Roblox is filled with fun minigames and modes created by players for players. Some of the best games are supported by both flatscreen and VR formats. There are so many games to choose from that it can be hard to pick which one might fit your preferences. Luckily, the players have spoken and have rated some games above the rest.

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All of these have been played thousands of times by plenty of people. That testing means that they provide hours of enjoyment for their players. You won't want to miss your chance to play these games with your friends in the world of Virtual Reality!

Updated by Harry Alston on August 16th: VR just gets bigger and bigger on Roblox, including built-in support for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. You just need to enable VR in-game and you're ready to play.

We're updating this list to include five more super fun Roblox games that you can play in VR.

20 Project SCP

roblox vr project scp machine gun and office

You can play Project SCP with VR or without VR, but it's a lot of fun to handle the guns and try to escape the facility if you're right there in the action.

This is a first-person shooter but it's not that competitive, as you're shooting AI enemies rather than other players. You can choose different classes to aid you in your escape, and a range of different weapons.


19 Opposer VR

opposer roblox corridor and astronaut skin

Opposer VR is currently in Beta and is designed to be played in VR. It's fast-paced, has plenty of unique weapons and map designs, but is still undergoing lots of changes.

You can pick up the Nuclear Pistol, if you're lucky enough, or bash an enemy player over the head with a crate. It's marketed as a fighting game, so there are lots of different ways to play that aren't just guns.

18 VR World Beta

vr world beta playing with blocks and cooking

Cooking, building, generally messing around in VR - VR World is a fun playground where you get to do all sorts of things. It probably has some of the best activities for VR Roblox, other than VR Hands, of course.

The game is currently still in Beta and receives upgrades every now and then with new activities and ways to play.

17 SVR - Simulated Virtual Reality

SVR logo

This game, like some others in the VR section of Roblox, gives you the experience of playing in VR even if you don't own a VR headset. You can still pick things up, throw them around, and complete silly activities.

There are other games that try to emulate the VR experience, like VR Hands No VR. They're not quite the same as wearing a headset yourself, but can still be quite fun!

16 Vibe VR

vibe vr logo and players with puppets

Vibe VR is another fun game with loads of different activities to play with a headset, including table tennis, wrestling with other players, and a full-on dartboard.

It's not the most popular Roblox game out there, but there are always around 30 or 40 other players online to mess about with. Maybe you should try playing the piano for everyone?

15 Sked’s Playground

Sked's Playground in Roblox

Sked’s Playground is a fun mix of VR and normal playstyles as the VR player is tasked with helping the others through an obstacle course. It will take teamwork and planning for everyone to make it to the very end.

You can even choose not to help them and just toss them around the playground if you like, as the possibilities are endless in this VR game.

14 VR Islands

VR islands in Roblox

VR Islands is pretty open-ended as there is a lot you can do when interacting with the other players in the game. You can play with pool balls, shoot paintball guns, or cook the non-VR players on the stove.

It is really whatever you make it as you play pretend in this virtual reality and it is always better when you are joined by a few friends.

13 VR Hands

VR Hands in Roblox

VR Hands works best on the Oculus Rift and players love this game because of the intricacy of the hands in regards to the fingers. You can pick up a ping pong paddle and hit the non-VR players off the edge of the map, or you can help them complete the obstacle course.

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Some choose to simply interact with the VR players as they play a variety of games with one another simply by using their computer-generated hands.

12 Noodle VR

Noodle VR in Roblox

You can either be a VR noodle or choose to become a classic Roblox player, but obviously, VR is the way to go as they have all the power. Not only are they given loose noodly arms, but they can arm themselves with knives or throw the typical Roblox players into jail as it can be combat-driven.

They are constantly adding new locations for players to explore as it was made for all players to interact with one another, no matter what platform they are on.

11 Edgeworks

Edgeworks in Roblox

EdgeWorks is strictly for VR players and it puts a focus on solving physics puzzles, as well as some parkour and climbing. The downside is that it does cost 450 Robux to play as it is a paid access game, which comes out to around $6.00.

It is a story game that requires you to think through problems, as well as use a variety of weapons to take out your opponents.

