Werewolves; half-human, half-monster, and a major part of pop culture, appearing in movies, television shows, and video games. Unlike their creature of the night counterpart, vampires, werewolves aren't often the stars of many games, often relegated to secondary characters. With that being said, there are plenty of games that do feature werewolves in some shape or form. Some of these beasts might be good whereas others are villains.

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No matter which side of the spectrum these furry, mythical creatures are on, one thing is certain: people love werewolves in video games. Werewolves might be a bit more relatable because most of the time they retain their normal human qualities, that is until a full moon. Once the transformation takes place, werewolves can become terrifying, irrational, and solitary. The following games are fortunate to feature werewolves in some capacity.

Updated November 1, 2021 by Geoffrey Martin: Werewolves are an integral part of many fantasy or horror-inspired games and their presence in these games continues to prosper. These werewolves deserve more love and attention so that they can continue to be featured in games to come.

12 Blood Of The Werewolf

blood of the werewolf selena werewolf form

Blood of the Werewolf, as the name implies, is a game all about werewolves, specifically one werewolf, Selena. Selena is a powerful werewolf who seeks to avenge her husband who was tragically killed. During this monster attack, the monsters also stole Selena’s child.

Blood of the Werewolf is an action-focused platforming game where you can transform depending on the cycle of the moon. Your ultimate goal in this game is to hack and slash your way through various beasties and eventually taking on Frankenstein himself.


11 Werewolves Within

werewolves within villagers and werewolf talking

Werewolves Within is an intriguing “game night” game that is played in VR with a group of friends. Werewolves Within is essentially a social deduction games where each player takes on a specific role. The ultimate goal is to uncover which players are the werewolves.

Taking place in the medieval location of Gallowston, the villagers have finally had enough of the constant werewolf attacks and they seek to end their reign of chaos. The VR component truly ups the immersion factor as each of you seeks to ask the right questions, persuade one another, and even form temporary alliances.

10 The Wolf Among Us


The Wolf Among Us is a choice-driven narrative adventure game that actually stars a werewolf, Bigby Wolf. Bigby was once the Big Bad Wolf of fairytale legends but is now the sheriff of Fabletown. The Wolf Among Us centers around fairytales that many people know and love but instead puts a dark and modern spin on them.

Bigby Wolf is a prime example of a great game with a werewolf because players get to experience both sides of Bigby during the adventure. Bigby has to work with the corrupt interim mayor to solve crimes within the world of Fabletown.

9 Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood


It should be quite obvious from the title, Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood, that this game prominently features werewolves. Taking place in the World of Darkness universe, players control Cahal, a werewolf that is a part of the Irish tribe, Fianna. The game is superbly set in the American Northwest which provides a grungy, damp, and mystical aesthetic.

Players are able to control Cahal as a human, an actual wolf, and a full-on werewolf depending on the situation at hand. The game is especially exciting in full werewolf mode because that is when Cahal can wreak the most havoc. The werewolves in Earthblood are just some of the supernatural beings working to gain power.

8 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a fantasy fan's dream come true, which is why the game continues to sell like hotcakes on multiple platforms. Aside from the incredibly tense and exciting moments fighting dragons across Skyrim, turning into a powerful werewolf might just take the cake. Yes, your player can contract lycanthropy and be cursed with werewolf transformations.

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While Skryim does feature some side miscellaneous quests directly tied to werewolves aside from actually contracting the lycanthrope curse, it's the Companions Guild and questline that really fleshes out this supernatural being. Once transformed, players give up their normal weapons and magic but instead have raw power.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Look no further than the main art for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to realize that Link actually transforms into a wolf in this game. This game might not throw around the werewolf moniker in the same way a traditional supernatural tale might, but make no mistake, Link can indeed turn into this furry beast.

During specific moments in the game, namely in the twilight, Link will inhabit this sacred being. These gameplay sections as Wolf Link tasks him to speak with other animals and solve puzzles. Wolf Link has fewer defenses and can't use items, but what he lacks in traditional Link aspects, he makes up for with animalistic behavior.

6 The Order: 1886


While The Order: 1886 remains divisive due to its very short runtime, overly scripted moments, and taking the control away from the player far too many times, it does at least feature harrowing werewolves. Set in late 19th century London, The Order: 1886 tasks The Order of Knights to fend off all sorts of denizens of the dark.

The main protagonist, Sir Galahad, is one of the Knights of the Roundtable who must use modern tech weaponry to defeat these half-beasts. The most intense sections in this game center around battles with the werewolves. The werewolves in The Order: 1886 are mangy, terrifying, and lethal. These moments might be brief but they are effective.

5 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness


Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness was one of the first 3d-era Castlevania games released on the Nintendo 64. The werewolf featured in this game is none other than Cornell, the main protagonist who must save his sister, Ada, from being sacrificed to resurrect Dracula. The story is a great supernatural adventure all about beast versus vampire.

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Of course, Cornell is not the only werewolf in the game. Cornell's rival and fellow werewolf is Ortega. Despite both characters featuring the man-beast curse, Ortega has aligned himself with Dracula in order to gain more power. It's an interesting, if cliched story, but one that at least prominently features werewolves.

4 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is no stranger to both regular wolves and much more powerful werewolves, here known as Lycans. Gabriel Belmont, the star of the game, takes on all manner of dark and terrifying beasties in his quest to rescue his beloved. However, there is one harrowing werewolf that puts up a formidable fight against Gabriel.

That powerful werewolf is known as Cornell, the lord of the Lycans. Yes, Cornell, the uber-powerful werewolf who also happens to wield a massive hammer, is a main boss in this game. Cornell is a mysterious character in Lords of Shadow because he once was a founding member of the Order of Light yet now resides in the dark, overseeing his wolf brethren.

3 Sonic Unleashed

Sonic in his Werehog form, alongside his regular form, in Sonic Unleashed.

It's strange to think of putting a Sonic game here given that the series isn't generally known for its werewolves, yet, Sonic Unleashed came along to give players the werehog. The werehog is a werewolf-like transformation that Sonic now finds himself cursed with after coming into contact with the dark Gaia.

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Yes, it's utterly silly to see the super speedy Sonic now lumbering around, beating up enemies with melee attacks but the game sticks with the werewolf adjacent theme. The game does still have the faster Sonic moments that the series is known for, yet, it's the nighttime sections where Sonic transforms into a werehog where things get truly bizarre.

2 Bloodborne

Bloodborne - The Hunter looks at Yharnam

Bloodborne is a game full of macabre aesthetics and towering monsters. There are all sorts of ghoulies stalking Yharnam ready to send players to their demise should they even stray from the beaten path. While players do come up against frantic and angry werewolves during their exploration of this dark world, it's the first werewolf at the start of the game that stays in the nightmares of players.

Right near the start of the game in a sort of doctor's office plus laboratory, players encounter a harrowing werewolf. This werewolf is not supposed to be beaten but if you had never played the game before or watched a video about this section, you wouldn't know that. It's a scary start to a punishing game and some diligent players even managed to defeat this supposed "unbeatable" first werewolf.

1 Nightmare Creatures

Fighting A Werewolf In Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures is terrifying, full stop. Yes, this PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 action-adventure horror game might seem antiquated and mundane by modern standards, but back in the day, it was downright scary. One of the big baddies of the game is the brutal werewolves. They were no pushovers and could only be defeated with strategy and skill.

Nightmare Creatures thrives off of its sense of supernatural ambiance. Due to technical limitations of the time, players couldn't see far in front of them as much of the upcoming level would be covered with darkness. When a bloodthirsty werewolf does finally lunge out to attack, it's a memorable experience.

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