'll constantly be on the move and acts like a cross between a SMG and Assault Rifle.

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As with other submachine guns in the game, it'll perform best during close-range skirmishes, with its excellent hip-fire accuracy demolishing the competition. Black Ops Cold War maps tend to be more varied and better suited for close-quarter combat (a step up from those of Modern Warfare), so a gun like the 74u is beneficial for most players. The recoil is difficult to pin down at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll unlock the true potential of the AK-74u.

4 LC10

LC10 Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: SMG

Recommended Attachments: Elastic Wrap, Field Agent Grip & Rifled Barrel

Season four made SMGs a more viable weapon choice, and the LC10 stands out as the best in its class by far. It manages to combine a high damage and fire rate alongside good accuracy at medium ranges to create one of the strongest all-round weapons in Cold War.

Reducing recoil is critical to getting the most out of the LC10 so you should pick attachments that reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil such as the Field Agent Grip. Optics may be an issue too, with the iron sights being fairly divisive, but it has enough optic options that this should be a minor issue.

3 ​​​​AK-47

AK-47 Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: Assault Rifle

Recommended Attachments: 40 Round Magazine, GRU Elastic Wrap & Spetsnaz Grip

The AK-47 is another fan-favorite weapon among the Call Of Duty community, but some games in the series have sometimes failed to make it feel as satisfying as it could be. Black Ops Cold War does the weapon justice with the classic gun offering a high damage output as well as an easy to negate recoil pattern.

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It received a small buff in the Season four update, making it even more powerful than it was at release. In the hand of a skilled player you can't go wrong with this Call of Duty staple, especially because of the wealth of attachment options you can put on it to deal with its downsides.

2 XM4

XM4 Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: Assault Rifle

Recommended Attachments: LED Optic, Field Agent Grip & Takedown Barrel

There is a burden that comes with being a default assault rifle, as players are bound to unlock more ARs as they progress and consider them better. The XM4 is a very reliable starting weapon, though, consistently great to use in closer-ranged combat, as well as excelling at medium and longer ranges.

While its damage and speed aren't the best at its base form, the weapon starts to shine as more attachments are unlocked. Equipping it with a barrel that boosts damage range, a magazine that holds more rounds, or a handle that'll increase aim down sight speed will make it a top-notch assault rifle that will get the job done.

1 Krig 6

Krig 6 Black Ops Cold War

Weapon Class: Assault Rifle

Recommended Attachments: LED Optic, Ranger Barrel & Infantry Compensator.

The Krig 6 has no real flaws, with the only real issue being its recoil, although that is easily fixed by attaching the Field Agent Grip and Infantry Compensator. It dominates at all ranges despite its lower damage rate, making up for this with high accuracy in longer range encounters.

It is one of the earliest assault rifle unlocks in Cold War, unlocking at just level 16, meaning you can quickly access it in order to level it up to unlock the numerous attachments which can be used to make it a nearly unstoppable firearm. It's the best gun in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and should be an essential part of every players arsenal for the foreseeable future.

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