10 Road To Gramby's

Roblox Road To Gramby's

This is basically a simulator that sends you on a long drive to Gramby's House with plenty of obstacles along the way. There are different parts, characters, and biomes, as well as an engineering aspect so you can create new and exciting devices.

It will take you on the virtual reality adventure of a lifetime as you play over and over again in an effort to make it all the way there. Unlock your inner tinkerer and let your imagination run wild in VR style.

9 Cook Burgers

Roblox Cook Burgers

This game is just as straightforward as the name suggests. The player is responsible for running a restaurant that cooks burgers. Much like Overcooked or similar games, the real-world stress of operating a restaurant is present. But there are no earthquakes or separating cars in this one as the worst you will come across is a slender.

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Players have to cook the orders, buy more products, and even catch rats that are running around the kitchen. It is fun and fast-paced with plenty of room for laughs as you do your best to keep the customers happy.

8 Self-Driving Simulator

Roblox Self-Driving Simulator

Some gamers might be familiar with this type of experience. Self-Driving Simulator is basically a hangout space for those interested in spending time with friends or meeting new players, as it doesn't follow a story like other Roblox games.

The car, itself, is self-driving, so no one needs to have control of it. But players can control their character's head movement. It might not seem like much, although it showcases the social aspect of the game and allows for players to have fun and chat in a calming environment.

7 Ragdoll Sim

Roblox Ragdoll Sim

Ragdoll Sim is great no matter which way you play, but VR is definitely a better experience. It's basically an open world where everyone has the movement of a ragdoll and there are plenty of obstacles to play around with.

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You can use your VR hands to throw players around the map and you can unlock other specialty actions by spending a few Robux. One of the best things you can spend 25 Robux on is the force push because who doesn't love to shove their friends?

6 Laser Tag VR

Roblox VR Laser Tag

Mostly everyone will extol the wondrous experience of running around in a totally dark room with techno music thumping, shooting lasers at random people for imaginary points. If you wanted to play laser tag, but don't feel like leaving your house, then this is the perfect VR game for you.

It places you in a classic arena and you run around the map shooting your laser gun at others for points. This is more fun than you could ever imagine as it is all the enjoyment with none of the exercise.

5 Koala Cafe

Roblox Koala Cafe

This is another restaurant-inspired game that has been visited over 18.5 million times and is considered a simulation. You are tasked with serving food, and everyone has a role in the business as up to 50 players can join at a time as both customers and employees.

One of the greatest parts about it is that you have your own chat. You can directly interact with other players and be the best worker or the worst that your coworkers have ever seen.

4 Sound Space

Roblox Sound Space

If Guitar Hero was your thing back in the day, then Sound Space is the next best thing. You have to hit the notes as they come across your screen by placing your cursor in the middle. It features combos, a progress meter, and a "miss" counter among other UI elements.

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It can be quite difficult and frustrating, but with a bit of practice, you can become a pro in no time. You will be able to listen to some sick beats and follow along with your VR system.



Your artistic talents are put to use in this drawing game as you are able to create whatever you want, and you can listen to some music while you do so. It allows you to place a multitude of colored balls to create images. The creations can even be 3D which adds another layer to the game and how creative you can be with your designs.

One big caveat here is to make sure not to create anything inappropriate. Roblox is played by many, many young kids, so it's best to maintain the wholesomeness of the experience for everyone.

2 Cleaning Simulator

Roblox Cleaning Simulator

You are tasked with being the janitor of the Bribbleco building and your goal is to clean the entire thing. First, you get to choose your character; you can unlock more by completing specific objectives within the game.

Like many games, Cleaning Simulator flourishes when your friends join in on the action. Everyone can work together to make the building cleaner than it has ever been before.

1 Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay: From Scratch

Roblox Zombie Apocalypse

Who doesn't love to fight their way through a zombie apocalypse? That's the basis of this game as players choose their gear and weapons then head out into the world to shoot at zombies.

You can even revive your teammates if they happen to get bitten. Moreover, players can open new areas to progress to the next levels, too. There is always something new in store for the zombie-battling folks.

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