World War II was an event that changed the course of history forever as countries battled out and many lives were lost. History majors often find themselves intrigued by the events and battles that took place during this time as they seek to learn more about it. Many video games would be perfect for these scholars as they dive into this war from various viewpoints.

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The games that have been released have a focus on this time period and aim to stay true to the facts. They all take a different approach to the war, but each one will give these scholars their fill of knowledge. These are some of the best WW2 games to be released, and there are more on the horizon in coming years.


Updated June 2nd, 2021 by Rebecca O’Neill: A few more entries have been added to this incredible list in order to give history majors an even greater chance at testing their knowledge. Some games are newer, and some are older, but all will give you the thrill you desire as they transport you back to this time period. One of the games players have been looking forward to is Enlisted, and it just entered its open beta phase so everyone can play.

You deserve to have all the best options available to you, and everyone is sure to find a game that is to their liking. Whether you have a passion for history or just want to try something new, then these World War II games are for you.

20 Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2

You can purchase Steel Division 2 on Steam for $39.99 and it is set on the Eastern Front in 1944. There are dynamic strategic campaigns and real-time tactical battles that provide numerous ways for you to play.

It even has 25 maps for you to explore and the realism of it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.


19 Enlisted


Enlisted is a squad-based shoot MMO that can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. It sends you into a battle with a squad that is controlled by you and an AI, plus there are hundreds of weapons to choose from.

You will be in the thick of it as you team up with your friends to take down the enemy with your upgraded squad of soldiers.

18 Commandos 2: Men Of Courage

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

If you want a game that can be played on almost any system, then Commandos 2: Men of Courage is the game for you. It was released back in 2001 and you can purchase it for $4.99 on Steam.

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You are responsible for controlling nine commandos as you make your way through ten different scenarios, or you can join a multiplayer mode and go to war against other players.

17 Silent Hunter III

Silent Hunter III

This PC game puts you in charge of a submarine during World War II and it is one of the most detailed games of this nature you will ever play. There are different types of U-boats for you to choose from and you shape how your military career turns out based on your decisions.

You are in charge of your own crew and you can even play this strategy game with your friends.

16 Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 focuses on strategic war games that require you to outsmart your opponents. The campaign has 60 scenarios for you to progress through and they encourage the use of modding to make the game your own.

While it may seem simplistic at first glance, your choice of vehicles and units based on the situation will change your outcome.

15 Order Of Battle: U.S. Pacific

Order Of Battle U.S. Pacific

Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific will cost you $19.99 on Steam, and it is a DLC for the free game called Order of Battle: World War II. You will control the American fleet and army in battles on land and at sea.

A few of the scenarios you will encounter include Okinawa, Midway, and Coral Sea, and your knowledge of history can benefit you as you work to be victorious in these fights.

14 Through The Darkest Of Times

Through The Darkest Of Times

Through the Darkest of Times is one of the best simulation and strategy games on Steam that you can buy for $14.99. It is set in 1933 Berlin, where you serve as the leader of a resistance group against the Nazi regime.

It includes four chapters, and it will help you understand what it was like for the citizens during this time period through beautifully crafted scenarios.

13 Attentat 1942

Attentat 1942

If you wanted something truly historically accurate then Attentat 1942 has the main goal of teaching players about the war. It is played through the eyes of survivors and it was made by professional historians.

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Your choices will affect the story and you will see actual footage in this game that you can buy for $8.99 on Steam.

12 Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

This game was just released in 2020 and it is a VR game for the Oculus headsets. You will play as an agent who works in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and it seeks to be true to the historical events of this period.

You will evade enemies by land, air, and sea, as well as experience this war in a whole new way. There are other games in the series as well and any game you choose to play from this franchise will blow you away.

11 Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals

If you did not want to pay for a new game, then you should check out Heroes & Generals which is free-to-play on Steam. It is a multiplayer game where you play alongside other players in major battles, and you are victorious when you take 15 cities.

You can fight from the ground or ride in a tank as you choose from five different roles to play. There are plenty of weapons and vehicles to unlock, including planes, so you can experience the chaos of battle during World War II.

10 Hearts Of Iron IV

Hearts Of Iron IV

This game is strictly for PC and it is a strategy game that puts players at the helm as they take command of a nation. They have the ability to turn the tide of the war with their decisions and any nation can be chosen by a player during this simulation.

You will enjoy entering into combat against other players as you utilize the tanks, planes, and troops at your disposal.

9 Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose

This PC game is still in the early access stage, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. This game is a first-person shooter that puts players in the middle of the action that pits them against another team of 50 players.

There are 14 different roles a player can choose from and all of the maps were created from satellite images of actual battlefields, which makes it one of the more realistic games you can play.

8 Battlefield V

Battlefield V

Players have loved the Battlefield franchise for years, and part of the reason for their large following is the fact that it is for both PC and console players. It is a first-person shooter game with several different modes for players to choose from like Chaos of All-Out War, Tides of War, and Firestorm.

It allows players to have a variety of fun games to choose from that are all held under a single title.

7 Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum

Teamwork is the key to this PC game that focuses on being as historically accurate as possible. Players can take part in various campaigns and find themselves in numerous theaters.

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It is set up as a first-person shooter, but players also have the opportunity to be on a tank. The focus is more strategic than other run-and-gun shooters, but this only adds to the realism of the game as a whole.

6 Call Of Duty: World At War

Call Of Duty: World At War

This game is for console and PC and players and they must work together to survive the various battles. It has a co-op campaign that players enjoy as it allows them to experience this period of history together with their friends.

Call of Duty: World at War also has the standard multiplayer that is great for parties, as well as other missions that put players in the roles of infantry, airborne, and vehicle soldiers.

5 Company Of Heroes 2

Company Of Heroes 2

Players step into the shoes of the Soviet soldiers of the Red Army in multiplayer battles or they can try their hand at the campaign. It also has several DLCs giving players access to more armies to control, as well as another addition to the campaign.

The key to winning is a great strategy, but players are also forced to adjust based on the weather conditions.

4 World Of Tanks Blitz

World Of Tanks Blitz

If a history major is obsessed with the tanks used in battle then this is the game they should download. It is a free-to-play battle royale, but players can pay extra if they want to enjoy premium content that will give them a leg up in battles.

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It places players inside of a tank for small battles with over 300 vehicles to choose from and over 20 maps. Players will be tasked with leveling up to unlock a better crew and tank that will make them successful in battle.

3 Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2

The greatest part about this first-person shooter game is the D-Day landing in multiplayer where players are immersed in this battle. It also has the traditional Call of Duty game modes as well as zombies for those interested in adding a fantasy aspect to the war.

The campaign is legendary as well and it is the perfect thing for any history major looking for the total package.

2 World Of Warships

World Of Warships

The war featured several naval battles and this game puts players in the thick of it. They are given the option of various ships from several different countries and then are sent to battle it out on the high seas.

Players must upgrade their ships and strategize with their teammates if they want to pull out a victory.

1 War Thunder

War Thunder

Airplanes were an aspect of the war that some history majors are obsessed with as they dream of what it would be like to fly during this time. It can be played on a console or PC, and it is even compatible with VR gaming sets.

War Thunder also features tanks, ground forces, and ships, and players love how it is up to them to choose where they want to be amidst the action.

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